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7538 Suzan speaking to the village local leaders of kagulu
7514 Aisha giving an answer in class.
7517 Teacher Peninah and Tr Steven taking the pupils through the post test corrections.
7523 We tried out role play on Attack and Avoid communication styles.
7529 Saul and Living in the demonstration group garden of soybeans and cassava
7550 A sign post that was put up by another NGO called GOAL about Kazimba kungira being open defecation free.
7553 A new well that was drilled recently by GOAL NGO.
7556 All the neighboring villages also participated in hygiene and sanitation program with GOAL NGO
7541 Salamuka jamali,s wife improving on his kitchen by smearing.
7544 Kayigwa Yakubu,s new pit latrine construction under progress
7547 The first chicken coop in Ikumbya and they want to build another one
7526 Members sharing good time while eating the maize the cooked together.
7532 Miss Babise awidow who has improved on all her sanitation facilities.
7535 Miss Nangobi scovia awidow who has finished the construction of his pit and only left to put a door on it.
7466 Tape teaching the members how to take measurements on the floor before building the stove.
7469 Some members participating in stamping the dirt
7454 Manuela talking to the pupils about the importance of abstinence
7457 One of pupil is telling Manuela that from today she going to change and abstain from sex.
7460 She is saying that, she is going to abstain from sex, though she has been having sex but out of what Manuela taught them she is planning to change and abstain form sex till marriage.
7463 The members of Bukudumira were discussing how they will open group bank account.
7481 Some of the village residents that attended the meeting
7484 Some of the ladies that attended the meeting
7487 The village people listen to Alex as he talks about the village responsibilities towards their new well and the committee roles.
7490 Micheal one of the Mvule group member who received one goat, now posses with more than 7 goats now.
7493 This new well looks very clean and the committee is taking good care of it.
7478 Nawumbwe,s new dug latrine pit.
7496 This is how their making the slabs of their latrines.
7499 This home is constructing a shower are.
7436 A young girl preparing to cook food on a three stones open flames
7439 Some of the members participating in stamping the dirt going to be used for building the energy saving stove.
7409 The sign language teacher signing to the deaf pupils
7445 Manuela teaching about communication skills
7448 Lesson for the day
7451 Manuela is explaining the importance of communicating than being silent
7415 This new dish rack was recently constructed by an old man, Tegu replacing an old one that had collapsed
7418 This dish rack in Nabituluntu village is still well maintained
7421 Alex focused on dish rack sustainability in Nabituluntu village, a village that WASH is phasing out
7424 Rubbish pit in Nabituluntu lower village being still maintained
7472 The status of the Kibo borehole in kigalama
7475 Some of the new latrine pits in kigalama
7442 Manuela teaching community
7511 A young man stands next to a pit he’s digging for a latrine for his family.
7388 Pupils doing their pots test
7391 Manuela monitoring the pupils as they do their post test
7394 Manuela talking to the pupils before doing their test
7502 An open pit latrine in the village
7505 Broken pit latrine in ndhalike village
7346 One of the community members found still using a three stones open flames for cooking food.
7334 Kawala uses her stove to make pancakes for business.
7364 Manuela teaching the pupils about the different ways of avoiding early sex
7367 The district inspector also in class
7331 That the demonstration ground garden project of soybeans and cassava.
7508 A home with an old shower facility
7352 Alone Nalwokya’s new latrine pit under construction
7319 Some of chickens of Ikumbya group
7397 Harriet and Lorna having a chat.
7400 Harriet sells pancakes from her home.
7403 Nabirye and Her husband at their home
7322 Some of the community members that were present to remove the remaining parts in the broken borehole.
7325 Kibo workers, Jeska and Tape were present to help pull out the parts
7385 A resident standing in a new pit he’s digging to construct a latrine for his home.
7313 The members receiving a few gifts from Kibo staffs for the good work done.
7316 The members receiving saucepans from the Healthy and Safe Kitchen staff members
7292 While doing a review on the previous topic
7277 One the members showing his tree and now it is taller than him in six months
7376 Students standing next to a resident who is digging a new pit
7379 A lady standing next to her new hand washing stand with hand washing jericans
7382 A resident innovated a new ha d washing stand
7286 Some of the new latrine pits which have been constructed
7265 Allan writing his answer on the chalk board. This helps build confidence and also helps to correct spelling mistakes.
7268 Kibo fellas advising the pupils at the end of the lesson.
7271 Pupils acted out a skit at the end of the lesson with guidance from Lorna.
7355 Manuela teaching
7358 Manuela is explaining to the pupils the importance of abstinence
7274 The children were happy because Abraham was checking their trees
7370 A new pit being constructed next to the old latrine
7373 A new latrine and shower being constructed
7280 The water user committee together with some of the village people that turned up for the meeting to unite the water and sanitation committee
7241 Some of the male members practicing how to cut the banana stems for building the stove
7244 Community members participating in fetching the dirt from the anthill.
7247 The members participating in stamping the dirt.
7205 Those are some of the members in their garden of peas
7238 The chairman showing his chicken coop he is constructing.
7301 Kibo board member Greg thanking the resident for digging such a deep pit for his latrine
7283 Wakasanke’s kitchen which was destroyed by the heavy rains
7220 Alex in a meeting with some of the village leaders to plan for the baseline survey
7223 One of the old dish rack that has existed for close to 3 years.
7226 One of the old pit latrine structure that doesn’t meet the standards
7229 One of the new pit latrine that has been constructed in the village
7232 New kitchen in mr kalori Tatya’s home
7235 This borehole has been down for the last two but the village came together to fix it recently
7178 Community members waiting to hear from Ida and Irene during the meeting
7187 Kibo staff practically teaching the community how to measure banana stems required for building stoves.
7193 The youth representative and counselor Nawampiti village.