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13884 Shamim has a sugar loaf head and she has been rejected by the father claiming that he doesn’t give birth to children with such kind of heads.
13887 Irene carrying a baby to one of the mothers on her visit to some of their homes.
13857 This child Kadama was found cooking on the stove as the parents were busy in the gardens.
13860 A well stocked firewood risen stand for Nabwire Rose.
13911 A neatly maintained smeared kitchen and a strong dish in kalitumba village.
13914 A well maintained fuel efficient stove in one of the member’s home.
13890 Through meetings like these,members are given a platform to give opinions that would trigger development in the community.
13905 Seen in the picture above is Florence Namuwanga,s smeared kitchen who is taking a lead via encouraging the other members to work and improve on their kitchens by smearing.
13908 Seen in the picture above is David the kibo staff encouraging Bomboka the community member on how to improve on his new dish rack.
13878 Children enjoying pawpaws as well as listening to Kibo lessons.
13872 Dina’s children whose husband says they are not his,she should look for their father.
13875 Dina’s children
13920 A kitchen that needs to be smeared from the outside area.
13848 Muyodi’s well smeared kitchen in preparation of getting a stove.
13851 A complete stove that Harriet had just removed a banana stem from.
13854 They community members of discussed hoe leaders and the community could work together.
13917 The meeting took place at the borehole site and about 60 people turned up for this meeting to discuss about improvements in the sanitation and hygiene standards and contributing money towards their borehole repair
13926 A new hand washing stand being covered by rugs to dry properly and not develop cracks. A hand washing Jerrycan was given out to this home but could not to start using it before the stand dries up
13929 Mrs. Peter Okello is very thankful to kibo group for encouraging her husband to build their first bathing shelter in their home. For very long time their home never had one but could wait to take showers at night in the dark. She confessed this to Alex during his visit in this home where in the beginning was badly off without any sanitation facility and human feaces used during triggering was found in this home because they were practicing open defecation.
13932 Some of the village residents that turned up for the water and sanitation meeting
13863 This old woman, she is so happy for her new rubbish pit.
13899 A new latrine being constructed
13902 A latrine being constructed. Because of the sandy soils, they have to construct the walls from the bottom of the pit in order to give the latrine strength
13845 This chicken hatched ten chics and the owner is starting right away to put the lessons into practice. She taking away the chics from their mother so that in two weeks the mother starts laying again according to the lessons.
13782 Irene teaching about family planning benefits to the mother in bupeni village
13824 A well smeared fuel efficient stove in a ventilated kitchen.
13827 One of the members managed to repair his kitchen walls which had fallen off before, and he plans to re-roof and smear it as soon as possible.
13833 This kitchen is well smeared,uses a stove on daily basis and this was evidenced by the vent that had turned black because of smoke.
13836 A jambo’s well smeared kitchen.
13818 Bukudumira group has decided to start saving and loaning scheme, they have made these books to give to each member to keep records of how they will be saving.
13785 Those are some of the members uprooting some weed from their garden.
13821 She is called mrs Yovani whose husband never wanted to construct a toilet until kibo came into action, in the photo she was kneeling like it is a norm, to thank the WASH team for convincing her husband to construct them a latrine.
13830 The boy in the photo above is called Simon, he complained of how his father has refused to build a structure around the latrine pit, so he was demonstrating how they use the current structure. Chris and Steve didn’t find the father around but encouraged the chairman to keep an eye on him to see that he constructs the latrine .
13839 In the photo above, this latrine was damaged by the constant rain the area is currently experiencing, Alex walyomu and the entire WASH team has been encouraging the community members to use strong logs or concrete if they can .
13800 This is how the community members constructing their new model dish racks.
13803 This is how Martin was encouraging the residents to work on their new model dish racks.
13806 This is how the new hand washing stand, which is plastered look like
13809 This is the new hand washing stand, which is not plastered Look like.
13893 A newly constructed hand washing stand in Mpumiro village.
13896 A hand washing stand with a jerican on that kibo gave to the home
13788 Alex moved together with the sanitation committee members in the village to check on sanitation improvements and follow up on those specific homes that were still having work to do. These kinds of hand washing stands are almost in every home
13791 This Muzei constructed this hand washing stand by himself and he is proud of. He is eagerly waiting for a hand washing jerrycan in his home.
