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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-11-13

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Communication Puzzle 
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Learning Objectives
To know what good communication skills is. To understand what good communication entails, the barriers of communication.
Introduction Lorna went to this village to teach on communication skills. Communication Skills is the sending and receiving of messages with effective feedback. This lesson is taught so that the community can adapt good communication skills with each other. Overview When Lorna arrived the village she found a few people and Lorna mentioned that she won’t teach unless more community members had come. They waited a while for more people to join them . The meeting started with a prayer and After this, they went through the previous lesson of Menstrual hygiene and management.After this review, Lorna mentioned that they were going to look at communication Skills today. She asked them what is communication and they said “Empulizaganya” which means having a good understanding in English. Lorna defined Communication Skills as the sending and receiving of messages with effective feedback. After this Lorna asked them the different means of communication and they mentioned ; hands, phones, letters, whistles, radios, televisions Drums,among others. Lorna thanked them for their positive response and also said she wanted to focus on our body parts and how we use them to communicate and how sometimes they can communicate differently from what we meant. For example pointing of fingers can mean warning someone , using of hands to clap means calling someone, eyes can also communicate differently like one is annoyed, or one likes someone but uses the eyes to communicate, eyes can be used to minimize someone, among others. Lorna encouraged the members to be aware of their body language while communicating so that they may not miscommunicate or be misunderstood. One woman made so many signs using her body leaving the community members laughing out loud. After these means we looked at some of the barriers of communication which Lorna asked what some of these were; they mentioned poor network,rumors, time factor where people do not have time to sit and communicate with each other.Anger that when one is angry they will communicate that they did not mean therefore the main message is not passed on. One needs to be calm and think through everything then communicate. Another barrier was familiarity that is whoever you familiarize you will never receive from them . Another barrier was respect if one doesn’t respect someone, they won’t listen to them or communicate. Another was rumors when someone says what is not true without seeking out the truth Communication is disrupted , trust is lost, friendships are broken among others. Another barrier was Age ; old or young depending someone may not take ones communication serious because of that, Gender differences also where men may be taken more serious than women in the community, schools, workspaces, our homes among others. We finished by looking at what good communication entails; good eye contact one has to face the other and not turn their backs because there the message will not be perceived well. Being open minded as well not sticking to ones own point of view, giving feedback, thinking before speaking, use of encouraging words, having an encouraging attitude among others. Conclusion Next week they will be looking at communication styles of Attack and Avoid. Lorna mentioned to them what all this was about so that they have an idea on what they will be learning on the next visit. 
Next Visit
2020-11-23 - Purpose: Teach on Attack and Avoid. Lorna did not teach this lesson. The meeting was also rescheduled to 23/11/2020
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