Mvule Community Development - Budumba - Unassigned

Visit by Alex Bamulumbye on 2020-09-25

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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Alex Bamulumbye 
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Mvule Community Development 
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commitee formation 
Alex B met the members of Budumba about how the leaders and the community will work together. The leaders have roles to play and the community members members also have their to perform. Alex B thanked the leaders for the discussion he had with them about their roles and responsibilities. He told the community that leaders are ready to perform their duties in the offices were elected to serve. He told them as they have duties to perform for the community or group to develop. He asked the community what they think should be their duties as members to help the committee? Otim one of the members suggested that it their duty to attend meetings. Paul suggested that all members should have good discipline and behavior in order to tract others to join them. Alex B thanked their contributions and asked the to be participant more than being spectators. He asked them to promote love and unity within the group.The members should give in ideas during meetings and also be ready to listen to their leaders. The leaders and the community are equally responsible for developing the community and the group. Members are responsible to inform the leaders were they feel is right with them for their group. It is their duties as members to remind leaders in anyway the think can help the group to get or receive things for the group. We agreed with members to continue with discussion of the leaders and community how they can work together.What is expected from both parties for the good of the group. 
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2020-10-02 - Purpose: To continue with the discussion of the leaders and the community how they can work together. What is expected from from both party for the good of group..
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They need rain for their crops.
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The participation during the meeting.
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The leaders mobilize the members for the next meeting.
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Call the chairperson and remind him for the next meeting.

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13854 They community members of discussed hoe leaders and the community could work together.