Administrative - Luuka

Visit by Roy Mesigwa on 2020-11-09

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Roy Mwesigwa
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2020-11-10 09:30:58 UTC
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Roy Mesigwa
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2020-11-10 09:30:58 UTC
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10:00-18:00 (8 h 0 m)
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12:00-15:30 (3 h 30 m)
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4 h 30 m

Administrative Visit

Office Location
Located in Kiyunga town 
Government Official Name
Dist. Secretary to the N.G.O. forum 
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Purpose of Visit
To attend the N.G.O. forum meeting. 
Visit Report
The Secretary to the Luuka N.G.O. forum asked Roy questions regarding the poor attendace of Kibo Group in the forum meetings. He also pointed out that Kibo needs to pay its due for the year 2020. Luuka District is one of the two Dists. that recommended Kibo Group to the N.G.O. bureau for renewal of registration. The Secretary told Kibo that there was a meeting intended to take place before the end of the year and he asked Kibo Group to not miss. The theme of the day's meeting was to share experiences working in the Dist. with other stake holders and it was noted that while Kibo is active in the Dist. it has not been sharing its working experiences with other stake holders. Road communication was seen as commonest and the biggest challenge to many N.G.Os. Also power outages were sighted as a challenge to producing documents. 
Next Visit
2020-11-11 - Purpose: Roy will take the new M.O.U. to Kaliro District. Roy will also take the report on Kibo Group activities in Kaliro District and provide a plan for the Dist. for the current year of registration.
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