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15662 Ida taking the group on a recap and encouraging them to put on the masks.
15683 Budumba village: One of the homes Irene visited of a mother and her son whom she counseled on hygiene and disease spread.
15713 Kibo staff guiding participants to form a leadership committee that will coordinate the program.
15725 Manuela was explaining to the community members about HIV and behavior change.
15728 Manuela also talked about HIV AIDS and Human rights.
15731 Participants being locust listeningto what their teacher is explaining.
15716 Another Beera’s son showing his tree he is taking care of.
15719 Bonifas Beera planted five trees and he planted them near the banana plants, he gave a reason that in the dry season the tree will be getting water from the banana plant. He evolved his children who were showing us the trees they taking care of.
15722 One of Beera’s son showing a tree he is taking care of.
15680 As seen in the photo above is Steven along with the village chairman’s wife who went ahead to dig a rubbish pit immediately after the triggering session.
15734 Tom teaching the water user committee on the topic of ownership and sustainability
15737 Tom teaching and sharing with the water user committee
15653 Ida, assessing the people of Nawandyo A, community.
15656 Diana, teaching about parenting in Nawandyo A.
15659 Ida and Diana demonstrating how men should talk to their babies in the womb, because that’s where parenting starts from.
15629 Igerera B: Irene talking to the members of Igerera village during the health lesson.
15632 Igerera B: Some of the members of Igerera B who came to attend the health lesson.
15701 Bupeni; A member cooking on her improved saving stove while her firewood is on a raised storage.
15704 Bupeni. A poor kitchen that needs to be roofed.
15686 Kiteigalwa village. A well smeared stove found cooking food by itself.
15689 Namwese’s firewood risen stand well stocked with firewood.
15692 Kiteigalwa village. Harriet a kibo staff inspecting stove usage and smearing of their home facilities.
15602 Manuela was explaining what bridge model is.
15605 Manuela was trying to advise the participants that change is normal but they should be careful while making that decision.
15608 That man was trying to talk about the risk that young people face in their community.
15611 Still teaching about bridge model.
15614 Kivule members discuss how they will care for goats
15620 The wife of the chairman Mr Christopher showing her trees she planted
15623 The LC1 defense showing Abraham his trees
15626 The chairman Mr Christopher with one of his tree he planted
15665 Construction of a new latrine
15668 A new dish rack constructed and we advised them to remove it from the ground and place bricks below each pole
15647 As seen in the picture above is the most complicated member by names of kalulu Magidu who had reformed .However he was seeking advise towards the construction of his pit latrine shelter from the kibo staff.
15650 As seen in the phone above is one of the kibo staff monitoring the plastering work of the hand washing stations.
15581 Alex W training the water user committee in Ndhalike village about borehole contributions and management
15584 The village leaders and the water user committee in Ndhalike checking on the new wall fence completed at the new well
15587 Alex W talking to the water user committee about the new well management and encouraging them to take the lead in taking good care of their new well.
15590 The water user committee was encouraged to make sure the new wall fence is looked after very well to ensure that it dries very well
15593 Having completed building a new fence as required, Alex opened up the new borehole for the village to start using the new borehole.
15596 Because of the great need for clean water in the village, Alex opened the new borehole in Ndhalike and people were extremely happy.
15635 Kigaiga demonstrating how he calls his chickens to come and eat.
15644 Kigaiga feeling very happy and blessed to help his fellow community members build coops.
15575 Maliga village: Irene talking to one of the pregnant mothers during her follow up in Maliga village.
15578 Maliga village: Irene and fidah the VHT of maliga during their home to home visits sensitizing homes on proper hygiene.
15641 Maliga village :Irene checking on one of the mother’s baby she had been following up that delivered from the hospital.
15695 A well smeared fuel efficient stove stove in Buluvu village lower section.
15698 Buluvu. Some of the saved firewood on it’s firewood stand.
15671 Naibowa village. This stove was found cooking food by itself as the family members were busy doing other home activities.
