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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-10-02

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Dangers of Abortion,Dangers of early marriage 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson Abortion is dangerous and can kill
Introduction Lorna went to this village where she taught on Abortion. Abortion is illegal in Uganda unless the mothers life and baby are in danger. It is also punishable by law through imprisonment. Overview The meeting begun at about 1; 30pm with a word of prayer and then the acting chairperson welcomed the community members and invited Lorna to go ahead and teach them. So previously they discussed about early marriages in the previous lesson and today they did a little review to ensure that they remembered what was taught. Eunice on one of the causes of early marriages blamed parents for being very tough on their children which breeds fear and tension on the side of the children and eventually this scares them off in a verge to look for peace. Gadafi also mentioned children or the teens/ youth have developed some tricks lately whereby because they don’t sleep in the same house with their parents , they get to escape in the night to see their boyfriends/ male friends she also encouraged the parents to be vigilant concerning their children as this can lead to early pregnancy and then can lead to early marriages. On the disadvantages or dangers of early marriages Lorna emphasized on the dependency burden whereby the girl will always seek help from her parents be it medical , be it food and sometimes even clothes to wear for example to go to the hospital she will borrow from her mother. Bedsheets or even clothes for the baby she will not have and neither will her husband because of poverty . After this brief review they agreed to marry off the children early is useless for their future and it brings a lot of challenges. After this they looked at the topic of the day Abortion. Lorna mentioned to the community members that they were going to look at Abortion. She asked them whether they know anyone that carried out abortion in their community and they mentioned one girl of which the dog ate the baby. This was really sad. She asked them what was their thought on Abortion?. Most of them agreed that abortion is bad and that they would rather ask their children to bring their babies and they will help them look after them. Lorna appreciated their perspective on Abortion and added that no one has a right to kill anyone . She however wondered if their daughter was raped or defiled wouldn’t they change their minds to abort and they said no a life is a life. After this they looked at Causes of Abortion where again Eunice said that the reason for abortion sometimes is not knowing who the real father of the baby is . Another lady said that’s a lie no one can sleep around with many men and not know who the father of the baby is. Gadafi however mentioned that it is very possible. Another cause was denial from spouse and here again Gadafi gave a story of her own daughter who was impregnated by the man but he denied responsibility. Another reason was not being ready to be a mother , fear of school dropout, religious factors , peer pressure, aid from mothers among others. On the dangers, they mentioned death and again another story was given where a girl drank a certain local drink in an attempt to abort even though she did not die, 2 months later the baby died. When Lorna asked the cause of death one lady said the effects of the local herbs the girl drunk.However they also told another story of another girl that died, limited chances of giving birth in future was another consequence, damaging of the uterus because of use of crude methods of abortion, another man mentioned that if the baby survived, they would not be very healthy looking because of all the herbs that the mother has been drinking. Emotional distress on the side of the girl thinking whether she made the right decision, guilt, trauma, sexual dysfunction in future, repetitive abortion Incase they are successful in the first one, miscarriages in future, hemorrhage among others. Conclusion It was concluded that abortion is bad and is a killer and parents were asked to talk to their children on the dangers of Abortion and on Abstinence to avoid all these problems. 
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2020-10-05 - Purpose: Lorna will be teaching group A on Abstinence/ delaying sex - the importance of talking to their children
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This has members with latrines but there those that are old and Lorna encouraged those who did not have to dig them.
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Mobilise themselves
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14034 Baba Eunice was talking about child labor in the review being the reason why early marriages happen. ( Bubinga village)
14037 Eunice mentioned that the reason why some girls want to abort is they have many boyfriends that they don’t know who is responsible.