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29994 The chairman Mr. Kamya addressing the community members of Igerera B
29997 Diana in Igerera B, demonstrating how parents measure the strength they have in order to discipline their children.
30000 Diana in Igerera B, teaching about the lesson of Discipline in children.
30003 Kimaka of Igerera B, telling the community the importance of community empowerment lessons to the community of Igerera B.
30027 Busene. Kibo staff in the kitchen guiding the participants as they prepare to build the fuel efficient stoves on their own.
30030 Busene village. Participants in the kitchen learning how to build the fuel efficient stoves with Kibo staff members.
30024 Namusita. Rosemary was excited upon receiving a new improved stove in her kitchen.
30073 Lorna teaching alongside teacher Kulire the schools life skills teacher.
30076 Students writing their notes
30082 Tiffu and Lorna mobilizing for next weeks meeting
30088 One of the stoves
30091 Tiffu telling Shamim of next weeks meeting
30042 The chairman of Budumba Mr Musodo said the hand washing stand was better in maintenance and usability. He said it’s easy to wash and refill the water.
30033 That’s how they have worked on their new latrines and hand washing stands.
30036 That’s how Martin handed the jerrycans to one of the sanitation committee members.
30039 Martin was checking weather the residents are the jerrycans to wash their hands after visiting their latrines.
29958 That’s how the children learn how to wash the jerrycans.
29961 That’s how they are working on their new hand washing stands.
29964 Steven was encouraging the children how to wash their hands after visiting their latrines.
29934 Nawampiti village lower section, Maria teaching about pneumonia and diarrhea.
29937 Nawampiti village lower section, community members discussing the signs and symptoms of pneumonia and diarrhea
30065 Busene village. This man Joel was found smearing his kitchen.
30068 Busene village. Nabirye Monica committing her self to smear her home facilities.
30071 Busene village. Kibo staff Harriet encouraging Namusobya to talk to her grandchildren to help her smear her kitchen in order to get a stove.
30006 Namusita. Some members who had started cooking on their fuel efficient stoves, improved on all their facilities such as smearing all their buildings with colorful mud.
30009 Namusita. Some kitchens had big leakages from above whereby when it rains it can destroy the improved fuel efficient stoves as well as making the firewood wet. Kibo staff encouraged all the participants to see that they improved on all their facilities.
29967 Elliot looking at a stove and this beautiful kitchen
29970 One of the stoves being used
29973 Elliot at the borehole drilled by Kibo
29976 One of the bath rooms in Ikumbya
29979 We toured the primary school and in this picture the head teacher was telling us about this Latrine which is at the brick of collapsing and together with the community they are are trying to reconstruct a new latrine but were requesting for help from Kibo. Also we toured the class room and also the construction has been in a standstill because they are short of funds
29982 With Elliot at the beginning of the meeting
29988 The chairman addressing the meeting
29991 During the meeting
29940 Buyange village, the RDC( district resident officer) who represented the government speaks to the community members during the function to give 96 goats by Kibo group, he thanked Kibo for partnering with the government not only in buyange but the whole busoga region however he appealed to Kibo ensure homes start vegetable garden in their homes, skill communities to make cheap reusable sanitary pads , he said this will help sustain the Kibo activities in the communities.
29943 Buyange village, the LC3 chairman Mr Jaffari gives his remarks during the handover of 96 goats to the community.
29946 Buyange village, the LC5 chairman, Mr Mukisa Patrick speaks to the community leaders during the function to issue 96 goats to the community.
