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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-09-30

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
Lesson Taught
Relationship Skills: Gender Roles 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson the community knows what Gender is By the end of the lesson the community knows their roles and responsibilities and to share these roles for a happy family
Introduction Lorna went here to continue with previous lesson on Gender roles and responsibilities. By the end of this lesson, men and women know their roles and responsibilities and are willing to work towards them. Overview The meeting started a little late because the community members delayed to arrive. When they arrived to the meeting place, an opening prayer was made and the meeting started. We started with a review of the previous lesson on what we had talked about and where we had ended. Oliver started for us where she mentioned that we looked at the responsibilities of members of the family that is the mother, father and the children and she went ahead and gave some examples. After Oliver’s reminder we continued with the responsibilities of both the man and woman in a home.Also because we had new members as the lesson was going on when Lorna asked who makes the decisions in the home , Isabirye and Bakolaki Fred mentioned that it is the man to make the final decision. We were privileged to have a guest from Luuka District who asked to say something. Irene decided to interrupt the 2 men where she said if a home was to run right,y decisions have to be made by two people . These two people being husband and wife and after every alternative has been discussed they agree on what to do. It would not make sense if you have agreed and the man does something different and that iswhere many problems come in. Lorna added that even children need to be included in these decisions and therefore after the parents have agreed they need to make the children understand and also hear from them. Among other roles and responsibilities mentioned were men need to act as a unifying factor in the home. Lorna encouraged them to be more available in their homes, to know what’s going on in their children’s life. Isabirye said but that’s not usually possible because they are always moving here and there looking for money. Lorna said that’s true but whenever you come home make time.She mentioned that most times the men come back and exclude themselves from the family like sit alone under a shade, his food is brought to him and then listens to his radio . However as a father he can draw them close and share the meal with them and ask them what’s going on. She told them of a story in Bulyowa where men said that their children like their mothers more and when they get money they give their mothers more than their fathers and she asked them why? , they mentioned children spend a lot of time with their mothers compared to their fathers and therefore she encouraged men to spend more time with their children. She told them not only to provide them financially but give them their time, an ear to guide them .Another was to treat their children the same not a boy having more privileges than the girls. In homes you find a girl sitting down, a boy on a chair like the differences and preferences are visible and these should be avoided. Another was to treat their wives with respect. Lorna asked the men a question of how they call their wives or perceive them; as a partner, friend, maid, enemy?. She told them not to answer but think about it. She told them chances are the way they perceive them is the way they will treat them. The same with children, if they perceive them as a burden , they will not provide their needs.The women were also encouraged to respect their husbands , instill discipline in their children together with the men. Most times the men complained its the women that spoil the children and Irene conquered she said its true and gave an example of when the girls get pregnant they hide them and abort without the husband knowing. Lorna urged them to speak to their children concerning anything together as a couple. Conclusion Lorna reminded them that a family works as a human body in that if a part is missing, the others won’t function well. The teens were also urged to respect their parents and talk to them concerning anything and parents to listen to their children.Everyone agreed to learning and adjusting what they have not been doing before. 
Next Visit
2020-10-07 - Purpose: Meet the first groups where they will do a review of previous lessons and then she will teach on Sex Education)
Program Success
No cases of early pregnancy which is a good thing.
Program Critical Needs
Continue encouraging the community concerning dangers of early pregnancy and marriages.
Program Ownership
The participation and well reception of the lesson.
Other Program Observations
There are still few dishracks. Lorna encouraged them to rebuild dishracks and told them of the importance of dishracks.
Program Expected Of Village
Mobilise themselves for the next meeting.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Call the village before the visit day to avoid any surprises.

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