Mvule Community Development - Sinde - Namayingo

Visit by Abraham Mulongo on 2020-10-30

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Abraham Mulongo
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2020-10-30 09:22:44 UTC
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Abraham Mulongo
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2020-11-03 14:52:54 UTC
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10:00-17:47 (7 h 47 m)
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13:20-14:15 (0 h 55 m)
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6 h 52 m

Mvule Community Development lesson

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Abraham Mulongo 
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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Abraham met thirteen Sinde members and the purpose was to discuss about the group opening an account where they will be keeping their money especially what the collect every month for bore hole repair. The chairperson Mr Okecho told the meeting that they had a meeting as a village and the members decided that he has to go to Bugiri and check what is needed for them as a group to open their account. Abraham asked them about the minutes which addressing to the bank they want to open an account and re-registering the group at the district.They said that they have been discussing and they want to try Centenary bank in Bugiri town and they members said that they are going to renew their certificate. The group decided that Abraham take the chairman to Bugiri town so that he can ask the bank what is needed to open the group. Abraham and Okecho went to Bugiri and he left the chairperson in the bank asking more how they can open a group account. He told them that it is not a must that they have to open a group account but this is optional. Sinde is very far from the banks like twenty five kilometers to Bugiri town. They want to open an account because they collect every month two thousand shillings and this money is kept in the house. They think it will be s safe if it is in the bank. 
Next Visit
2021-02-05 - Purpose: To discuss how far they have reached on the idea of buying a group tent and chairs
Program Success
Most members bought cows from the goats they received from Kibo
Program Critical Needs
To renew their certificate of registration
Program Ownership
They want to buy a tent and chairs so that community members will be renting and the money will be going to the group
Other Program Observations
They are keeping their borehole clean
Program Expected Of Village
To register the group to the district because the old certificate expired
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To call the chairperson for re-registering their group

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14852 Abraham came with Sinde chairman Mr Okecho Juluance to the bank in Bugiri town. The group decided to send him so that he takes back what requires for the group to open an account.