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19851 Kazimba Kungira. Kibo staff Jeska appreciating a well stocked firewood storage stand.
19854 Kazimba Kungira. These three men are measuring the banana stems that will be used to build stoves.
19983 Ngobi was commenting on the topic of the day Menstrual hygiene and management
19986 The lady in the picture was telling fellow parents to be involved in their children’s life . This was after Naigaga a pupil mentioned that her parents don’t care about her needs
19989 The headteacher of Ikumbya P/S commenting on the lesson of the day
19941 Ida talking to some members from Ndalike who had gathered to learn how Important is to Trust God.
19944 The chairperson mr.Mugote writing the Ndalike attendance list .
19893 Butabira village. Kibo staff( Harriet in a blue shirt) teaching the community about smearing and its importance
19896 One of the community member Beth assuring kibo staff that the materials needed for building stoves can easily be found in their community. She also said that the community is willing to work together to gather those materials a case in point is the grass which they had just cut as a group after the lesson.
19911 Kishaike village. Kibo staff Jeska in a brown dress guiding participants how to build stoves on their own.
19920 Awampiti village. Kibo group staff ( Tape in a green doted dress) teaching participants how to remove banana stems from the previously built stove.
19956 Lorna was carrying out a review of the previous lesson.
19959 Manuela answering the communities questions on discordant couples living with HIV
19968 We were also able to give the community members salt as an incentive for attending the meetings
19971 Buyange village, In the photo above , chris emphasizes a point during the discussions to enact the community bylawsto help govern the community group before they come up with their constitution.
19974 Buyange village , chris listens listens as the group members give their opinions during the enacting of their bylaws. The members finally came up with their bylaws.
19977 Buyange village, chris poses with the family of mr haruna, haruna is one of the members of the group who have planted many trees in their arear and it is from the trees where haruna is getting the money to send his children to school, chris was at his home to encourage him also tell him to be an example to the rest of the community members.
19980 Buyange village ,Mr Haruna gives a jack fruit to chris as an appreciation for visiting his home.
19938 Kazimbakujira members discussing how they are going to buy the tent which they hope it will help the group members and the community.
19950 Alex W in a meeting with the sanitation and water user committee members reviewing the borehole bylaws that were enacted and discuss more about their borehole ownership and maintenance
19953 All the leaders were present and agreed to add two important bylaws on the list of the bylaws that were enacted before
19917 Ida was training the Bukudhumira community members how to do workout exercise before She introduced the poultry lesson
19899 Diana in Nawandyo B, teaching about good and bad parenting
19902 Diana in Nawandyo B, emphasizing on the point of bad and good parenting.
19887 Butabira village. During the process of the community choosing their own leaders who will coordinate the healthy and safe kitchens program . This was a participatory lesson , the participants rose hands to chose leaders.
19890 Butabira village. A kibo staff Harriet in a blue shirt guiding participants to form policies that will guide participants during the program implementation.
19842 Nawampiti village. Kibo staff Tape in a brown dress teaching participants how to build stoves.
19845 Nawampiti village. During the arrival in the village, Kibo staff found the community busy stamping the dirt.
19848 Nawampiti village. Kibo staff Tape teaching the participants how to measure banana stems that will be used to build stoves.
19818 Manuela was educating the community members about the different effects of Alcoholism to individuals who are at the addicted to Alcohol.
19821 That man is called, Salim, he was explaining how Alcohol destroyed him and his family before he joined Muslin, actually he was advising his fellow men who are still drinking to stop if they want peace in there families.
19836 Manuela was asking the participants reason why people drink Alcohol.
19839 Manuela is asking the participants that what are they going to do to their and families who drinks wrongly.
19785 Children of Naibowa P/S
19794 Asa was demonstrating how to bathe properly
19929 The group bought this pig and it produced six piglets which they want to give other members also to take care of them
19932 These are the bye-laws whereby they changed the fee to five thousand shillings if a member does not attend the meeting without proper reasons.
19935 Some members discussing about those two members who are not attending the meeting yet they complain after their friends deciding on something.
19947 Nabituluntu village, in the phito above Alex b and and chris were meeting the group members to guide them as they discussed about opening the group bank account, during the meeting the members unanimously chose to open up a group account basing on the problems associated to keeping the money in their houses.
19797 This is Micheals’ new pit latrine in Kitukiro and was encouraged by Alex to roof his new pit latrine ASAP!
19800 A new dish rack at Jennifer’s home in Kitukiro. Jennifer has got one of the cleanest home in the village
19803 This is Jennifer’s home one of the cleanest in Kitukiro-Busumba zone
19806 This incomplete pit latrine for James in Kitukiro lacks a roof and was encouraged by Alex and the sanitation committee to start saving for iron sheets and may be helped through Kibo’s initiative.
