Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Ndalike - Kamuli

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2020-10-26

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2020-10-27 11:37:22 UTC
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Water Community Meeting

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roles and responsibilities,surveying 
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Walyomu Alex 
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Alex together with two committee members first moved around the community checking on all home sanitation facilities and their standards as they were waiting for people to gather for a meeting. Alex together with the committee members visited and checked a new kitchen recently constructed by Philip Lubaale. They continued to encourage the community members to maintain their sanitation facilities during this rain season and those whose facilities had started to weaken to also improve on them before they collapse. It’s raining too much recently and the people need to be encouraged to maintain their sanitation facilities at all times. Alex also found Mr. Tatyaise constructing a permanent new pit latrine measuring 40ft. He was working on a slab and he took his time to construct a permanent pit latrine for his family that will replace the old one he has had for quite a while. He thanked kibo group for encouraging him and his family and he was very that he was able to save some money to construct this permanent pit latrine in his home. Alex continued to encourage their village to maintain their sanitation facility standards as well as After moving around the village, Alex came to the meeting and met with some of the community members to continue preparations for the water survey expected this week having received information from the drilling contractor that the hydrogeologist was going to be available for kibo group this week to carry out this water survey in Ndhalike. Alex told the community members that they have to let the surveyor do a good job and not interfere him with selfish ambitions. It’s one well for the village and therefore the village have to work together and remain united. The neutral points selected by the village from Naibi’s land to Takoze’s area in the upper will be considered for water survey by the hydrogeologist but doesn’t mean necessarily that it’s where water is to be got. The hydrogeologist will still look in the rest of the village locations to come up with the most potential site for water drilling. The men need to be willing to help out in this process because it involves carrying heavy tools and use of hammers to hit pegs during the water survey. The village was told that the land owners should be willing to give out land agreement and don’t expect that Kibo group buys a piece of land to drill a well in the community. The water and sanitation committee are closely working together to encourage the rest of the community members to work together during this new borehole survey and drilling. The community has already raised bricks to construct a brick wall around the old borehole and are raising money to buy the materials to build this fence. While in the meeting, the community residents promised to cooperate and are ready for the water survey process in their village. The water survey is expected this week from Wednesday. 
Next Visit
2020-10-28 - Purpose: Guide the community during the process of water survey in the village.
Program Success
The water and sanitation committee members are working jointly to make sure their village meets all the requirements and participate in the process of the new borehole survey.
Program Critical Needs
Program Ownership
The community residents have been empowered to work together more having received news that as a community they would be receiving a new borehole from Kibo group. This to them shown that they had worked together as a village to achieve this and promised that they would respond positively to all kibo group programs.
Other Program Observations
The village has already got the bricks to be used to construct a brick fence on their old borehole
Program Expected Of Village
To continue working together as a community to ensure that the village sanitation standards are maintained and encourage each other to improve every day.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Call the water and sanitation committee members informing them of the day the water survey is to be conducted.

Report Photos

14615 Ndhalike- Alex W checks on a new kitchen constructed by Lubaale Philip recently
14618 Ndhalike Village- Alex W meeting with some community members preparing for the new well survey expected this week.
14645 Ndhalike village- The village chairman Mr Anthony ( blue and white T-shirt) opening the meeting.
14648 Mr. Tatyaise new permanent pit latrine under construction in Ndhalike village.