Health Education - Kalitumba - Namutumba

Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2020-10-19

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Irene Nakibirango
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2020-10-20 13:44:29 UTC
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Irene Nakibirango
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2020-10-20 14:11:34 UTC
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10:40-16:28 (5 h 48 m)
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12:08-14:40 (2 h 32 m)
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3 h 16 m

Health Education Lesson

Health Education 
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Irene and Susan went to kalitumba to introduce the health lesson to the community, Irene and Susan started from the district where they got a government official in the health department who together with them went to kalitumba village. Irene with her group were welcomed by the chairperson who thanked Irene for coming along with a member from the district because they had been waiting for them to give a report on what is affecting them. The chairman then asked Irene to introduce her group . Irene thanked the chairman for the opportunity given to her, she requested Susan to say a word. Susan thanked the community members for their cooperation during the stoves program that time they were active in their village, thanked the for smearing the stoves,and the kitchen, she also encouraged the community members to embrace the health lessons as they embraced the stoves program. The health inspector also encouraged the community members to take full participation in the lessons, asked the members to fully utilize the services that have been extended to them, pregnant women to visit the health center for maternal services giving a report of a mother who died during child birth after she had spent most of her time at the traditional birth attendant, and also to refer cases to the rightful health service centers that can work on a particular complication. The members then suggested a day,time,place where the health lessons will be conducted and scheduled the next visit. 
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Health Education 
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2020-10-26 - Purpose: Irene will be teaching her first lesson about accessing health services to this community as her first lesson.
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The stoves and kitchens are well smeared and maintained
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Mobilize the community members flor the next
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Prepare the first lesson and call the village for the next meeting

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14412 Kalitumba: Irene, Susan, the health inspector during their visit to kalitumba village to introduce the health lesson.