13797 Because of a long distance and congestion on the one borehole in the village drilled by Kibo group about eight years ago, some of the homes decided to dig a shallow well in the upper part of the village but its a big risk to this village the fact that it’s open and it’s the kids fetching water from it. It’s 60ft deep
13812 Alex together with the sanitation committee members visited Zacharia’s home and liked the fact he built his new bathroom top with cement to prevent it from easily being damaged by the rains. This is something that every home needs to be encouraged to do for sustainability purposes
13815 About 20 homes in a section from this village were having great challenges to get water because of a long distance from the borehole and decided to dig a shallow well where they are currently getting water. This however is very dangerous since it’s open.
13794 Class listening attentively to the teacher as she was demonstrating how words can change in a second according to the skit.
13751 Yunusu’s current picture from kagulu village
13754 Irene holding a family planning lesson in kagulu village
13742 One of the members posing next to her stove that needs to be repaired and smeared.
13745 Some of the buildings that are well maintained and smeared in the village.
13697 Lorna talking to mama pris encouraging her that not all is lost.
13700 At Lving and Mary’s home. They have 2 children
13703 This was at Annet and Jackson’s home
13739 In the center is Juliet Kanyango got married at 19 now 22 . She has 2 children
13706 The old man Mr Waibe Daniel with his grandsons showing the Mvule tree they planted and take care in Kivule
13685 Those are committee members of Nabituluntu. Alex B explained to them their roles and responsibilities.
13766 Janet Kilunda, she was os happy to receive the new jerrycans for washing the hands after visiting the latrine.
13770 The hall family was so happy to have the twins, all of them are girls, Babirye and Nakato and Martin prayed for them.
13773 They are also working on other facilities like latrine.
13748 A child standing next to their newly constructed hand washing stand
13760 A hand washing stand recently constructed next to a tippy tap
13763 Committee members advising a resident on his dish rack
13842 Seen in the picture above is David the kibo staff during the village,s general sanitation improvements meeting.
13709 The water user committee improvised a temporary log fence to lock the borehole and manage the use of it before the borehole wall fence is constructed.
13712 Alex met with the water user committee and the builders that are ready to construct this fence and shared the architectural plan of how this fence is to constructed
13736 These three children were watching and listening fearing to come closer after their mother had scolded them. Ida asked them to come and learn too because they are the future parents.
13688 Sara is a baby to one of the village members of kagulu so the mother prepared her herbs for a bath because she had diarrhea. So Irene advised her on the benefits of seeking medical care.
13691 Zamina’s mother also tied a key around her waist to open up blessings and avoid her from getting sick, which Irene advised and said it was a myth.
13676 Ronald’s MUM new built kitchen and well smeared.
13682 A well smeared stove smeared stove, well decorated.
13715 One of the members standing next to her kitchen that needs to be reconstructed and smeared.
13718 A kitchen stocked with firewood on its firewood storage.
13670 This was just at the beginning of the lesson before the body of the baby one month old was brought to the village
13679 Alex B was teaching the role and responsibilities of the committee
13673 Henry and the chairman Mr John at the broken well in Kazimbakujira
13694 Anew pit latrine and a new hand washing stand constructed by Modo Steven one of the guys that has been very stubborn to work on his sanitation facilities
13721 This is how Martin was demonstrating to the community members, to construct their new hand washing stands.
13724 This is how Difasi Mulwani, he is preparing the materials for constructing his new latrine 30ft deeper.
13727 A new dish rack that was recently constructed in Mpumiro village
13730 A latrine pit that was recently dug
13733 A resident standing next to his newly constructed hand washing stand
13601 Mutesi from Maliga teaching the group the previous lesson about egg marking and preparing chickens for laying.
13655 Rita whose child had a rash, she came to seek medical help from Irene in the meeting they had on 19/8/2020 and this is a comparison of the pictures after medical help.
13664 A kitchen well stocked with firewood on its storage.
13667 One of the members still cooking on a three stones open flames stove because she had not received a new savings stove.
13604 Harriet demonstrating to the participants how to smear their kitchens.
13607 Jeska showing the participants the distance from the small stove to kitchen wall. She did this to encourage the participants not use a very big space when they are building stoves.
13643 This was during the self esteem exercise
13649 Talking about Love
13598 Abraham meeting the family of chairperson of the group Mr Christopher and his wife Nola for the loss of his father in-law yet he lost the mother in just few months back.
13610 Alex B was talking to some of the committee members about their roles and responsibilities.
13613 This little boy was happy to receive a hand washing jerrycan from Kibo group and he quickly ran to place it on the stand
13616 Akoli David also completed his hand washing stand and received a jerrycan from Kibo group
13619 Opio Jorem was happy to receive a hand washing jerrycan from Kibo group
13622 Mrs.Alex Muruga also was happy to get a hand washing Jerrycan from Kibo group
13625 Omodo Stephen has made progress to construct on his new pit latrine. For a very long time he has been having an open pit
13628 Martin is demonstrating to Julias Balikowa, how to construct a new model dish rack.
13631 One of the sanitation committee member, he was encouraging that family, how to use the jerrycan, to wash their hands, to prevent Covid 19.
