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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-10-05

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Dangers of Abortion,Delaying Sex 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson the teens in the meeting will know the importance of Abstaining as well as their parents knowing why they need to talk to their children concerning abstinence.
Introduction Previously the lesson taught was on Abortion where we looked at Causes and dangers however today the lesson taught on was Abstinence. It is important that parents know the importance of talking to their children about Abstinence. Abstaining is the practice of restraining oneself from indulging in something and in this case sex. Overview Previously we agreed that the meeting would start at 1pm instead of 12pm however most of the community members had forgotten. However after a few minutes, they started coming. The meeting was opened with a word of prayer and then opening remarks from the chairperson of this area Gadafi after which Lorna came in and greeted the community members and asked how they are doing and then asked the community members to remind her on the lesson taught previously. One person reminded the whole group that we talked about Abortion ; it’s causes and dangers and Lorna went ahead and asked him what did we say?. Baba Eunice said that Abortion is killing someone, it is taking a life. He also mentioned that we talked about discouraging mothers who aid their children in carrying out Abortions to stop because they are destroying their children’s future. He also mentioned one of the dangers being death of the girl and chances of no pregnancies in future. Lorna asked to clap for him. After the review Lorna mentioned that today we will be looking at Abstaining and the importance of parents talking to their children. Lorna asked whether it was important. Most of the men said it was important but they mentioned that the mothers can talk to the girls while the fathers the boy. Lorna wondered if both parents can talk to their children and they said yes they can but for other cases like sex each one talks to different sexes. Lorna asked why is it so and they said culturally that’s how it is . Lorna mentioned it is true culture should be considered but it is also more meaningful and impactful if both parents do it together. Most of the time men fear to talk about these topics and other times other men have taken advantage of the girl child due to this closeness . However Lorna mentioned that it is about morals if you know your daughter is your daughter and you want the best for them then you have to think about it differently. Among the importance of Abstaining mentioned were; to finish their studies since if they get involved in sexual activity, they may get early pregnancy which could lead to early marriages. Another importance is to concentrate on their studies since if they think about sex they will perform poorly. Another importance was to know if someone truly loved them enough to wait for them, another was to avoid diseases like HIV/AIDS, and other STIs. It is therefore important for parents to talk to their children because they will know what their expectations is of them. They know that if they misbehave, they will be answerable for their actions. Teenagers need to hear this from their parents else they hear it from their peers who have already had sex and risk being pressured into it. It is important for the parents therefore to tell their children of their value , that is to value themselves much to make the right decisions concerning their bodies. Parents need to let their children know that no one should touch their bodies except themselves and to report to them anyone that touches them and makes them uncomfortable. Parents need to tell them that sex is for marriage and not for playing around and tell them all the good things that come with Abstaining. When they wait they will be respected by their husbands, they will find the right men and be able to complete school. Conclusion Parents were encouraged to make time and talk to their children while young so as to avoid being caught up in what they have no control over. They should remind their children that sex is for marriage. 
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2020-10-16 - Purpose: Review previous lesson and teach Abstinence/ delaying sex to group A and B
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No cases related to early pregnancy
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Decision making.
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Not many dishracks although Lorna talked to them about it
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Call the village to remind them

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14070 Winnie Kadubulis wife on the importance of teaching our children concerning Abstinence.(Bubinga)