29949 Buyange village , Mrs Namukose lifts her goat she received from Kibo.
29952 Buyange village, Jake from Kibo encourages the community members to continue working together as a community.
29928 That’s how Beth Nanangwe, maintained her kitchen.
29931 That’s how she worked on her new hand washing stand.
29955 That’s how Martin handed the Jerrycans to the sanitation committee members.
30012 Kevin and Steven was walking around the village to check on the general sanitation.
30015 Steven was encouraging that woman to work on the hand washing stand.
29850 Resident building his bathroom wall to height recommended since on the previous visit it was so short and keneth advised him
29853 Keneth health educating on the kibo model over ordinary tiptap
29856 New hand washing stand
29859 Hadigo building his wall structure for the latrine
29889 Barbra being welcomed by community members in Naisamula
29892 Diana and the community members of Naisamula dancing as they welcome Kyle in their community.
29895 The safe kitchen stove being put to use in Naisamula
29901 Kyle with some community members of Naisamula during his visit tour
29904 Diana and Kyle in Naisamula in one of the kitchens built by safe kitchens
29907 Diana with Kyle and community members posing under the Mvule tree that was planted by Mvule program
29910 Kyle, Diana and community members of Naisamula admiring the goat that gave birth to twins. This goat was given to one of the members in the community by Mvule Program.
29913 Diana in Naisamula teaching about financial management as Kyle and community members listen attentively.
29916 Cloves of Naisamula, thanking Kyle and the community empowerment program for loving them and teaching them lessons that are changing their community positively.
29796 Bukudumira village upper section, Maria discussing the signs of pneumonia and diarrhea.
29799 Bukudumira village upper section, musubo thanking Jerk for visiting, loving Bukudumira village.
29802 Bukudumira village upper section,Jake appreciating the community members for their turn up
30045 Kamudoke village. The community acting a skit showing the challenges they used to go through before the healthy and safe kitchens program.
30048 Kamudoke village. The community showing Kibo group executive Director Larry Norman their facilities that Kibo helped them achieve. A case in point was Futuma’s kitchen pictured. She did not have a kitchen and her husband had Stubbornly refused to build for her a kitchen but Kibo staff( Harriet) encouraged her husband to build for her a kitchen and she was able to get a stove.
30051 Kamudoke village. One of the participants who did not have a kitchen and a stove but Kibo staff encouraged , taught her the values of having a those facilities and she was able to get them.
30054 Kamudoke village. Kibo executive director ( Larry Norman) together with the community development officer Enoch handing over two community saucepans and soap to the community.
30057 Kamudoke village. The community testifying what Kibo has done in their village through songs.
30060 Kamudoke village. The community tracked attendance to show consistency in the program activities.
29814 This was the time Eliot was talking to participants and Manuela was translating in to local language to the participants.
29817 Manuela was giving a broad explanation on the Communication behavior, explaining what the characteristics of each communication styles behavior for example Passive, Assertive and Aggressive behavior.
29820 An ice breaker after long sit.
29823 During the inspection of the home facilities in Kagulu, we found this woman preparing corn bread. We asked her question about the stoves, she says the stove has helped her a lot, that her food gets ready in time, no more cases of burns in her home, it saves firewood and above all no smoke in the kitchen
29826 That girl was acting Passive Behavior during the drama.
29766 Wakiso giving a brief summary of Kibo programs in this village to Kyle
29784 Wakiso and Wilba during the meeting while discussing the topic on Rape and Defilement . This was in the church of Christ in Naibowa
29790 Wilba exchanged his goats for this calf
29793 Keith and Lorna looking at a Mvule tree
29805 Buyange village, the community came up with their own entertainment group instead of spending money on having to hire one. In the photo above they were rehearsing.
29808 Mr Muhammad prays for the community to have a successful goats distribution process on Friday, Kibo spreads love across all religions in the communities of busoga.
29811 Buyange village, Mr Farouk builds a hand washing station at the venue where the goats distribution process will be, he said they expect over 200 people therefore sanitation has to be paramount.
29886 This home in Maliga was found still maintaining the good sanitation standards
29898 This goat for Mrs. Tulibagenyi in Nabituluntu is pregnant and will soon produce. There many other goats that pregnant and soon give birth to kids.
29925 A family in Maliga will soon get a cow out of the goats that have multiplied from one that kibo group gave out.
29691 Newly constructed latrine facility
29694 Some of the hand washing stands
29697 Keneth and a resident standing besides her latrine and hand washing stands
29700 Keneth guiding a resident on soak pit construction and drainage
29703 Well used dish rack
29706 That’s how Martin was handing over the jerrycans, to the sanitation committee members in Kasuleta village.
29709 Martin was encouraging Yahaya Nzilawentola and his wife, how to use the hand washing stands, after visiting their latrine.