15674 A well smeared stove that kibo staff helped the community to build.
15677 Naibowa village Kibo staff appreciating a well smeared kitchen.
15554 Budumba -Those are the community members with their mvule and musizi seedlings .
15557 Alex B was demonstrating to the community how to plant the mvule seedling.
15572 Kitukiro community members discussing about registering their group
15617 A new dish rack is under construction and you can see this family has been washing dishes on ground . We encouraged them on the benefits of using dish racks
15551 Kisiro village- This borehole wall fence was poorly constructed and the village has been encouraged to get more materials to construct a standard fence since the builder didn’t follow what he was told by the WASH team.
15533 Ida showing some of the Kasuleta community members how to build a coop as Kigaiga was looking and listening attentively.
15548 Igerera B: some of the women in igerera B that turned up for the first health education lesson.
15707 Ituba Namalowe. The CDO and Kibo staff handing over some of the incentives to the committee group members of the healthy and safe kitchens program.
15710 Harriet reading the names of those who participated in the stove program in Namalowe ,in preparation to receive some gifts.
15521 Manuela was teaching the community members about Women and HIV.
15527 Few members because of the weather and some had gone to the village.
15530 Members were listen to what Manuela was educating them on.
15512 Bupaluka—Alex B with the committee discussing and identifying the business that can be done to earn money for personal and group saving.
15536 Abraham and two members from Kazimbakujira checking how they planted the trees
15539 As seen in the photo above is David along side Martin kibuka thanking the new selected sanitation committee for having volunteered to serve In their community on behalf of the other residents.
15542 As seen in the photo above is David taking a lead of the triggering session
15563 A new rubbish pit in the section new the swamp
15566 Due to heavy rainfall this family lost its shower are but it was an opportunity to teach them and guide them on how to construct a strong shower structure which promotes dignity in the whole community
15545 A committee member inspecting one of the latrines recently constructed
15482 Diana teaching about, how to handle domestic violence in Maliga community.
15485 Ida reading 1st Corinthians 7:2-5 to emphasize on Diana’s point on domestic violence lesson.
15515 Kalitumba village: Irene talking to some of the members of kalitumba during the menstrual hygiene lesson.
15491 That man was telling us abasoga culture.
15494 Community members well coming Manuela, she found them already seated waiting for her.
15497 Members putting their hands up to give answers above the previous lessons.
15509 Abraham met some few Kivule member because one of the community member died from the wounds sustained during last Wednesday demonstration in the country. The got the news around noon that he has died.
15476 This is nabituluntu village and in the photo above ,Chris and Alex b lead the community members in discussions about their constitution, Chris and Alex b took a sample constitution from another successful village to guide the community, this plus many other activities help to bring the community together to work as a unity.
15479 As seen in the picture above is the village chairman mr Mudaki Paul together with the kibo staff during the discussions about the mobilizations in preparations for the next coming triggering session.
15518 This is how Ibula Tugezeku,started constructing his new latrine.
15569 This is how the community members in that village working on their new model dish racks.
15500 Tom training the water user committee
15503 Alex W together with the water user committee of Ndhalike discussing about the borehole fence and advising the community on sustainable methods. One of the water user committee came up with another idea of a metallic fence but it’s not as sustainable as the wall fence.
15506 Ndhalike- Alex W meeting with the water user committee to discuss about the required fence standards and how to get all the materials required.
15410 Ida showing Maliga members how rumors can cause domestic violence in families.
15413 Maliga women listening attentively to Ida as she was giving some ways of reducing domestic violence.
15380 Igerera village:The chairman of igerera B giving remarks during the health education introduction meeting to his village.
15383 Igerera village: Irene giving an explanation on what is to be done during the health education lesson once in their village.
15461 Kagulu; A well maintained saving fuel stove in a well smeared kitchen.
15416 In Ndalike village. The Community development officer Mrs Mudondo Winnie encouraged the community to participate in kibo programs for instance currently the healthy and safe kitchen program.
15422 Indalike village.Kibo staff discussing with the community the goals and objectives of the healthy and safe kitchen program.
15428 Indalike village , the parish chief Mr. Ngobi Robert inviting kibo group to discuss with the community the purpose of their visit.