19809 This new pit latrine belongs to Kaluya and was also encouraged to put a door. He dug up to 30ft
19812 Hamuza completed digging a pit about 20ft but has delayed to construct on it. His family also has no where to go and was encouraged to construct on it as soon as possible
19815 This collapsed pit latrine in Isabirye’s home where Alex and the team found many cases of open defecation.
19905 Diana asking questions on how parents train their children in chores and responsibilities in Bulyowa village
19908 Ida teaching the community of Bulyowa A on chores and responsibilities according to age group
19875 Kalitumba village—Alex B and Chris met the community and taught the leaders of their responsibilities. They also introduced to them the need for making the bylaws.
19923 The section 12 of bylaws the CDO wants them to add there those bylaws like the time of meeting, what will they do if some members are not meeting etc.
19926 Also section 5-16 the duties of the members he wants them to be specific of the entry fee.
19914 Ida writing the phone numbers of Bukoma Kibo ambassadors.
19878 Diana stuck in one of the bad roads in Nawandyo A village. The road was so bad that it took us 1 hour to get it out of the ditch.
19881 Diana in Nawandyo B demonstrating how men should treat their pregnant wives.
19884 Diana in Nawandyo B teaching about parenting lesson
19725 Nawampiti Village. Jeska teaching the participants how to practically remove banana stems from the previously built stove.
19728 Nawampiti village. Tape a Kibo staff in a brown dress uniform working with the community to move the stamped dirt to the kitchen to build stoves.
19731 Nawampiti village. Kibo staff Jeska and Tape in Brown dresses working with the community to stamp the dirt that will be used to build stoves.
19683 Ndalike village. kibo staff Harriet in a blue shirt appreciating Nabirye’s Kitchen that was well smear during her home visits as she was carrying out evaluation.
19743 Manuela was emphasizing on the roles of the mothers in their homes. Manuela advised the that despite of the problems they go through, they should continue doing their roles as mothers.
19746 Here Manuela was demonstrating how children run from their father when they hear him coming because of his rudeness they run away. She told the fathers to be loving and caring to their family members.
19749 Time for children, Manuela was advising the children to be good listeners, communicator to their parents and they should be of good behavior to one another in that family.
19719 Nussura and Shamim presenting to the community members what they will do to see that their families are protected from HIV/AIDS . The behaviors they need to let go
19722 Nabirye on the left mentioned that her and husband will go testing regularly and if she finds out her husband is HIV positive she will choose to stay and take care of him.
19695 Kawanguzi Stephen one of Buluvu community members putting a cage around his tree he planted.
19698 Abraham teaching one of Buluvu community member called Smith how to put a cage around his tree he planted.
19701 Buluvu members teaching themselves how to put a cage around their trees
19827 Buyange village, chris (far left) poses with the committee leaders after the discussions on enacting the bylaws that will be guiding their meetings, chris helped them by moderating the discussions and teaching about why they need the bylaws. At the end of the day they were able ti enact their bylaws and thanked chris for the initiative.
19830 Buyange village, Chris poses with the family of mr magoola hakim who everyone in the community respects for planting more trees in the community, chris was prompted to visit his home and what he found there was so impressive because he planted many species of trees on his land including fruits, chris encouraged him teach the rest of the community how important it is to plant trees.
19833 Buyange village, the chairperson Mrs Kasoga stressing a point during the discussions concerning their bylaws.
19755 Alex W together with the sanitation committee members in Butabira checked on some homes and noted that the homes were well swept and many are being smeared
19758 The hand washing stands had Jerrycans with water in the few homes checked. This was at Mutaka Erukana’s household in Butabira
19761 This old well in Butabira used to have long ques before a new borehole drilled by Kibo group in the village. It’s now easy for one to access water easily without waiting for so long since some people can now go to the new well
19863 A latrine constructed with brick cement and sand. In the picture there are poles for a tippy tap which broke a while back. The wash team is planing to teach the residents about the new model of hand washing construction which is sustainable.
19866 This family took us to check on the latrine hole which is under construction. They asked for advise on how to construct sustainable latrine facility.
19752 Ida teaching about discipline in children in Bukudhumira village
19638 Diana in Nawandyo A, revising the community empowerment lessons with the community, after having home visits.
19512 Kazimba Kungira. Jeska a Kibo staff in a brown dress teaching / guiding participants as they build stoves.
19671 Ndalike village. Kibo staff Harriet in a blue shirt handing over two community saucepans and soap per member of the Healthy and safe kitchen program.