29745 That’s how Baite Isabirye, digging the new pit latrine it’s now 8ft deep.
29880 Mr waiswa one of the sanitation committee members in Nawampiti inspecting a new latrine under construction to replace a recently collapsed latrine due to heavy rains
29883 This woman said the hand washing stand and jerican has been s helpful in improving her behavior of hand washing. She before she would miss washing hands but now it’d no longer the case since the hand washing stand and jerican her right after her latrine
29769 Ida asking Robert of Igerera B, what he remembers from the previously lesson of chores and responsibilities.
29772 Ida explaining to the community of Igerera B, how important chores and responsibilities are to the children
29775 Diana in Igerera B, explaining to the community members chores and responsibilities according to age groups.
29778 Diana asking Sarah of Igerera B, at what age she gives her children chores.
29712 Bukudumira village lower section, community members discussing the signs and symptoms of HIV/AIDS.
29715 Bukudumira village lower section, Maria explaining the sexually transmitted diseases.
29760 Business village. The community participating in stamping the dirt that will be used to build stoves.
29763 Business village. The community participating in stove building .
29739 Namusita. Kibo staff members with the community participating in the molding of the dirt while taking it inside the kitchen where the stove will be constructed.
29742 Namusita. Some kitchens and other buildings were well roofed, decorated and smeared both from the inside and outside parts. These homes were mostly owned by the members who had already received the fuel efficient stoves and started cooking on them.
29718 After teaching students at school, Manuela and the team went to inspect some of the home facilities that were constructed by Kibo Group staffs.
29721 Barbra was giving a broad explanation about abstinence to the students, she told them that it means to wait not to stop.
29724 Lorna was explaining to the students about the causes and dangers of early pregnancy to the youth.
29727 Manuela was listening to Birungi who explaining an answer about the causes of Early pregnancy among the youth.
29628 Kyle visiting Kibo from the US plants a tree at Jowelia’s home in Buluvu village.
29631 Alex W talks to Yahaya about caring for his trees during his visit to Buluvu
29634 Alex B talks to the Buluvu community members that turned up to the meeting about the values of a community constitution and why its needed to for all community members to participate in this process.
29637 Mrs. Jowelia in pink gomesi one of the active leaders being encouraged to take good care of the young seedlings.
29622 Buyange village, the children were around to listen to the discussions on care for goats because it concerns them, they were very excited to know that their parents will be getting goats on Friday and this will enable them to complete their education in future.
29625 Buyange village, Mr Kevin the Kibo visitor from California plants a mahogany tree the community gave him. This was made as a gesture of environmental conservation by the community.
29829 That’s how they are working on other facilities.
29832 That’s how they are working on their new hand washing and they are using them
29583 Tom and the team inspected a borehole that collapsed a couple of months where members used to fetch
29586 Mrs lamoji a resident who was so happy and confident of her home to take madam tori and sho her the newly built latrine and her hand washing facility
29589 The sanitation and lc one committee showing Tori and Eliot where they fetch water and the same pools being used by animals aslo
29592 Tom showing tori a well built dish rack for the chairman of the village
29595 The team also checked on te latrine and hand washing facility for the chairman
29598 The chairman showing his wel used rubbish pit
29601 The team checked on the chairman’s shower area which has the last cement coating to prevent rains and dumpness to the structure wall
29604 The team together with the lc one committee and sanitation committee discussing the challenges and solutions in their routine home visits campaigns
29649 The Chairman LC1 of the village, was welcoming Martin and Jake, to his village.
29655 Martin was introducing Jake to the community members in that village.
29676 Martin and Jake, was walking around the village checking on the home facilities.
29682 Jake was introducing himself to the community members in that village.
29607 Diana participating in the building of the chicken coop in Bulyowa community.
29610 Sabasi of Bulyowa fixing a nails to the chicken coop as Mpata and other members look on, to keep the chicken coop firm and strong.
