Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Busene

Visit by David Balimunsi on 2020-10-28

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David Balimunsi
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2020-10-29 09:36:47 UTC
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David Balimunsi
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2020-10-29 10:44:41 UTC
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09:01-18:35 (9 h 34 m)
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11:49-16:09 (4 h 20 m)
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5 h 14 m

Household visits

Which Survey
WASH Baseline Survey 
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Visits Purpose
To carry out the baseline survey 
Staff Attendees
David Balimunsi,Steven Kambale 
Government Attendees
David and Steven were in Busene village . Busene It is a-village of about 94 homes according to the baseline survey.And their intentions of going there was to carry out the baseline survey.As David and Steven were in the village , they were joined by the village chairman mr Mudaki Paul and mis kawanguzi Betty the village VH T who led them through the entire village while they were carrying out the process of the baseline survey. Out of the homes they visited,this is what was noted . There was a lot of cases of open deification ,fewer and not standardized sanitation facilities were seen in the many homes which the kibo staff covered during the baseline survey process. Secondly the kibo staff saw only the kitchen and the shower areas in the many homes which were up to standard . But unfortunately the rest of the other sanitation facilities for example the dish-racks,latrines, cloth lines were not in place and on the other hand if they were there they were not up to standard . Therefore David and Steven so it important to teach the entire village about the safe water chain. Before they would pattern with the village to repair for them the well. In general according to David and Steven,s overview they saw that the hygiene and sanitation status of the village was really poor and needed a sanitation triggering session . 
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2020-11-11 - Purpose: To organize the village for the triggering
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