19674 Ndalike village. In this home children were found cooking food on the stove as their parents had gone to attend the commissioning of the well and stoves function.
19677 Ndalike village. The community development officer for Namwendwa subcounty ( mudondo Winnie ) encouraging the community to sustain kibo programs.
19680 The community development officer, Kamuli water engineer on the right, the local leaders on the left witnessing kibo presenting the two community saucepans and soap to the leadership committee of the Healthy and safe kitchen program.
19527 Manuela was seriously teaching the parents about the importance of delaying sex for their young girls and boys. She was also telling them to forget about sex taboo.
19530 That woman was explaining how virginity was valued in the past.
19533 That woman was trying to explain how virginity is valued today.
19542 After long seat, Manuela requested the participants to stand up for an ice break.
19545 Manuela was explaining some of the Skills trying to make their children delay sex.
19764 Muyodi and logos acting out how to break the news that they have an STD.
19767 It was raining which affected the community’s attendence
19770 Another couple role playing how they would break the news to their partner about having an STD.
19824 Budumba village, in the photo above (sitting from left to right) is Chris, Mr grace otim (group mobilizer), Mr Paul the group treaurer, Mr Sam the group secretary , Mr David the chairman of the village and Mr Otim moses the group vice chairperson, they were discussing about the amount needed to compile and bind their constitution and how much each members is to contribute .
19686 The chairman of Kivule Mr Christopher sharing with the group members about their goal as a group is to make sure every member is doing something in their homes.
19689 Noola one of Kivule community members who takes care of the pig they bought as a group and now it gave birth to six piglets which they want to give other members to take care of.
19692 The chairman and members finishing to sign a tree evaluation form.
19776 She is called Nabirye and very happy she has a new hand washing stand, she also told me the jerrycan is taken to be cleaned. After she will bring it back with water for washing hands.
19779 The chairman of the village seated waiting for more community members to come and visit.
19782 Construction of a new latrine structure
19563 A resident standing in his shower area. Tom encouraged him to construct a better one much higher
19566 One of the below standard latrines in the village of Kisimu
19569 Another below standard shower facility
19572 An open area for defecation
19575 The chairman talking to a resident encourage him to construct a roof on his kitchen
19578 The chairman and a resident inspecting a new pit being dug for a latrine
19593 Kibo staffs and Ndhalike community members walking to the new borehole site for commissioning
19596 Harriet walking with the women in the village inspecting kibo activities.
19599 Alex W together with the government officials handing over the new borehole to the village
19605 Kibo staff checking on the stoves that were built in the kitchens in Ndhalike village
19614 Kibo staffs Alex and Harriet handing over gifts to the village members that participated in the stoves program in Ndhalike
19623 Alex W together with the government officials commissioning the new borehole in Ndhalike
19632 The village members in Ndhalike that attended the borehole and stoves commissioning day
19635 Diana in Bulyowa teaching the community community members the benefits of chores and responsibilities to the children and the entire community
19515 Nawandyo B members listening attentively as Ida was teaching about love in the family dealing with challenges and how to solve them.
19665 Butabira village. One of the male participants( Isma standing ) telling the meeting that the reason why men don’t help their wives is because the kitchen is too smoky thus uncomfortable to cook from.
19668 Butabira village . kibo staff( Harriet in a blue shirt) teaching participants the goals and objectives of the Healthy and safe kitchens program. During the lesson they also discussed the gender productive and reproductive roles.
19734 Nawampiti village. This is one of the well smeared kitchen in the upper section.
19737 Nawampiti village. This lady (Nabrye )is carrying grass to the group to be chopped. This grass will be used to build stoves.
19740 Nawampiti village. One of the well stocked firewood risen stand.
19641 The lesson took place in the church together with pupils and parents of Ikumbya
19518 Kalitumba village One of the members with his mvule tree,he was advised to put a cage to protect the tree.
19521 Kalitumba village. Diana with her tree though lacked a cage .
19524 Kalitumba village. Alex B discussed more how they should protect their trees by putting cages.
19704 Kitukiro members discussing about the research they got for poultry project
19554 The chairman of the village Mr Mwidu inspecting one of the newly constructed latrines
19557 Mr Mulega one of the committee members and the chairman inspecting one of the pits being dug
19560 The chairman inspecting one of the open areas being used as a latrine
19602 A picture of a kitchen area and shower on the left side. The shower area didn’t have a proper door we encouraged them to construct something which can restore dignity in their home.