29613 Community members of Bulyowa A clearing a place where the kitchen coop is to be built. This was at Wilbur’s residence.
29616 Diana in Bulyowa A, helping some of the community members set up a chicken at Wilbur’s home.
29619 The chicken coop being fixed at Wilbur’s home in Bulyowa, with Diana and some of the community members.
29844 Ida explaining how a coop should look like during the coop demonstration in Ndalike.
29847 Ndalike chairperson 3 thanking Kibo for all the good things done.
30018 Nawandyo A, upper section Maria discussing the topics covered.
30021 Nawandyo A upper section, members mentioning several topics covered and Maria encouraging members to put into practice every thing in to practice.
29748 Kamudoke village. Florence was found cooking on her fuel efficient stove well smeared and decorated.
29751 Kamudoke village. Madina was found washing dishes and putting them on the dish rack where she will serve her food cooked on the fuel efficient stove.
29754 Kamudoke village. One of the strong firewood storage stand well stocked with firewood and kitchen is smeared and well decorated.
29757 Kamudoke village. Rebecca showing a Kibo staff Harriet her strong firewood storage stand well stocked with firewood.
29730 Namusita. Kibo staff observed that some participants managed to smear all their buildings including the main houses and shower areas.
29733 Namusita. Suzan found some buildings not smeared and kept on encouraging the women to improve on all their facilities before they get a fuel efficient stove.
29736 Namusita. Suzan found some women cooking food together with their husbands in the kitchens while discussing family issues which was so interesting to see. This was because the kitchens no longer produced smoke.
29640 Looking at a well maintained shower facility in Ikumbya during the home to home visit.
29643 Manuela explaining to Kyle how a hand washing stand operates
29646 Kyle looking at one of the dishracks
29652 Kyle pumping water at the borehole
29661 We visited the nearby primary school too where Life skills intends to teach
29664 The community presenting a song on dangers of HIV
29667 Lorna during the review of the lesson
29670 Manuela during the lesson.
29673 The chairman LC3 addressing the community
29565 Kalitumba village, Alinaba Sumaya one of political leader encouraged the community to work together as a team for economic development.
29568 Kalitumba village,Alex W advised the community about selecting viable economic projects and working together.
29571 Kalitumba village, Zaina the chairperson of the community making her welcome remarks. She reminded the community about turning up for the meetings .
29574 Kalitumba village,Alex w advised Agrey how to care for his mangoes in order to benefit from them.
29577 Kalitumba village,Alex W and Tori from USA advised Balazewa in blue shirt how to put around the cage to protect his tree from being eaten by animals.
29580 Kalitumba village,Alex W,Tori from USA and the community members checking the ground nuts garden project for the community.
29919 Jerk encouraging Kitukiro community members in what they have done and hoping to do.
29922 Kitukiro community members discussing of self progress mostly how they will bring back the offsprings.
29874 Mr Kilovesi from Naisamula inspecting a newly constructed latrine
29877 One resident from Naisamula showing his hand washing stand and jerican well maintained with water
29520 Keneth and Keith thanking a resident who was washing her utensils and well using her dish rack
29523 Keneth and Keith standing with aresident whose latrine stance fell during the heavy rains
29526 Keneth and Keith standing beside a well built shower facility with a cement coating that protects wallls from falling due to rains and dumpness.
29529 Keneth and Keith met aresident who was building a latrine wall which fell in the night due to rains
29532 Keneth and Keith standing with aresident who is well managing a dish rack and putting it rightful use.
29535 Keneth explaining to Keith due to Kibo health education on ideal facilities, a resident who is cooking in the open on this visit is constructing a kitchen facility.
29538 Mr Keith having a word for the community.
29541 A resident having a word of thanks to the Kibo’s work and being grateful
29544 Keneth and Keith guiding aresident on roofing the structure to prevent moisture content in the wall structure
29547 Resident who buuilt a permanent latrine
29550 Keneth telling mr Keith about some residents who have idea of hand washing putting some jerrycan at the exit of the facility which seemed so exciting to the team since hand washing triggering is not yet in the village but some residents halve a clue.
