Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Ndalike - Kamuli

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2020-10-05

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2020-10-08 11:46:55 UTC
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11:01-18:44 (7 h 43 m)
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Water Community Meeting

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roles and responsibilities,hygiene and sanitation 
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Walyomu Alex 
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LC1,VHT,Parish Councillor 
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Alex met with all the village executive committee and the sanitation committee members to discuss about the current village sanitation status and to introduce the water program. Alex told the village leaders that they needed to work together and make sure that the village sanitation standards are maintained at all times. The village is now at a standard that is very promising and kibo group is proud of what Kibo group has done in the village having attained this status but this can only maintained if the village leaders are very active at making sure that all the village people are followed up at regular basis to remind them of the required sanitation standards in every home. Only about 3 homes haven’t met the standards and together with the village leaders they agreed to make sure that all of them will be followed up and promised that with in a week there will be a great change in these homes too. Dish racks need to be added more as many people had either very old or sub standard dish racks but the village leaders together with them sanitation committee will move home to home and make sure they construct dish racks in the homes that are missing them. While driving around the village, Alex witnessed some new dish racks that had been constructed and also in some homes that Alex visited, the people were proud of the hand washing Jerrycans that kibo group distributed last week and all the Jerrycans were put on these stands and being used. He encouraged the village people to use soap as well while washing their hands and the Jerrycans are meant to be used for only hand washing and not to use it collect water from the borehole. Alex then introduced water program to the village leaders and told them that Kibo group has planned to give a new borehole to Ndhalike village having noticed that many people were walking along distance and noticed congestion at the existing old borehole that was drilled back in 2012. The village has had a growing population with two schools, the village leaders were very happy to hear the good news from Kibo that a second borehole is to be provided. Some people are forced to go to the nearby swamp because of congestion at the borehole. The village leaders promised to have a separate meeting with all the people and decide on how to help the few people meet the standards, raise the dish rack coverage in the village and how to engage everyone to contribute towards cleaning their old borehole and contribute towards the new borehole construction process. It’s been close to a year while WASH has been busy working with this village to help it uplift their village sanitation and hygiene standards and now a new borehole will soon be drilled in this village and also the Health and Safe Kitchen program will start here soon. 
Next Visit
2020-10-12 - Purpose: To hold a water meeting with the village, select a water committee to aid the process of new borehole construction and also introduce the health and safe kitchens program.
Program Success
There is a great community improvement in sanitation and hygiene standards.
Program Critical Needs
There is a great need to have the existing borehole to be cleaned and the need to reduce congestion by adding an extra borehole
Program Ownership
The sanitation committee has committed to work together and make sure the remaining few people also meet the standards and also make sure that they will help the whole village construct the standard dish racks to those that are missing one
Other Program Observations
Program Expected Of Village
The village leaders to organize a village meeting and together discuss how to maintain their village sanitation standards as well as helping those individuals that haven’t met the standards to do so. They will also discuss the need for the village to come together and contribute towards the new borehole drilling process and clean up the existing borehole.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To call the village chairman and follow up on their meeting they held as a community and remind them of a meeting with kibo group on Monday 12/10/2020.

Report Photos

14157 Ndhalike Village- This lady called Teopista is proud of her hand washing facility and thanked Kibo group for the support of a Jerrycan
14160 Ndhalike Village- proud VHT member washing his hands with Soap using the new kibo hand washing facility.
14163 Ndhalike Village- Alex W held a water and sanitation meeting with the village leaders