Life Skills Education and Counseling - Nabituluntu - Kivule Primariy School - Namutumba

Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-10-30

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Steps in Making Good Decision 
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Learning Objectives
Introduction Lorna went to Nabituluntu where she taught on Decision making. Decision making is the process of deciding what is good and what is bad. This lesson is taught to help the community members come up with the rightful decisions concerning their life. Overview The meeting was opened by a word of prayer and thereafter a review on the previous lesson was made on the communication styles and behaviors. Lorna asked those that were present to remind the group what we learnt about. After this review they went went straight to the topic of the day Decision making. Where we looked at what decision making is and we were able to define it as good decision making is whereby one thoroughly thinks of the decision he is going to make before he actually weighs all the options available. Lorna mentioned that everyday we are faced with decisions to make and these can be easy decisions like ; what to cook, what to wear, whether to go to the market among others or we can decide how to make our marriages better, what business to start, who to marry, decide to stop taking alcohol and drugs among others. Lorna mentioned that for whatever decision we make what matters is the process and not the end or the decision made. Lorna read to them a scenario of a 38 year married woman who have 6 children but unfortunately on the 6th child she had to undergo an operation . They made vows for better for worse , they will not marry another person but here the man decided to bring in another woman as his wife. Lorna questioned the group whether they made a wise decision and some said yes while others said no. Monica said it was wrong of him to bring another woman yet he had vowed never to bring another woman . Yafesi said he was right because he as a man has some needs which the woman could not fulfill like washing clothes, marital responsibilities among others. The women all went into chaos asking the men that what if it was them would they want the woman to get another man?. This was a good way to bring us to the steps in making a good decision among which were; Stop - here we are required to stop and think what the problem is , analyse the situation before making any radical choices or decisions, taking sometime out while thinking or doing other things, define what the problem is , think about the situation, seek advice from others, listen to advice, pray , consider ones personal, religious values, cultural , think of consequences and possible outcomes among others. Lorna mentioned that to make a decision one has to not only think about himself/ herself but the people around them and how this was going to affect them either positively or negatively or even themselves so that they do not regret their decisions later.They need to seek advice from others and also its one thing to ask for advice and not listen to the advice given. In the story previously the man should have thought of how this news would affect the wife, the children. He could have sought advice from others as well as prayed about the situation, put himself in her shoes before deciding to bring on another woman. Several other examples were given like deciding to start a business what does one require because if one does not think through the line of business they want they will end up getting a loss, marrying a woman ,a man has to think of the things he should possess before he decides to get married. Conclusion At the end of the lesson , Lorna mentioned to the community that the decision may sometimes not matter but the process is what matters. For every decision in our lives we have to think through before we decide. Lorna mentioned that these may not be the only steps to decision making but it’s a guide to use. Lorna thanked the community members for turning up in big numbers and also thanked them for building their borehole fence a new. 
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2020-11-06 - Purpose: Lorna will be teaching in role models and goal setting.
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In the previous visit, the borehole fence was broken and some community members helped themselves to get some firewood. This was unfortunate but they promised Lorna that the next visit , she will find the fence built up.
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Mobilize themselves and attend in bigger numbers.
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Call two or more people to mobilise the community to attend the next meeting.

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