29835 Ida whispering in a member’s ear during the telephone game
29838 Barbra Huey standing in front of a smeared kitchen in Naisamula.
29841 One of the cows that Clovesi got fro the goat he was given by Kibo.
29487 Diana in Nawandyo B explaining to the community the importance of chicken feeds(type of feeds).
29490 Diana in Nawandyo B, teaching about poultry(feeding), as the community looks on.
29553 Kalalu village. Kibo staff teaching participants how to mix dirt and grass at a ratio of 2:1
29556 Kalalu. Kibo staff teaching participants how to measure banana stems that will be used to build stoves.
29559 Kalalu village. Kibo staff Harriet encouraging the community to continue working together and inviting more members to attend the Hsk.
29562 Kalalu village. Kibo staff together with the community stamping the dirt that will be used to build stoves.
29508 Mpumiro village. Kibo staff with the community members participating in the stamping of the dirt during the stove building lessons.
29511 Mpumiro. Kibo staff members in the kitchen teaching the community members how to build a fuel efficient stove. Some members also participated in the lessons which can enable them learn easily.
29448 Manuela was asking the participants about the previous lessons, some women were trying to explain their ideas.
29451 That woman is called Florence, she explaining how his husbands got cut on the head due to attacking someone.
29454 She is called Silvia, she was explaining about the previous lesson and what she learnt from the lesson taught.
29457 Manuela was explaining to participants the importance of adopting Avoiding behavior in communication behavior.
29460 That man is called Steven, he was telling the fellow participants to always pare attention to what Manuela is teaching because what they taught today make him to recall what happened to when he attacked his neighbor and beat him seriously and at the end he was taken to prison for two years and he paid a lot of money.he said attacking behavior is bad he encouraged the fellow participants to learn how to avoid situations that can put them in danger.
29463 Found Aisha cooking in their kitchen in Naibowa
29466 The borehole looking clean and maintained . Lorna advised those with dirty jerrycans to always keep them clean for health purposes
29469 This old lady was also found happily cooking on her stove
29472 Lorna also found this boy busy cooking food in their kitchen
29478 One of the hand washing stands and a well kept latrine
29481 This was during the meeting when Lorna returned from the home to home mobilization
29430 Bukudumira village.Hadija with the cow that was exchanged after the goat from kibo group.
29433 Bukudumira village- The mvule tree that was given to Margaret after three years.
29436 Bukudumira village,Alex W and Keith thanked the community for the success from kibo group.
29439 Bukudumira village,Peter one of the community members thanked kibo group for the programs in their community.
29442 Keith, a kibo group visitor plants a tree in Bukudumira village
29445 Mrs. Ida Kagwa in Bukudumira is proud of her cow she got out of the goats from Kibo group.
29502 Buyange village, Mr Yoweri the parish councilor and a member on sub county security committee assures the community members about the security of their goats and livestock in the community.
29505 Buyange village, Abraham encouraged the community to start growing more grass for their goats to feed to control goats from eating their neighbors’ crops which in most times causes conflicts in the community.
29493 That’s the meeting they had with the villagers.
29496 Jake the visitor, was experiencing the serving stove.
29499 Steven was was walking around the village with the visitor.
29421 That’s how the residents have worked on their new latrines and the hand washing stands.
29424 That’s how Sulaiman Bavekuno, worked for the strong dish rack and her daughter was so happy for it.
29427 Martin was discussing with the caretaker and one of the sanitation committee member, how they can improve their hand washing stands construction.
29376 A resident standing besides her newly thatched latrine and anew hand washing stand
29379 Keneth together with the chairman and sanitation committee after the home to home visit campaign sharing what they have seen in the field and way forward
29382 Resident raised his wall of the shower area after health education on the previous visit.
29385 Landa petre built his new hand washing facility and laid bricks to elevate the walls of the latrine after a firm slab foundation
29862 Tom and Kyle one of the kibo visitors meeting with the village leaders and committee members
29865 Some of the goats that members of Mvule program received from kibo
29868 Some of the committee members during the sanitation and hygiene inspection walk. Here the team was looking at the new hand washing stands
29871 A woman from kivule standing In her kitchen with a fuel savor stove. She said she can use one piece of firewood to cook both food and sauce.
