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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-11-09

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Aggressive Behaviours,Assertiveness: Attack and Avoid 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the community will appreciate Assertive way of communicating as the best way of communicating
Introduction Lorna went to Nawampiti village where she taught on Communication behaviors of Assertive, Passive and Aggressive. The objective of this lesson is that the community understands and adopts the importance of communicating Assertively and that it is the best way to communicate. Overview The meeting was started with an opening prayer by Mzee after which a review of the previous lesson was initiated by Jackson. Everyone was required to mention what it was they remembered concerning the previous lesson and they vividly remembered the scenario of the borehole whereby people cause chaos at the borehole and yet they came late but want to draw water earlier than those who came early. Also they were able to mention what the results of this can be like fighting, imprisonment or even sometimes death. The community was discouraged from the Attack style of communication.Lorna built on the previous lesson on the characteristics of a Avoid and Attack style and thereafter mentioned that we will be looking a5 the communication behaviors of Assertive, Passive and Aggressive. She related Passive to avoid , Aggressive to Attack and then the Neutral and best communication style Assertive which is the balance between the two. We gave various examples concerning Passive style of behavior for example in the community these kinds of people usually avoid confronting situations, they love talking behind people’s backs, they love to play victims, they put others first before them among others. This kind of behavior is good and bad for example Lorna gave a scenario where in a marriage there is domestic violence but because they have been told that marriage is not a bed of roses they keep quiet and don’t report anywhere and this can turn out a deadly situation therefore here one has to apply Assertiveness and communicate their fears and feelings. Passive behavior is not good also when there are very important issues being discussed and yet a response is required the response depends on how one responds either Aggressively or Assertively. Aggressive behavior on the other hand was characterized by people who over step others rights for his own rights, they love to talk at the top of their voice and don’t care about the opinion of others, they talk provocatively and love fighting , among others. In our homes this kind of behavior is shown by couples that dictate over their spouses and care more about themselves than the need of others for example they go drinking and forget their family responsibilities. One of the reasons for aggressive behavior in families is those that don’t fulfill their responsibilities. This kind of behavior is the worst kind of behavior. We were able to role play this kind of behavior which was acted by Jackson And Sam. Sam lent Jackson money but when it came to time to pay the money he started acting aggressively and therefore Sam had to use an Assertive response to ask Jackson to bring him to the notion that he feels disturbed and hurt when Jackson is not taking responsibility and that it can affect their relation next time. Assertive behavior on the other hand was characterized by being open minded not sticking to what one knows but being open to others opinion. Assertive person tells you of what it is that they exactly feel when you have wronged them and when they are happy. Their Yes is a Yes and No is a No they don’t get to but around the bush. They care about how others feel and consider that before expressing themselves, they listen and then talk. Lorna mentioned that if we all communicated in this way, there will be great relationships. Lorna mentioned this was the best communication behavior and encouraged the community to adapt it with our children and as parents. Conclusion The community thanked Lorna for the lesson but mentioned that for them that attended it will benefit them but those that did not were the question. They requested that this lesson be taught again especially the Assertive messages . Lorna asked that they mobilise more and they will be looking at Assertive messages. 
Next Visit
2020-11-18 - Purpose: Manuela will continue with previous lesson on communication skills but reemphasizing Assertive messages.
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No cases of early pregnancy which is great.
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Assertive messages.
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Community participation
Other Program Observations
The second boreholes fence needs reconstruction
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Mobilise themselves
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Prepare the lesson to teach

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15101 Mama Olivia mentioned that even though the topic is relevant especially the Assertive way of communication, it can go one way whereby one is Assertive but the other party being communicated to is aggressive and so how can one overcome this. The goal is to both reach an Assertive way of communication without the Assertive one turns Aggressive and Lorna mentioned that they will learn more how to use Assertive messages in the next meeting.
15107 Sam and Jackson acting out Assertive and Aggressive communication
15110 Lorna was acting out Passive way of behavior among young teenagers.
15176 Catherine was also contributing to the lesson.