Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Butabira

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2020-10-14

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2020-10-15 11:06:00 UTC
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Alex Walyomu
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2020-10-15 13:32:17 UTC
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10:50-19:36 (8 h 46 m)
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13:13-16:40 (3 h 27 m)
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Household visits

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Follow up on household sanitation improvements 
Staff Attendees
Walyomu Alex 
Government Attendees
Alex W first had a meeting with the water and sanitation committee members to discuss about the village response towards the contribution of their borehole repair. The village is supposed to raise money amounting to about 700K as a mandatory 35% by kibo group towards their borehole repair. It was a very good report got from the water user committee that has been very serious and active to make sure all the water users contribute money towards their borehole repair. So far the village has raised 620,000/= and very sure that by Friday the village will have raised all the money required and two of the committee members will travel to Jinja and bring that contribution to kibo office. On the side of the sanitation and hygiene of the village, there is a very great improvement seen with many people having constructed the hand washing stands in their homes, the ladies are very busy smearing the sanitation facilities like pit latrines, kitchens, bathing shelters and the dish rack coverage has increased amidst lack of enough trees in the village. Many people are struggling and striving going to the extent of buying poles from neighboring villages to construct dish racks in their homes. The village chairman, two sanitation committee members and Alex visited the lower section after meeting and checked on all facilities in each home and Alex was amazed by how people have improved, constructing hand washing facilities, smearing of the facilities and new dish racks under construction in the homes in the lower part of the village. They moved in about 30 homes in the lower part of the village and none of the homes was missing a pit latrine . Only two homes belonging to Omodo and James had pit latrines missing the roofs and they were encouraged to quickly roof them before the rains can be bring down these new structures. It was observed that many of the people have roofed their pit latrines using the plant materials( papyrus) got from their big swamp surrounding the village. The village chairman Mr Buyinza Patrick has been very instrumental to uplift the sanitation standards of his village by walking home to home almost every day calling on his people to work and improve the sanitation facilities in the homes. He has demonstrated this by having all the required facilities in his home and for sure it’s because of his efforts and the rest of the committee that the village has greatly changed and improved in recent weeks. He and the committee members continue to thank Alex for empowering him and his village to improve greatly. One of the former civil servant at Namutumba district , Mr Magiri who was working as the Assistant Chief Administrative Officer in the district thanked Alex and Kibo group for the service to his home village. Very soon the village will bring in their borehole contributions for the borehole repair to kibo group office so that kibo group can also top up their contributions to buy the necessary spare parts for the broken well and conduct the repair. This village has responded very quicker than thought before and WASH will plan to conduct a final evaluation in the village soon and introduce the new borehole to be drilled in this village. 
Next Visit
2020-10-19 - Purpose: Follow up on sanitation improvements in the upper part of the village, targeting specific homes and evaluate the village if ready to plan conducting a final survey.
Program Success
There is a general village improvements in sanitation and hygiene with many of the homes now being smeared and the water user committee now almost getting all of the contributions towards their borehole repair
Program Critical Needs
The village borehole needs quick solution to have the borehole repaired.
Program Ownership
Both the water and sanitation committees have owned the program and vowed to see their village meet the required sanitation standards and also have their borehole repaired by getting the village to raise the required contributions towards their borehole.
Other Program Observations
Program Expected Of Village
The sanitation and water committee to continue following up on those specific homes still lagging behind to also meet the standards and also to plan on bringing in their village borehole contributions to Kibo office next week.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To call the water and sanitation committee following up on the dish rack construction, facility maintenance and standards and village borehole contributions.

Report Photos

14304 Butabira Village- Edward’s hand washing facility next to his pit latrine and the rubbish pit burning the dry rubbish.
14307 Butabira Vilagge- the San committee member, Salem( stripped t shirt) and the village chairman Mr Buyinza Patrick moved with Alex W in the lower section following up on sanitation improvements and standards.
14310 Butabira Village- A hand washing facility constructed next to two pit latrines in Godfrey Kimumwe’s home.
14316 Butabira Village- New Hand washing facility constructed next to a well smeared pit latrine.
14319 Butabira Village- Alex W in a meeting with both the water and sanitation committee members discussing about the current village sanitation status and the village borehole contributions.
14322 Butabira Village- The village chairman of the village Mr Buyinza Patrick and his daughter proud of their clean home. His daughter and the mother have smeared all their sanitation facilities. The village chairman is very hardworking in his home now having all the required sanitation facilities and to his village to uplift the sanitation standards.