19590 Alex W in a meeting with the water and sanitation committee and the village leaders planning for the commissioning day on Monday 24/05/2021.
19488 Ida giving hand washing jerrycans that WASH program gave to Maliga community.
19491 Ida encouraging the Kibo ambassadors in Maliga village to continue carrying out weekly lessons.
19707 Naisamula village: One of the village mobilizer Sarah saying a word and welcoming the members to the health education lesson.
19710 Naisamula village; Irene explaining the chain through which worms enter our bodies to the community members.
19494 Kishaike. Kibo staff (Suzan)monitoring some of the neatly smeared latrines in the village.
19497 Kishaike. A well maintained smeared shower area in the village.
19650 Naibowa village. Kibo group( Alex walyomu,Harrietkefeza,Alex Bamulumbye,Akrut Diana , jeska Basoga together with CDo and the parish chief handling over the borehole that kibo drilled to the community.
19653 Naibowa village Kibo staff(Harriet between the CDo and the Parish chief) handling over two community saucepans to the participants of the Healthy and safe kitchen program.
19656 Naibowa village. Kibo staff handing over two Community saucepans and a piece of soap to the active participants of the Healthy and safe kitchens program. They did this as the Government officials (CDo and the Parish chief ) were witnessing. This was a sign of appreciation for the hard and team work during the implementation of the Healthy and safe kitchen program.
19659 Naibowa Village. A kibo staff Harriet showing the government officials how the fuel and efficient stove works.
19662 Naibowa village. The community acting a drama showing how they used to suffer from diseases caused by open defection.
19482 Ndalike. Tape with some group leaders standing in front of well smeared houses.
19485 Ndalike. Tape monitoring the stove usage in the village while encouraging the members to maintain their facilities as much as possible.
19461 One of the participants in group A presenting what they discussed in their groups.
19464 This young girl was giving an presentation on the effects of Alcoholism in families. She was in Group C.
19467 One of the members in group C was giving a presentation on the causes of Alcoholism.
19470 Manuela was now giving a general overview on what have been discussed and presented from different groups.
19473 That man drinks a lot, he stood up to advice his fellow teams whom he drinks with, he was telling them they should take today’s lesson seriously and avoid too much consumption of alcohol.
19422 Community members of Mpumiro during the lesson
19425 Nabakyala (women counselor) contributing to the topic of the day HIV and Human rights
19506 Buyange village, in the photo above chris poses with the elected committee leaders, at this level, the community group starts to take shape , they start to decide when and where to hold meetings , the bylaws to guide them during meetings and what activity they can work on together as a group.
19509 Buyange village, in the photo above shows some of the members who came to elect their committee leaders.
19476 The chairman and the secretary going through their drafted constitution
19428 This is how the Chairman LC1, Noah NMubundu, constructed the best latrine in that village.
19431 Robert Batala, he constructed the strong dish rack, but Steven was encouraging him to add more sticks to make it better.
19434 Sarah Nabuken’s new kitchen it’s under construction and Martin was encouraging her, to work hard about the roofing.
19437 Christopher Talaba’s wife, knelt down, to appreciate kibo, because of the new kitchen.
19608 Construction of hand washing station, as a demonstration for everyone to see and learn from here after hand washing triggering session. Where we emphasize the core values of washing hands
19611 Learning how to construct a hand washing stand
19617 The chairman LC1 participating to brick brick for the construction of a hand washing station
19620 Mixing of cement and sand during the construction of Hand washing station.
19626 Handed jerrycans to the community members for hand washing
19629 A group of community members holding jerrycans after hand washing triggering.
19455 Diana in Bukudhumira teaching chores and responsibilities according to age group.
19281 Ida talking to the chairperson Ndalike Mr. Ndalike Anthony What to expect during the community empowerment program period. NB: The village is Ndalike not Nairika Kisege it was an error.
19500 Kalitumba village:Irene discussing with the community members during the health lesson.
19503 Kalitumba village: Irene making a finger nail check up on the children as hands are one of the routes through which worms enter our bodies.
19302 Kazimba Kungira village. Kibo staff Jeska in a brown dress working with the participants to stamp the dirt that will be used to build a stove.
19305 Kazimba Kungira village. Akrol Josephine in a brown dress posing with her friend after kibo had built for her a stove.
19308 Kanzimba Kungira village. Kibo staff jeska in a brown dress guiding participants as they try to build stoves.
19365 Nawampiti. Kibo staff teaching the members how to practically cut and level the banana stems during stove building lessons.
