Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kirwanire

Visit by David Balimunsi on 2020-11-13

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David Balimunsi
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2020-11-14 11:54:27 UTC
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David Balimunsi
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2020-11-15 18:26:23 UTC
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09:05-18:15 (9 h 10 m)
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12:01-15:40 (3 h 39 m)
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5 h 31 m

Household visits

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Number Of Households
Visits Purpose
To continue with the sanitation improvements 
Staff Attendees
David Balimunsi,Steven Kambale 
Government Attendees
David and Steven were in kirwanire village. And their intentions of going there was to follow up on homes still lagging behind mobilizing them for a sanitation meeting with the kibo and the health assistant mr Busense scheduled next week on 16/ 11 /2020. As they were in the village they the were joined by the village chairman Bogere Hasani and the defense mr Hakana Mohamed The two village leaders led the kibo staff into the targeted home which were still lagging behind. Out of the homes they visited this is what was noted . Kalulu Magidu had started adding on the depth of his pit which was initially 11 feet deeper . But kalulu Magidu he had vowed not to add on the required depth as he was requested by the health assistant mr Busense. Therefore that is why the committee and the kibo saw it important to call for the governmental hand through the health assistant . Because initially the five complicated homes were given summons letters through the sub county health assistant . Reason being that they dint want to get improved. As David and Steven continued with the home to home movements this is what they saw in Eriots home . He had only improved on his hand washing station. But fortunately the sanitation committee chairman had reported through Kadhili lsoota that he had requested for the Kibo’s pick axe . In order to ease his work since his home area had some bed rocks . With their continuous home to home movements,they saw also some progress in wamalwa John ,s home . He had started the digging of his new pit latrine after the old one which was filled up. And unfortunately Wamalwa John,s different neighbors we’re always complaining about him contaminating the neighbors compounds . Because of the many cases of open deification even his elder son’s home . On that note as David was talking to wamalwa John for the better improvements it was the first time he was so calm and polite. That was indicating that he was ready to work and getting improved. The challenging moment was when David reached Muzale,s home and he ran off into the sugarcanes plantation. But all in all it was good because the wife remained.Therefore David was able to advise her . The wife was submissive to the sanitation ward of encouraged from David. She said she was ready to leave muzale,s home if he fails to have a pit latrine . Through the continuous conversations with David the wife admitted it to be a total shame to the husband not having a pit latrine . But the good part of it all the wife concluded by saying that if it required her help during the digging to scoop the soil out of the pit . She said she was willing and ready to do so. The kibo staff along the course of all that ,they were also mobilizing the village for an assessment sanitation meeting together with the sub county health assistant. For the better village general sanitation improvements. However the kibo left with the village an assignment. Which was that the sanitation committee will be moving home to home encouraging the four groups which makes the entire village. Initially due to Civid 19 the village was divided up into groups for the easy work efficiency . And more so observing the ministry of health rule and regulations . According to David and Steven,s overview they saw that the village is greatly improving than before. Apart from the challenge of the on going rains which are affecting some peoples latrines, new pits and the shower areas. 
Next Visit
2020-11-16 - Purpose: The kibo staff along with the sub county health assistant will be engaging the village into an assessment the sanitation villages improvements general meeting.
Program Success
Yes they are busy working working hard to improve on their sanitation standards more so in the homes which were still lagging behind
Program Critical Needs
More sanitation improvements and encouragements in the homes which are still lagging behind
Program Ownership
The sanitation committee as well as the entire village they are so concerned about the progress of the concerned WASH activities in the village.
Other Program Observations
There is much greater need for the health and safe kitchens program lessons.
Program Expected Of Village
The village chairman along with the sanitation committee members they will be moving home mobilizing the village for the next Sanitation assessment village general meeting.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To phone call the village through the chairman to check on how the mobilization for the next sanitation village assessment meeting will have progressed.

Report Photos

15200 As seen in the picture above is one of the most complicated members in the village mr lsimaili Bawaye. who had improved after the longer while of David,s sanitation encouragements . He was showing David how he had improved by plastering his hand station using cement other than the mad as it was before .