29355 The chairman Kamya Charles of Igerera B, addressing the community of Igerera B.
29358 Diana teaching the of chores and responsibilities according to age group in Igerera B.
29361 Diana explaining to the community of Igerera B, how to give children work / responsibilities according to their age group.
29295 Bukudumira village lower section, Maria explains the different signs of UTI, STD and Communicable diseases.
29298 Bukudumira village lower section, Maria asking members to share the different examples of communicable diseases.
29331 Bukudumira village lower section, the chairperson Kibo group giving a brief remarks concerning the work Kibo has done in this village.
29334 Bukudumira village lower section, community members giving some of the examples of communicable diseases.
29322 Busene. Kibo staff Jeska with the community members participating in the stove building lessons (stamping the dirt together). This enables them to learn easily.
29214 Kalalu village. This is a heap of grass that the community has gathered to chop to build the first demonstration stove.
29217 Kalalu village.Kibo staff Harriet guiding this Man Mulega how best to smear his kitchen in preparation of stove building.
29292 Namusita. Community members participating in the stove building lessons as Kibo staff guides them through out.
29364 Namusita village. After building the stoves, Kibo staff members sat down with the participants and discussed about the program activities while encouraging them to continue working together during the program activities.
29340 Manuela was teaching about HIV and women., she was explaining how women are veal arable and has higher risk of catching the HIV virus.
29343 Manuela inspected some of the facilities and found out that the community members are using them.
29346 Manuela moving home to home inspecting people and their home facilities.
29349 Manuela was encouraging the participants to be careful more especially the women because they are so vulnerable to catch the HIV virus.
29352 While Manuela and Lorna were teaching participants Life Skills program, they also kept on encouraging participants to work on their home facilities, so on that day Manuela decided to move to home to inspect if the participants did what they told them. Good work done.
29325 At the beginning of the lesson
29220 Alex B showing children in Kamuyati’s home how to look after a young tree that was given to them by kibo group and other trees they have planted on their own.
29223 Mrs.Namukose one of the village leaders demonstrates how to weed around a young growing tree and the need to put cages around the young trees.
29226 Alex B demonstrated to a village member how to prune the trees whenever it’s required
29229 Alex B and Alex W visited several homes in Buluvu upper section demonstrating how to take care of the young growing tree seedlings.
29397 Buyange village, Chris and Abraham pose for a photo with the sub county veterinary doctor at the sub county offices, chris and Abraham visited his office on their way to the community to introduce the lesson on care for goats, at this stage of the program, the concerned government offices are notified to make sure the community gets the attention it deserves, the veterinary doctor thanked Kibo for involving his office and promised to visit the community on Friday to teach them about the care for goats.
29400 Chris and Abraham introducing the lesson on care for goats to the community leaders first before the veterinary doctor can meet them on Friday, the leaders are supposed to mobilize the community for Friday’s meeting with the veterinary doctor. The6 talked about feeding , goats shelter , deworming the goats and spraying to get rid of the ticks however the veterinary doctor shall add more on that on Friday.
29403 Buyange village, Chris and Abraham also visited the community onions project, they observed that the community is cooperating well , everyone is playing their role to ensure their project flourishes.
