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Visit by Roy Mesigwa on 2020-11-06

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Roy Mwesigwa
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2020-11-09 07:14:38 UTC
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Roy Mesigwa
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2020-11-09 07:14:38 UTC
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10:00-06:30 (-4 h 30 m)
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13:00-15:00 (2 h 0 m)
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-6 h 30 m

Administrative Visit

Office Location
About 1 Km from Buyende town. 
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Purpose of Visit
To discuss the new draft M.O.U for signing. 
Visit Report
Roy met the D,C,D,O. Buyende Dist. to discuss the new and revised Kibo Group M.O.U. draft. The D.C.D.O. said it was a good one but needed a detailed account of activities in the Dist. since the last registration. He wants a report on what Kibo has been doing in Kitukiro and the Kibo Group plans for the District in the new term of registration. He also asked about the long standing request for water intervention that the District asked from Kibo Group about two years ago. Roy will compile the reports from Kitukiro and will seek advice from the WASH program manager about their plans for boreholes in the coming Kibo plans. 
Next Visit
2020-11-09 - Purpose: Roy is going to Luuka District to attend an N.G.O. forum meeting at the Dist. Roy was called to attend as the Dist. noted that Kibo has not been active in attending the District meetings despite the fact that the Dist. has given Kibo several recommendation to the N.G.O. bureau.
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