19368 Nawampiti. Some of the members with Kibo staff stamping the dirt together.
19413 Manuela was teaching the participants about some of the causes and dangers of early pregnancy and marriage.
19416 Manuela monitoring the two different groups during discussion.
19419 That man was explaining to the fellow participants how her loving daughters got pregnant while in primary sex and now she is suffering with two children and the man is not helping her, how he wished life skills was there during those days her daughter would listen to what Manuela is teaching about the dangers and effects of early pregnancy and marriage.
19332 Men in their group discussion
19335 Women also in their group discussion
19338 Nabirye representing the women
19341 Moses the men
19344 These two were arguing about condom use that is who between a man and woman, who does not like to use condoms.
19479 Kivule members discussing about how they are going to get new members in the group and this time there was sons in-laws and mother-in-law that is why they were scattered
19458 Nabituluntu village , Chris and alex b during discussions about opening the group bank account, members are aware that theor group will grow and will start getting some money so they want to open their group account were they will be able to keep their money.
19584 A new dish rack construction and used efficiently
19587 A new latrine hole about 10 ft deep and they are still digging up to 15ft . I got an opportunity to teach them how to construct a good foundation before constructing a structure on it.
19359 Martin was preparing the community members about the new borehole
19362 That is the Water user committee in Kilwanire village.
19374 Amuza, the Chairman LC1 Kilwanire village was encouraging the residents to prepare them selves for the new borehole.
19548 One of the pipes that are in the borehole
19551 Mr Muyinda musa the borehole committee chairman showing the broken well
19440 Zacharia Kigaiga in Kasuleta explaining to Ida and Henry how he takes care of the chickens despite his condition of suffering from stroke.
19443 Henry and his mother planting an orange tree in Nawandyo A village
19446 Henry, Xander, his mother, Miya, and Chairman Dan in Nawandyo A planting an orange tree
19449 Henry and Ida teaching in Nawandyo A the community empowerment lessons
19452 Diana carrying out assessment on community empowerment lessons.
19347 Ituba Namalowe: Irene with the members during the health lesson.
19350 Ituba Namalowe: Irene talking to the members during the health lesson.
19287 Kishaike. Kibo staff( suzan) observing a kitchen which needs to be smeared again.
19290 Kishaike. A poor kitchen that needs to be repaired and reconstructed at the roof.
19293 Naibowa. One of the well smeared and decorated kitchens and stove for one of the participants ( Irungu Isaac)
19296 Naibowa village.Harriet a kibo staff appreciating Isaac’s well smeared and decorated stove.
19299 Naibowa village.Harriet a kibo staff appreciating Pastor Wilber’s new kitchen which is almost complete .He is constructing in replacement of his kitchen that was destroyed by rainfall.
19392 Time for group discussion, on the reason for saying yes to sex.
19395 Manuela was explaining the importance of abstinence and how parents can help their children to delay sex.
19398 This is the second time that the community members in this village are getting soap which remained previously.
19401 Group discussion, women were discussing on the reason why young people say no to sex.
19404 Presentation time.
19314 At Ikumbya Secretary giving the Agenda of the day
19317 Lorna addressing the community before starting to move around the village
19320 The community members that walked with Lorna home to home
19323 Ikumbya borehole
19326 The chairman’s kitchen
19329 At the borehole
19251 Kitukiro group members saving before the meeting started.
19254 Abraham discuss with Kitukiro members how they are going to start a poultry project
19272 That is how the residents are busy working on their new latrines.
19275 Steven was encouraging those two people about the depth of the pit latrines.
19371 Most of the homes in the lower part of the village next to the swamp are currently struggling to work on their sanitation and hygiene improvements with difficulties in digging new pit latrines and lack of required poles to construct these facilities
19353 One of the banana fiber latrine structures in the village of Kisimu
19356 Another latrine structure in one of the homes in Kisimu village
19581 A new pit latrine hole which is still under construction.
19383 Diana and Ida going to Bukudhumira. It rained through out our journey, the roads where so bad that we got hard time reaching the village, but eventually we made it.
19386 Ida making use of the one of the hand washing facilities in Bukudhumira village.
19389 Diana and Ida teaching the Kibo ambassadors chores and responsibilities in children
19263 Igerera B: Irene talking to sulaina one of the pregnant young mother about hygiene, birth preparedness, child spacing, and benefits of antenatal care.
19266 Igerera B: Irene explaining to the mother the benefits of a mama kit she gave to her as one of the requirements she will need to prepare for child birth in the hospital.
19269 Igerera B: Irene with one of the mothers in her care who had her first child in the hospital after Irene explaining the benefits of hospital delivery.