Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Ndalike - Kamuli

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2020-10-12

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Alex Walyomu
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2020-10-13 09:27:54 UTC
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2020-10-13 11:39:00 UTC
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10:13-18:13 (8 h 0 m)
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13:18-16:40 (3 h 22 m)
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Water Community Meeting

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user committee selection,roles and responsibilities,water chain,contribution 
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Harriet Kefeza,Walyomu Alex 
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Alex and Harriet were in Ndhalike village to meet with the village residents discussing about the steps to be taken before before the borehole drilling in the village. Alex had previously met with the village leaders and together held a meeting discussing about how to involve the whole village through the process of the new borehole and all that the village needs to meet before the borehole drilling. The village promised that all that is required like making sure all the people maintain their sanitation standards in the village, contributing some money and general cooperation from the village would be achieved. A village meeting was held by the village leaders with all the village residents and all the village residents were happy that another chance was coming to their village to have a new borehole and promised to work together to have this opportunity. During this meeting which the village leaders asked Alex to have for all the village residents to know what they are supposed to do hearing it from Kibo group. Alex and Harriet first moved around the village checking on sanitation facilities going home to home and were amazed that the homes had maintained their sanitation standards and the homes and there is a great community ownership of the sanitation program. While in the meeting Alex guided the village to select a water user committee comprised of 5 people that will lead the village through the process of borehole drilling while collecting some money towards cons of borehole wall fence and all what is required to feed the workers. The village people thanked kibo group for another opportunity of a second borehole for their village since many people have been contesting and finding for water on one village borehole and others from the upper part of the village walking quite a long distance to the borehole. The village also agreed to contribute money and take on the idea to construct a wall fence on their old borehole since they are tired of putting up a wooden fence and only lasts for a maximum of two weeks for the poles to be stolen by people or eaten by termites. They agreed that they will together raise 800,000/= towards the construction of brick wall fence with every household to contribute 10,000/= each and on the same day 50,000/= was contributed. The few people that were lagging behind are also busy working to improve on their sanitation facility standards in their homes. Harriet introduced the healthy and safe kitchens program to the village. This is the second time to have this program back in the village and soon this will start to work here. The people that attended the meeting, women and men were happy that another opportunity had come to their village and promised that this time round many of the people will join other than last time back in 2013 and they all told Harriet that they would cooperate and learn the skill to build the stoves in their homes. Alex will plan to go back on Monday 19/10/2020 to continue preparing the village through the steps to be met before the new borehole drilling in the village. 
Next Visit
2020-10-16 - Purpose: Continue preparing the village through the steps of new borehole to be drilled in the village. Alex will also meet with the new water user committee to discuss about borehole contributions and conduct third evaluation.
Program Success
There is a great community response towards the program of new borehole to be drilled in the village.
Program Critical Needs
Program Ownership
The village has anonymously agreed to construct a wall fence around their village borehole because they have realized that a wooden fence is no longer a solution. This is an idea that the village is getting from Kibo
Other Program Observations
The village members were very happy to get another chance from Kibo group to have the stoves program back in their village
Program Expected Of Village
To continue with contributions towards the new borehole construction and wall fence construction on the old borehole.
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Report Photos

14169 Ndhalike Village- Alex W and Harriet Kefeza in a meeting with the village residents in Ndhalike discussing about the importance of a village working together with Kibo group in all the kibo group activities.
14172 Ndhalike Village- Alex W talks to Valentino Mugote about maintainence of the sanitation standards in his home and he appreciated Kibo group for helping him and the whole village to change.
14175 Ndhalike village- The village chairman, Anthony led the process of selecting the water committee that will spear head the water program during the process of borehole drilling and guidance from Kibo group.
14178 Ndhalike Village- A new water user committee to spear head the water program in the village engaging all the village residents through all what is required before the borehole drilling.