Life Skills Education and Counseling - Nabituluntu - Kivule Primariy School - Namutumba

Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-10-19

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Assertiveness: Passive 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the community will understand that the Assertive way to communicate is the best way of communicating.
Introduction Lorna went to Nabituluntu to continue with the lesson on communication skills where she taught communication behaviors of Assertiveness, Passiveness and aggressiveness. It is important that the community understands the best style of communication being Assertive and that they can be able to communicate in an Assertive way and the importance of communicating in an Assertive way. Overview When Lorna reached the village most of the community members were still in the garden therefore Lorna had to send the children that were playing around to go call their parents to the meeting which they did. When a few community members had arrived they apologized for being late but mentioned that they need to uproot the groundnuts else they would rot in the gardens due to rain. Lorna asked them whether they have been attending the Mvule lessons and urged them to participate and attend the meetings. The meeting was then opened with a word of prayer led by Suzi and then a review on the previous lesson which was on Attack and avoid. Monica gave a brief review on what Attack and avoid is where she mentioned how a person who attacks behaves by acting violently towards another while the one who avoids tries to stay away from circumstances. Lorna asked them which was was better and they mentioned Avoid. Lorna mentioned that they were going to build on the previous lesson but this time looking at the behaviors. They related Passiveness to Avoid, Aggressiveness to Avoid. Tegu Monica mentioned on one of the characteristics of a passive person as one who likes apologizing a lot. She said for example in our homes if a woman apologizes a lot, the man will say she is minimizing him. Lorna also added that sometimes we apologize But our actions or the way we express our selves for example facial expressions, body expression or sometimes we add a certain kind of laughter which then portrays a different message. This then turns out to be an Aggressive way of communicating. Lorna mentioned that whatever we communicate we need to be aware of the body communication that goes with it. The community members agreed that surely what Lorna was saying was true. Lorna mentioned another important way of avoiding situations was to walk away from a situation or simply be quiet because we can’t all be aggressive. After the person has calm down then communicate your feelings in an Assertive manner where one makes their point clear but without offending the other person. Other examples of an aggressive way of behavior were fighting at the borehole for example when one finds a ready set up line at the borehole but wants to skip everyone and starts acting in a disrespective manner which is not good. One lady asked Lorna how about if one is trying to communicate with the other party but they always ignore them what should they do should they avoid them for good and yet they share things in their homes. Lorna mentioned here that you keep doing what you do and leave it up to them to realize whether their response is befitting or needs to change. An old man asked how about if one lends someone money and when they have skipped the deadline and tries to ask them to repay, they begin to quarrel, what does one do. Lorna mentioned in such a scenario do not abuse them as you can just forgive them and forget or next time do not lend them because you now know how they act but not abuse them because one would be acting exactly like them which is what we don’t want. Lorna advised that you can also sit with this person and tell them how you feel with the way they are acting(Assertive way). Another example was shouting on top of ones voice , always wanting to be the right one and not giving chance to others to talk. Lorna discouraged this way of communicating. Conclusion We therefore concluded that the Assertive means of communication is the best where one talks and gives chance to another person to talk as they listen. Lorna mentioned an Assertive person does not easily responds before they critically think of their response. They communicate their stand and ask you also how you feel. An Assertive person is confident and says exactly what they mean without offending the other person. They concluded Assertive was the best way to communicate. 
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2020-10-30 - Purpose: Lorna will be teaching The last Topic Decision making.
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There no cases of early pregnancies
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Good participation.
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The borehole fence was broken but the community members promised to bring new poles. Some guys stole some poles at night
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Mobilise themselves
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Call the village prior to the meeting

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