15398 The topic was on a Alcohol and drug abuse and here Paul (not in the picture)was commenting on the topic of the day and since he drinks alcohol as well he was supporting the use of Alcohol which sent the community members laughing.
15401 This is Paul he was saying in a family where the man drinks, there should be an understanding between the man and woman on how much he should drink but the women disagreed and said that’s a lie because if you tell the man that he will say that are you the one that buys for me the drink?.On his left is a Sannon
15365 That man was evaluating the lessons taught.
15368 Manuela was explaining to the community members about Assertive messages.
15371 That man was reviewing the previous lessons that they learnt.
15374 The two boys were demonstrating an Assertive massages .
15377 Bupaluka. The members were discussing about how they will make personal and group saving.
15419 Kazimbakujira community members sharing the trees
15431 In the photo above is Abraham with chairman’s children, they were encouraged to plant and take care of trees.
15437 In the photo above is Abraham with the government officials at Iwemba sub county who received the trees on behalf of the sub county, they planted the trees at the school and the sub-county as well.
15425 Butabira Village- The new pit latrine constructed by Asudet replacing his old one that collapsed by the current rains.
15434 Alex holding a water and sanitation meeting in Butabira village.
15440 Some of the children drawing water from the newly repaired borehole in Butabira
15443 More than 150 households in Butabira use water from this borehole that was last week repaired by Kibo group in partnership with the community.
15446 Households smeared in Butabira village.
15449 Gavume’s wife in Butabira thanked Alex for empowering their family to build a new pit latrine.
15452 Many of the households in the community have been smeared in Butabira
15464 Matia Idola constructed his new latrine in a traditional way, which is so good.
15467 Alice Namugosa worked on her new latrine, two rooms with bricks and cement.
15470 Ibula Tugezeku, he is preparing to work on his new latrine, those are bricks.
15404 Tom meeting some of the committee members to discuss with them about the way forward and the third evaluation coming up
15407 On of the member in Mpumiro village has finished the construction of the latrine slab
15473 As seen in the picture above is the kibo staff trying to check about the borehole status
15296 Diana teaching about how reduce domestic violence in the community.
15341 Diana teaching about, how to reduce domestic violence in the community.
15299 Kalitumba village: Irene talking to one of the expecting mothers of kalitumba village about hygiene, birth preparedness and hospital visits during her door to door visit.
15302 Kalitumba village: Irene with one of the babies the mother offered her to observe the eyes ruling out jaundice.
15455 Igerera B: A nicely smeared improved fuel efficient stove.
15458 Suzan inside one of the participants kitchen checking on her neatly smeared stove.
15353 Ituba Namalowe Jeska and Tape correcting the participants the mistakes they have made as they were building stoves on their own.
15356 Ituba Namalowe. Jeska showing the participants how to set the saucepans as they build a stove.
15359 In Ituba Namalowe . In this home food was found cooking by itself.
15308 Manuela talking to women about roles and responsibilities.
15311 Women are suggested their roles in the home.
15314 Manuela moving around the class to see that all participants are at par.
15323 That woman was reviewing the previous lessons to the fellow participants.
15338 Kivule members finalizing discussion about goats program and they met inside a small room because it was raining
15329 Chris bulolo (in kibo shirt) leading the discussions about writing the community constitution in nabituluntu village. The community members have been expressing their views in the previous meetings and they continue engaging each other to make sure they draft their constitution.
15344 A photo grab of Alex b with the nabituluntu village members discussing issues concerning their constitution.
15332 This is how the community members are working on their new model dish racks.
15335 This is how they working on their new kitchens.
15350 This is how the community members using their dish racks.
15386 The heath assistant Miss Nulu addressing the residents of kalalu lower about the importance of sanitation and hygiene as well as addressing the issue of residents breaking the hand washing stands
15389 Tom addressing the residents of kalalu lower on the importance of hygiene and sanitation improvements, facilities construction, hand washing and the issue of residents breaking the hand washing stands
15392 The health assistant addressing residents of kalalu lower on the issue of sanitation and hygiene improvements
15395 Mr Mulega one of the committee members addressing the village residents in the meeting
15326 Seen in the picture above is the healthy Assistant mr Busense along with the kibo staff engaging the village through the sanitation improvements meeting .
