Life Skills Education and Counseling - Bukhudumira - Bukhudumira Primary School - Namutumba

Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2020-11-02

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Manuela Ongyera
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2020-11-02 17:15:07 UTC
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Lorna Katagara
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2020-11-06 07:07:31 UTC
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10:08-17:35 (7 h 27 m)
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00:15-15:20 (15 h 5 m)
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-8 h 22 m

Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Bukhudumira Primary School 
Lesson Taught
Creative Thinking,Assertiveness/Peer Pressure: Responding to Persuasion 
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Ongyera Manuella 
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Life Skills Teacher 
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Learning Objectives
To educate community members about communication behavior.
Manuela went to bukudomira to teach about communication behavior then after review all the previous lessons since today was the last day for communication skills. Reviewing the previous lessons helps the community members to understand everything that they learnt as they prepare to start a new Topic. Overview When Manuela reached the village she found some of the community members preparing where they were going to seat, Manuela was happy seeing members doing that even before her arrival in the village. Manuela greeted them and requested for the meeting to start because they were talking a lot, the meeting started with an opening prayer was led by Moses , communication from the chairman after that Manuela introduced the lesson, she started by saying that communication behavior means the different ways through people communicate with one another for example some people are passive which means not taking charge to make good decisions, always wants to be told all the time and apologizing a lot.Assertive being straight forward, making good decisions and fighting to make paces for others and Aggressive means being rude, arrogant, oppressing people’s rights. Manuela told them that it’s good to Passive but not all the time even the aggressive behavior. Manuela went on and told the participants that the beast way to communicate with one another. After that Manuela went on and told the participants that today was the last lesson under communication skills, she also reviewed the previous lessons this through asking the participants about what they learnt previously it was good seeing members sharing their ideas. After that Manuela told the participants that in the next visit they will be learning Relationship Skills, they will look at what is love on that day, she even told them to look for the rightful ward for Love. Finally, Manuela encouraged the participants to continue washing their hands . 
Next Visit
2020-11-09 - Purpose: To educate Relationship Skills, Manuela will teach about what is love and how to manage our Emotions.
Program Success
Program Critical Needs
Manuela need to continue to promoting social distances.
Program Ownership
Other Program Observations
Program Expected Of Village
Community members will be working on their home about Relationships skills but focusing on what is love.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Manuela will be reading and preparing notes for the next visit.

Report Photos

14777 That man was trying to explain to the fellow members about the different types of communication behavior.
14780 Manuela was reviewing the previous lessons before she can start on the new lesson.
14783 Members listening to what Manuela was teaching them.