Life Skills Education and Counseling - Nawampiti - Kivule Primariy School - Namutumba

Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-10-21

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Menstrual Hygiene 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the community understands what Menstrual Hygiene and management is. By the end of the lesson the community knows the signs towards Menstruation and during and how to prepare before. The parents to know how they can talk to their children and how important it is to talk to their children during this time
Introduction Lorna went to a Nawampiti to teach about Menstrual Hygiene and management. This lesson is taught to demystify the myths surrounding Menstruation and also for the teenagers and even parents to know how they can take care of themselves during this season but also most importantly for parents to walk with their children during this time. Overview The meeting was started off by a word of prayer and Yacobo welcomed the community members and thanked them for coming out today. He then took the community members through a review of the previous lesson on Adolescent and Puberty stage. He asked the group to remind him what was discussed which Jackson, Betty and Fiona did a good job reminding everyone. After this review, Mzee also asked to say something where he encouraged the community members especially the young people to listen carefully to everything that they are being told and not to fear anything and that these things if they understood and put them in practice,they will benefit from them. Yacobo also added his voice and thanked Kibo for these important lessons because it’s a wake up call. After that Yacobo invited Lorna to teach them. Lorna thanked the previous speakers for remembering and just asked the parents to speak out and help their children as well as the children should listen. She told them not to hate their bodies but love them and appreciate every change and remember sex is for marriage not to be misused. On the topic of the day Menstrual Hygiene and management, Lorna started by asking who can explain what it meant. Jackson explained menstruation in “slang” as “ seeing the moon” okulaba omwezi” and then Management as a way to take care of oneself during this time. Lorna asked the community to clap for him and asked whether someone else could try however they were all shy. Lorna encouraged the community members not to be shy because there consequences for being shy. Lorna also corrected the “ seeing the moon” to a period where a girl of reproductive age ovulates and if this egg is not fertilized it will shed blood hence menstruation. She also asked what age does this usually happen?, they mentioned 13, 14,15 years respectively but Mama Oliver said No these days things have changed they can go as low as 12 years and Lorna added true even 9 , 10 years. They then discussed the various materials they use and they mentioned ; sponge, “bikunta” meaning old clothes or rugs, banana stems among others. They discussed the disadvantages of using those materials and Lorna encouraged the use of pads , also reusable pads and also how to keep themselves clean during this period. Also we looked at the different signs experienced here like ; headaches, backaches, stomach pain, painful breasts, breast enlargement among others. We were also discussed the remedies during this time so that the women, girls do not loose out on their education , work or classes. We also looked at the challenges girls face during this time and how the parents both male and female can talk to their children and support them. They can do this for example as they teach them how to bathe, wash their panties and also squeeze in that there will be a time where they will experience this moment and help prepare them so they are not embarrassed but most importantly the know what to do. Conclusion Lorna asked anyone to demonstrate how to use a pad correctly and dispose it off. Fiona did a good job as community members were asking her different questions. Lorna added this period needs almost Hygiene to avoid infections, foul smell. The pads need to be changed regularly, the clothes need to be clean, cotton, and they need to be washed with clean water and soap and sundries even ironed. She encourage the parents if they can to buy these pads because they are more safe and builds confidence in the girl child among her peers . She also encouraged them to buy knickers and properly fitting to avoid the materials used from falling hence embarrassment which could lead to School drop out. 
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2020-10-28 - Purpose: Introduce Communication Skills
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Communication Skills.
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The chairman was absent but mobilized the community and the attendance was good.
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Mobilise themselves
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Call the village prior to the visitation day

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14477 Lorna explaining what menstrual hygiene and management in Nawampiti
14480 Mzee encouraging the community not to shy about what is being taught.
14483 Fiona demonstrating how to wear a sanitary towel or pads as commonly known here.