13634 Kalimu Kawanguzi, he was a manger of those who have been lagging behind to work on his new pit latrine. But good enough, he is digging it, it’s now 12ft deep.
13661 A new latrine of Mr Enock which he recently finished
13595 A lady in Nawandyo sawing a mat that is on order.
13580 Zamina’s son in kagulu village whose husband left during the covid period, Irene made a report on her on the 7/9/2020 report. He is 3years old but with a hydrocele, the mother has applied herbs on it but she sees no change.
13583 Shadia has a swelling that the parents think is witch craft but Irene advised the mother to take her to hospital.
13508 Nangobi’s strong firewood risen stand well stocked with firewood.
13517 Nabirye’s well smeared kitchen that looks neat everyday she is an exemplary in this village.
13520 Ikumbya subcounty offices.
13574 Some of the members learning how to cut and level the banana stems.
13577 Jessica with some members in the kitchen building the fuel efficient stove.
13592 One of the community leader showing Abraham her tree she planted in Bukudumira and he advised her to prune it so that it can grow straight.
13493 Alex B and few members at the soybeans garden project.
13550 One of the things Chris was happy about were the dish racks like the one in the picture above.
13553 A new toilet being dug. Kibo has really changed the face of ibaako village from a filthy dirty village to one of the cleanest villages in the region.
13562 The vice chairman of the village Mr Dominico standing next to his new latrine
13565 A new latrine being constructed
13568 A new Latrine being constructed
13496 Seen in the picture above is kalulu Magidu,s new pit latrine under progress
13571 Seen in the picture above is David demonstrating the construction of the hand washing stand to one of the homes which was still lagging behind.
13529 Alex meeting with the water user committee to discuss about their borehole wall construction and borehole sustainability and ownership.
13532 Alex W meeting with the water user committee and the LC 1 to discuss ways to take good care of their borehole and make plans to construct the borehole wall fence.
13535 Alex W witnessed a village build a stove on their own. They made two stoves on that day
13538 A happy group of women in Naibowa enjoying themselves while stamping the mud to construct a stove for a member in the village
13544 The kitchen where a new stove is to be built is well roofed and smeared inside.
13511 This is a goats house which a member from Mvule built.
13547 Some of the mothers Irene met and talked to during her visit to kagulu village, after her lesson encouraging them about hospital visits and deliveries.
13499 One of the members found cooking on a three stones open stove.
13502 A woman cooking on a three stones open flames which caused too much smoke in the kitchen. Suzan requested some old members to find time and build for her a fuel efficient stove so that she can also enjoy it’s benefits.
13481 Mayodi’s firewood risen stand well stocked with firewood.
13484 The were being told their roles and responsibilities.
13589 I saw this boy with something looks like tumor
13505 Alex talks to a young man about maintenance of the pit latrine and the regular use of ash in the pit latrine.
13514 Alex talks to a young man who constructed a new hand washing stand for his family and encouraged him and the family to use it regularly after visiting their pit latrine. This family expressed its joy for having this kind of hand washing stand and appreciated Kibo for the new idea
13523 New pit latrine structure for Gavume’s pit latrine
13526 New bathing shelter for an old lady in Butabira village
13637 This is how their busy working on their new hand washing stands.
13640 This is how Martin and the group was demonstrating to community members, how to construct their new hand washing stands.
13556 A resident showing Chris his newly constructed dish rack
13559 A resident standing next to his newly constructed latrine
13447 This was a kitchen before but now it’s a chicken coop. David built a new kitchen with iron sheets so in stead of breaking the old one down, they decided to keep their chickens there since they now have the knowledge.
13429 In bupeni village Irene taking the community through a health lesson.
13432 Some of the members of bupeni village during the health lesson
13465 Henry handing over the two saucepans to the committee group leaders.
13468 The members got excited after seeing the gifts brought to them.
13471 Harriet talking and appreciating the good work done by the members.
13487 Jackson taking us through the review of the previous lesson
13490 Betty was responding to Jackson’s review of previous lesson
13586 These kids showing Abraham one of the holes they prepared for Mvule trees in Kazimbakujira.
13444 Alex talks to few women who attended the meeting.
13456 Samuel Isakya, worked for the new hand washing stand, but not yet plastered.
13459 This is how the plastered hand washing stand, look like.
13462 William Batala, was also busy working on the new latrine.