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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-11-11

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the community knows who a role model is, characteristics of a role model. By the end of the lesson, the community knows what short term goals and long term goals are and how to set targets and achieve them.
Introduction Lorna was in Nabituluntu where she taught on role models and goal setting. Everyone should have a role model or be a role model. In this lesson we look st qualities of good role models and the steps one should take in order to be like or become that person. In goal setting we look at how to fulfill our goals both short and long term goals. Overview Previously the meeting was disrupted by rain and we planned together with the community to come back on this day. We set the time for 1pm today. However as we were waiting for members to come, it started pouring and instead of counseling again , Lorna decided to teach those that had come. Mzee Bageya was able to lead us into an opening prayer and thereafter Lorna asked them community members that attended to remind us of the previous lesson. Monica mentioned that we looked at good decision making, Mukyala Paul also mentioned that we looked at communication skills. They were both right but Monica was more correct. We did a review on what good decision making is together with the steps towards making good decisions. One man in the meeting said that is true it is very important to consider steps in making good decisions and he mentioned his own personal story concerning his marriage. After listening to his story Lorna asked the community whether what he decided was inevitable and they said yes considering that he tried hard to save his marriage but failed hence marrying another wife. Lorna then introduced the topic of the day role models. Lorna mentioned that in life we all ought to have role models or be role models. We defined who a good role model is and Lorna asked the community whom do they have personally as a role model or together as a village. Monica mentioned a one peter who owns various businesses in Namutumba and also has a rice garden. She said that he is her role model . Lorna asked what qualities does he attract; she mentioned that he is hard working and she mentioned that to be like him, she will also need to work hard like him. Lorna added that to be like peter there some things one has to forego , save, invest, wake up early, research , and do she would also have to befriend him to ask him how he does what he does. Other qualities we looked at are; being honest, trustworthy, truthful, patient, good listener, takes care of others, volunteers to take up roles without being told , among others. Lorna asked those who did not have role models to start looking or them to change to be role models to their children, wives, husbands and community at large. We also looked at goal setting whereby we looked at a goal being something one has to set to achieve . We looked at both short and long term goals. Short term goals being those that are achieved within a short term period of 6 months while long term being 1year and above, some short term goals mentioned were ; brick laying, being a better dad, mum, husband, wife to each other, buying a goat, among others while long term could be building a house, marrying a wife, educating your children to university, becoming a leader among others. To achieve these things there certain disciplines and sacrifices that need to be made, for example to improve ones marriage one may need to stop sleeping around to avoid getting STDs or HIV/AIDS, stop drinking alcohol to save more money, give up certain friends, make time for more important things , to be a leader, one needs to start volunteering, walk with a leader and do the things they do in preparation for their leadership among others. We also looked at those things that can deter us from achieving our goals but Lorna mentioned that these things should not stop one from dreaming more and striving to achieve the goal. We also looked at the good that comes from achieving ones goal like; makes one work harder, makes one know their strengths and weaknesses, makes one achieve more. Conclusion After the lesson one lady approached a Lorna concerning her son that her goal is to take him back to School but their is no money. Lorna encouraged her not to loose hope because education does not come to a stand still and when she gets money she can always take him back. She to,d her to also keep counseling him because at that age he may get into bad peer groups that may spoil his future. The community members were very grateful for this lesson and mentioned if it wasn’t for the rain many people would have benefited from the lesson. They thanked Lorna and thereafter she left for jinja. 
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2020-11-18 - Purpose: Teach on Early pregnancy it’s causes and dangers.
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Despite the rain a few members managed to attend the meeting.
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