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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-11-04

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Menstrual Hygiene 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson the community members know what menstrual hygiene and management is and how they can help their daughters and themselves during this time.
Introduction Lorna went to teach about Menstrual Hygiene and Management. Menstruation refers to the monthly flow of blood in girls and women of reproductive age in the uterine lining when fertilization does not take place. Overview When Lorna arrived the village, it looked like it was empty since there were a few people around the trading center. Eunice was the first person Lorna met and she informed Lorna that the chairman had lost his mother and some people had gone to bury and there was also another 30 year old that passed on and also other community members had also gone for the funeral. She even suggested that we should not meet but it was quite unfortunate to kill the day like that so one of the community members decided we should meet whatever number. We decided to not waste the day and do something small.The meeting therefore started with a word of prayer and thereafter a review of the previous lesson was made whereby Mzee mentioned that we learnt about Adolesence and puberty stage and how one should take care of themselves during this stage. The parents were also asked to be involved during this stage to guide the teenagers and not to be surprised by their actions but to however draw them close to themselves and advice them during this time. The chairman’s son said we talked about Abstaining from sex because during this time there are also temptations and we said we can do this by engaging in other social activities like sports. Lorna thanked them for the review and mentioned that today, they will be looking at One of the stages under the Adolesence and puberty stage which was menstrual hygiene and management. We started by defining what Menstraul hygiene is and that it is a topic that no one wants to talk about but that it’s a silent killer for many girls for example it’s one of the many reasons girls drop out of School. Lorna asked what some of the myths surrounding this period and Eunice said it’s just something people don’t want to talk about, it’s a curse God gave women. However we said that’s the reason why we talking about it so we remove the stigma surrounding it. Also that it’s a beautiful thing every woman should appreciate and be proud of because it shows that one can be able to give birth. After that we looked at the different ages that girls begin to menstruate and Lorna asked them the ages and they mentioned 12,14 however one member said it depends as for her started at 17. Lorna agreed and mentioned for her she started at 14 but however these days girls are starting as early as 9, 10years and Lorna asked them what some of the reasons were. Ester said that carrying heavy things, Eunice said that they engage in early sex that’s why but Lorna said that is a myth but it’s not true. The surrounding though can affect ones mind or body to respond faster hence bringing periods closer. While looking here one man asked that is it that every woman should go through cramps and Lorna mentioned that it was what we were going to look at next. Lorna asked the community what some of these signs were; they mentioned stomach cramps and one woman shared her experience and mentioned that she knows someone who they had to operate and they removed chunks of staff but Lorna mentioned this could have been fibroids and that some very painful cramps need to be checked at the hospital. Eunice mentioned that for her she used herbs and also there is a tree that has sap that one can go under it and let the sap drop on them and then the pain would reduce. Lorna asked where this tree was she also tries and they all just laughed. Others signs were headaches, backaches, big breasts, painful breasts, emotional instability, cravings among others. We looked at how to manage these like; - taking a warm birth for cramps - using a hot water bottle for the stomach - drinking hot wate - exercising among others. Lorna mentioned that most girls miss school, women do not work because of this but if they follow this they can be able to do their work and go to school. Lorna encouraged the parents to be supportive during this time, buy the sanitary towels, talk to their children that it is normal and they should be proud of it. One man asked do barren women also go through this and the community answered yes they do. Conclusion Because the community members looked tired and most of community members were not present and this is a sensitive topic, Lorna also encouraged them to mobilize more people and that they will look at management in the next meeting. 
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2020-11-13 - Purpose: Summarize previous lesson for the sake of those who were not there andwilintroduce communication skills
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Decision making skills
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Even though most community members had gone to a burial, the few around managed to attend the meeting.
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Attend in bigger numbers
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Call the village earlier and prior to the meeting day

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14918 This was during the lesson on menstrual hygiene and management. Mukyala kadubuli was commenting on symptoms or signs leading to menstration.