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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-10-16

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Delaying Sex 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the community knows what Abstainence is and the importance of Abstinence.
Introduction Lorna went to teach on Abstinence and delaying sex, Abstinence refers to staying away from sex or avoiding any sexual activity like kissing, touching of body parts that would instead lead otherwise. This lesson is taught so that the parents understand the need for their children to Abstain and their involvement in seeing that this happens. Overview Today’s attendance was not so good as many of the community members were busy harvesting ground nuts in the garden. Despite this challenge those that were available, Lorna decided to teach those. We reviewed the previous lesson on Causes and dangers of Abortion. However Lorna started by asking them to remind her of what lesson they learnt previously and most of the couldn’t remember. Lorna gave them a hint when she talked of one of the women who shared her story on abortion and what led to it and after this hint they were able to remember. Lorna encouraged them to pay attention and always go back home and discuss these things so they don’t forget. After this review , we looked at Abstinence or the importance of delaying sex for our children. We started by defining what Abstinence is and whether it was important for children / teens to Abstain from Sex. The community members said children of these days you can never know what they are up to but Lorna mentioned it was their role to ensure that they talk to their children. Lorna taught abstinence and delaying sex concurrently. We looked at first of all some of the reasons why the boy or girl may agree to have sex with each other. Among which were; peer pressure , just for fun because they are convinced everyone is doing it so they should try, curiosity , proof of love, consent from both parties or one convincing the other. These were some of the reasons for young teens getting sexually involved at their young age which reasons are not even viable or important at the expense of one loosing their future or life due to an abortion. We looked at reasons for saying No; to finish school because if one said no to sex they would be able to finish school because there are less distractions, also they would perform better, fear of parents , fear of early pregnancy, early marriages, family expectations, religious values among others. Lorna intended that if parents were to help their children to Abstain from sex, they should know what the reasons are for them to say yes and engage in early sex because when they know the reasons then they can approach them better. Among the reasons to Abstain were; if a girl or boy chose to Abstain, they would be able to finish their school with no distractions of getting pregnant, Also if they abstained, they would be able to avoid early marriages, avoid risky behaviors like abortion, engaging into prostitution, becoming young parents , they would most importantly marry the right person, She will marry at the right time and have a sense of pride among her peers and even her parents would be proud of her. Lorna added that parents should engage their children in the benefits of Abstaining instead of dwelling much in scaring them concerning the consequences which is what most parents do. Lorna encouraged them to prompt conversations like what do you want to be in future?, tell them you would be so proud if their child became a teacher, nurse, doctor and tell them if they waited they would achieve all of this but if they got pregnant now been taking care of the baby they would fail and also diseases like HIV/ AIDS are also there but if they wait they will get the perfect partner who if they don’t wait they will get married early and regret their choices later in future. Conclusion They concluded by how they can help their children to delay sex for example by removing themselves from situations that would lead them to get tempted to have sex. To also say NO and mean their no. Not to go to discos or move in isolated places, should not be sent out late in the night. Not accepting free gifts and money from strangers among others. The community members were asked to brain storm more ideas to help out children delay sex and they will start from here in the next lesson. She also asked them to mobilise better. 
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2020-10-23 - Purpose: Lorna will be teaching on Adolescent and puberty stage along with Sex education.
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There old latrines that need to be replaced and others maintained
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