29244 That’s how the residents are working on their hand washing stands, in Kigalama
29247 That’s how the other residents are working on their new latrines.
29196 Newly thatched latrine
29199 New hand washing stand built for mrs Emmanuel
29202 New hand washing stand built and roof truss for roofing for sustainability of the structure walls
29205 A couple that efforts to raise their standards of sanitation with newly built hand washing stand as the latrine wall is under construction
29208 Resident standing beside her new hand washing stand built
29211 Mr kabaya Wilson the chairman lc of the village standing beside his newly built latrine and hand washing stand.
29271 Diana checking on Gontia of Bulyowa A, who was admitted in Budaka hospital in a critical condition.
29274 Diana in Bulyowa A, explaining the importance of having a chicken coop to the members who didn’t attend the previous lesson
29277 Wilbur the Kibo chairperson addressing the community members of Bulyowa A
29280 Diana in Bulyowa A, explaining to the community the importance of chicken feeds
29283 Diana in Bulyowa A showing the members some of the chicken feeds.
29286 Diana demonstrating to some of the members of Bulyowa A how to build the chicken coop.
29289 Diana in Bulyowa A participating in the building of the chicken coop with some community members.
29412 Ida with Ndalike members pausing for a group photo.
29415 Men from Ndalike community happy for attending community empowerment lessons.
29418 Ndalike’s chicken coop before Ida instructed. This coop will be reduced in size.
29181 Nawandyo A upper section, Maria was explaining the benefits of postnatal care.
29184 Nawandyo A upper section, Maria discussing challenges mothers face.
29139 Namusita village. Kibo staff Suzan walked along with some community members while following up on the smearing progress. It was observed that some buildings were left out and the most members only smeared the kitchens.
29388 This was during the review of the lesson in Ikumbya. Those who answered questions well were given props by Kibo staff.
29391 Nabirye participating in the topic of the day.
29151 Kalitumba village—The Lc1 James encouraged the the community to work together for economic development in their community and homes.
29154 Kalitumba village.The chairperson of the community Zaina encouraged the community to turn up for the meeting.Those who turned up were mostly the leaders..
29157 Kalitumba village.Alex B asked the community to select economic projects that people will participate and benefit out as they work together.
29160 Kalitumba village Alex B advised Mr. Agrey the importance of pruning the mango tree.The project of mangoes for Agrey is individual.
29262 Kitukiro community members discussing how they will spray their animals to eliminate most diseases
29265 Kitukiro community members discussing how to bring back the offsprings
29268 This is a tree the chairperson Base planted from Kibo
29337 That’s how Martin was handing over the small jerrycans in that village.
29373 That’s how the residents are working on their new hand washing stands and they using them.
29118 Newly built hand washing stand
29121 Due to rains, latrine stance collapsed and keneth encouraged them to build a new one
29124 Newly pit dug and raising superstructure of anew latrine since the old one collapsed due to rains
29127 Resident who had idea of the safe kitchen stoves
29130 New stands built
29406 Ida teaching about harmony and unity in marriage in Naisamula.
29409 Naisamula members listening to Ida as she was teaching about harmony and unity in marriage.
29142 Diana with the community of Nawandyo B, dancing before starting the lessons, this was to put away the stress from the gardens.
29145 Diana in Nawandyo B teaching about poultry lessons
29148 Diana in Nawandyo B clapping For Khamadi for the well answered question about poultry lessons.
29076 Bukudumira village upper section, Maria asking Nolah to give examples of communicable diseases.
29079 Bukudumira village upper section, Maria explaining how communicable diseases are transmitted.
29082 Bukudumira village upper section, Ruth receiving a mama kit from Kibo.
29133 Kalalu. Kibo staff found some community members without kitchens and cooking from outside under a small shade. She encouraged the men to assist their wives in constructing home facilities.
29136 Kalalu. Agnes’s kitchen was soon collapsing yet she had to continue cooking food in it. Kibo staff talked to her husband and requested him save his wife’s life by constructing a good kitchen in which she can receive an improved saving stove and enjoy cooking food.
29103 Kamudoke village. Namugere was found cooking on her stove food. She had removed the traditional three stones fire from her kitchen to avoid children being tempted to cook on it thus exposing them to fire accidents.
29106 Kamudoke village. In this home food was cooking by itself as the rest of the family members were busy in the gardens.
29109 Kamudoke village, Kibo staff Harriet discussing with the participants in the trading centre on the way forward for some participants who were found cooking on the traditional three stones fire alongside the stove.
