Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Ndalike - Kamuli

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2020-10-29

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2020-10-29 15:38:23 UTC
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Water Community Meeting

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Walyomu Alex 
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On Wednesday 28/10/2020 and Thursday 29/10/2020, Alex was in Ndhalike to carry out borehole survey with the hydrogeologist from Draco drilling contractors. Both days were disrupted with rains and this is one of the reason why this survey was quite hard. On Wednesday, there was rain that disorganized the day and couldn’t complete the survey and also on Thursday it threatened to rain and even drizzled but fortunately we had finished. Having tried out six water points that were surveyed, the hydrogeologist was able to find one potential point to drill water. This process wasn’t easy as the hydrogeologist was getting very bad results in the beginning and was wondering if we could get a potential water point. Everyone kept waiting patiently until the hydrogeologist landed on a good spot that he told Alex if the community could allow this to be considered. Alex then to the community members present and asked if they were ok with that point and also if the land owner was willing to give out part of his land for to the community to allow kibo group drill a well for this village. The community members led by the chairman were happy that the water point was got with in the middle of the village as majority of the community members had wanted. The land owner, Mr. Takozekibi Sanoni was happy as well and willing to give out part of his land to the community for borehole drilling and would provide the land agreement to kibo group before the borehole drilling as required. Alex would go back to continue preparing the village for the borehole drilling and complete the signing of the land agreement. 
Next Visit
2020-11-04 - Purpose: Meeting with water committee to prepare for borehole drilling and to complete the signing of the land agreement.
Program Success
At last a potential water point was got after two days of trying to locate one.
Program Critical Needs
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There was a great community participation throughout the whole exercise of borehole survey.
Other Program Observations
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To stick together and continue to meet as a community on how to handle the whole process till the end of the borehole drilling
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To go back and complete the land agreement before the new borehole drilling and to meet with the water user committee on how to prepare the village for the borehole drilling

Report Photos

14750 Ndhalike Village- Mapiti and the water user committee chairman Stephen led the village jubilations during the borehole survey process.
14753 Ndhalike- Many community members, men, women and children were present and participated in the whole process of borehole survey.
14756 Ndhalike- Many people came to witness how the water survey is carried out and a group of five women prayed at every survey point so that a water point is found
14759 Ndhalike village- This man called Philip Lubaale is one of the active community members and is a very active sanitation committee member helping his village to reach this status.
14762 Ndhalike Village- The hydrogeologist, Mr Charles busy at his work with the community members in search for a potential water point for borehole drilling
14765 Ndhalike Village- The community members gathering around the hydrogeologist waiting patiently for the good results.
14768 Ndhalike Village- Atlast after a long search, the hydrogeologist found this point as a potential water point to drill a new well.
14771 Ndhalike village- community members dancing and singing thanking kibo group for the opportunity of a new well. This was during the borehole survey