15305 Ndhalike Village- Alex W together with the treasurer inspects the new borehole platform and the work that was done last week on Tuesday.
15317 Ndhalike new borehole has been taken good care to enable the new platform dry well without developing cracks
15320 Alex W conducted a training of the water user committee guiding them through the materials required to construct a brick wall fence for the two wells in the village.
15269 Bupeni village: Easter a mother of 8 is one of the mothers that Irene counseled on hygiene, open cooking stoves,and family planning.
15284 Buluvu; Suzan found one member cooking on two stoves, she reported saying that it was because she had so many visitors coming that day. Suzan encouraged the members to always avoid using the three stones stoves and get rid of the previous challenges they used to get.
15293 Buluvu; some of the dry firewood stored in a kitchen on its stand.
15203 In Naibowa village . Harriet a kibo staff guiding participants how to build a fuel efficient stove.
15206 In Naibowa village. Harriet inspecting the smearing of the home facilities.
15209 In Naibowa village. This is one of the kitchens that need to be smeared with its stove inside.
15215 Manuela was teaching the community members about gender roles and responsibilities, so she asking the men on that.
15218 She was asking the women if their husbands do help them to fulfill their responsibilities.
15221 Manuela was explaining to the that for the home to develop a man and a woman should work together with their husbands.
15224 That man was reviewing the previous lessons before Manuela could introduce another lesson.
15212 In the photo above Chris( in blue shirt) talks to selected committee members of Budumba village, the discussions were about writing their constitution, kibo makes a number of trips to ensure members understand how to write their constitution since it is a guiding document to the future of their group.
15197 Kazimbakujira members making their bylaws which will guide them to the writing of their constitution
15227 Butabira Village- A line of Jerrycans waiting for water. People brought in their Jerrycans early in the morning having heard news that kibo group was going to repair the borehole today.
15230 Butabira- This village chairman, Mr. Charles Buyinza is very active and has been involved in the WASH program to make sure that he sees his village change. He thanked Kibo group for fulfilling the pledge of repairing their broken well.
15233 Butabira- Alex talks to one of the HPM, Kabugo about the need to make follow up on this borehole after repair and advise the community to carry out periodic maintenance.
15236 Butabira- Installation of the new head assembly before test pumping.
15242 Butabira- Many people were present to witness the borehole repair and waited eagerly to pump water and take home.
15248 Butabira- People were happy at the end seeing water flow out of their well.
15251 Butabira- 10 SS pipes, 10 SS rods, new head assembly, new cylinder and a new water tank were installed
15257 Butabira- We got stuck on going to the village and even coming out of the village because of the bad road.
15263 Butabira- Many People were happy to see the water flow out and thanked kibo group for the assistance.
15266 Butabira- Two hand pump mechanics from the district were present to carry out this repair
15200 As seen in the picture above is one of the most complicated members in the village mr lsimaili Bawaye. who had improved after the longer while of David,s sanitation encouragements . He was showing David how he had improved by plastering his hand station using cement other than the mad as it was before .
15272 Tom facilitating the selection of the water user committee discussion
15275 Tom conducting a discussion on the roles of the water user,committee
15239 The moslem leaders in this community bought the new idea of hand washing stands. They build one at the entrance of the mosque, where everyone is supposed to wash there hands before entering for prayers.
15245 This school in mpumiro has also adopted the new hand washing model and constructed one just next to the main class room where every student has to wash there hands before entering the classes.
15254 A new latrine of 30ft deep is under construction.
15260 This lady is very happy getting a new latrine.
15185 Ida encouraging Kasuleta members to start giving vaccines to their chickens with the help of the sub county vets.
15155 Budumba village: members of Budumba village during the health education lesson.
15287 Kagulu village: one of the members found constructing his dish rack.
15290 Kagulu: a well maintained fuel efficient stove.