29112 Mpumiro village . The participants making balls out of the dirt that will be used to build stoves.
29115 Mpumiro village. A Kibo staff Jeska leveling the stove that the community had tried to build on their own.
29232 We managed to fit into Wilbers house when it was raining. The lighting was very poor though.
29367 Buyange, chris congratulates Mr Kibwika Latif for digging a a latrine at his home, Mr Latif is one of the few members who did not have latrines in their homes however when it was considered as a requirement to receive goats, many of the members started constructing new ones and Latif is one of them.
29370 Buyange village, in an effort to conserve the environment, Mr Latif also dug a rubbish pit as one of the requirements to receive goats.
29250 Alex Walyomu and Alex B looking at on of the community member project of piggery. This is one of the economic project they hope to do as a community.
29253 Alex W, Alex B and Abraham looking at a chicken coop of treasurer and they have a suggestion of starting a poultry project as a community economic activities.
29256 Okwir Dan one of Kazimbakujira community member showing Alex W one of his tree he planted from Kibo.
29259 Kazimbakujira community members contributed money and buy this tent for 100 seats
29061 Resident with his new latrine structure wall .
29064 Keneth having a dialogue with the family members on core values of sanitation and it’s purpose
29067 Keneth guiding mr kipini Christopher on his pit construction
29070 Resident provided roof truss in order to sustain her latrine wall from weather
29073 Keneth with the builder mr Alex mukulu who is helping his community with the hand washing stands construction
29685 One of the residents checking if the water in his jerican was enough and clean so that he can wash it and replace the water
29688 The newly hand washing stand for the chairman of the village
29094 That’s how the residents are maintaining their home facilities.
29097 That’s how Martin was encouraging Hero Kaluya, to construct a better shower area.
29100 Martin was encouraging that family to construct a dish rack, to avoid putting the plates on the ground.
29004 Wako of Bulyowa A, addressing the community about the importance of attending the community empowerment lessons
29007 Mpata of Bulyowa A, telling the community the importance of community empowerment lessons
29010 Diana in Bulyowa A community demonstrating how to build the chicken coop
29013 Diana with the committee members demonstrating how to build the chicken coop to the community of Bulyowa A
29016 Diana explaining to the community of Bulyowa A the steps and materials used in the building of the chicken coop.
29085 Nawampiti village lower section, Yacobo sharing some of the communicable diseases.
29088 Nawampiti village lower section, Batega asking for more clarification about sickle cell disease.
29091 Nawampiti village lower section, Andrew discussing the signs and symptoms of HIV AIDS.
29025 Mpumiro. Kibo staff member appreciated some of the men she found who had improved on all their home facilities making the home look neat and healthy.
29028 Mpumiro. Suzan trying to push the fire to the next section of the stove she found not cooking because it was filled with ashes. The kitchen also didn’t have the firewood stand and she encouraged the owner to construct a good strong firewood storage.
28998 Mary Mutoto from Bupaluka received a goat from Kibo and it’s now pregnant. About 20 goats are pregnant and will soon have baby goats
29001 A total of 41 hand washing stands have so far been constructed in Bupaluka village.
29301 Buyange village, Mrs Talyaka is one of the members who have benefitted through rearing goats, chris has been using her as an example and consequently the rest of the community has copied her because she has been encouraging the community to keep goats if they want to change their lives economically.
29304 Buyange village, chris at mr joseph’s home during the home to home visits to follow up the requirements to receive goats, chris advised him to upgrade his bath room before the day of giving goats.
28971 Kalitumba village. Alex B in black T-shirt telling David how he should care for mvule tree.He did not replace the the cage to protect after the one was there being destroyed.
28974 Kalitumba village. Alex B with some community members discuss how they should care for their trees as they grow. That is the musizi which lacks the pruning.He was teaching them how to do it as it grows.
28977 That’s how Mwandu Namulelo, worked for the new shower area.
28980 That’s how Martin was encouraging that family to construct a better shower area.
28983 That’s how the residents are working on their new hand washing stands.
29313 That’s how Steven gave the jerrycans to the local leaders.
29316 That’s how they are working on their new hand washing stands.
29319 That’s how they are working on their latrines.