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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-10-23

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Delaying Sex 
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Learning Objectives
To understand what Adolesence stage is as well as puberty and how to take care of themselves during this time as well as the parents involvement.
Introduction. Lorna went to Bubinga to teach on Adolescence and puberty stage. This lesson is taught to encourage teens to be aware of the changes that they undergo during this time and to appreciate these changes and not be worried concerning them. Overview The meeting started by reviewing the previous lesson which was on delaying sex, Abstinence . After the review, we started by defining what Adolescent and puberty stage is as - . Kidenya said that Adolescent stage is the period between childhood and adulthood and the way the teens relate to the world while puberty stage are body changes. This usually happens between ages 11,12-19 with girls starting earlier then boys follow. It is important for the young person to be aware of these changes and appreciate them. The meeting was interactive whereby both the adults and the teens were engaged the whole time without being scared. We then looked at what some of the changes experienced during this period are for example for the boys; they mentioned beards, deep voice, growing taller, eating much- increase in appetite, pubic hair, enlargement of genitals while in girls we looked at ; Breast enlargement, hip enlargement, bum enlargement, pimples, mensuration period , pubic hair among others. We also added that these changes vary as you may find one developing these changes faster than the other. Lorna encouraged the youth that these changes are inevitable and everyone goes through them but usually at this stage that’s where self identity stems where young people start to compare there bodies, others start to get ashamed over their bodies and start hiding especially in girls. In this stage is also where young people get to try out different things that they think are appealing and without guidance from their parents they may end up going astray. For example engage in drugs, early sex but it is also the stage where there thoughts and decision making needs to be guided. Lorna mentioned in this stage it does not mean that these young people are ready to have sex because there is growth and development the body changes might be coming but that does not mean that psychologically , they are ready to have sex or drink alcohol or drugs. In addition we gave several examples where girls hide their breasts , wear shorts to appear bigger, become disrespectful, have bad body odor due to sweat glands being more active, not wanting to bathe, not shaving among others. Lorna encouraged the parents to be very involved during this stage in that when they understand the age of Adolescent and puberty stage and what happens , they are able to guide their children from engaging in practices that will affect them in future. She encouraged the parents to be friendly to their children in this stage and provide them with needs they need for example sanitary towels, shavers, soap , which may increase their self esteem. To also talk to them to not fear themselves but appreciate themselves more. For the young people to seek help from their parents and to know that God created everyone differently, uniquely and not to fear or compare themselves and to know that whatever decision they make will affect their future. Conclusion They concluded by saying that this is a stage that everyone goes through in life however how one perceived this stage will affect them positively or negatively. Therefore it’s very important for the young people to appreciate and understand this phase but also for parents to be very supportive to their children in this stage . 
Next Visit
2020-11-04 - Purpose: We will be looking at menstraul hygiene and management.
Program Success
A group of stubborn youth one is the chairman’s son who does not usually wat to attend the meeting as he usually asks whether if he attended would he be paid?. Lorna managed to talk to them and they attended the meeting which was great.
Program Critical Needs
Meet with the youth as requested by parents.
Program Ownership
Other Program Observations
There is a bar in the trading center that has no latrine. Lorna will talk to the owner to build one.
Program Expected Of Village
Better mobilization.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Call village earlier than usual

Report Photos

14579 Hajjat was encouraging both the youth and men to respect themselves when it came to the opposite sex. Men were advised not to lure young girls into having sex and the youth were told to Abstain and respect the opposite sex. The one with the hood in black was the one asking whether he would be paid to attend the meeting.
14588 This is the former chairman LC3 who was contributing to the topic of the day Adolescence and puberty stage.