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Visit by Daina Akurut on 2020-11-16

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Health lesson 14: Domestic Violence 
Diana and Ida went to Nawandyo A to teach about, how to reduce on Domestic violence in the community. Diana started by a recap, asked them about last week’s lesson, the group put up their hands and answered vigilantly, this was appalling, on how every one responded on the causes and effects of domestic violence. Diana later introduced the lesson of the day, which was how to reduce on the domestic violence, she started with asking the group members on how they handle domestic violence in their community, they said that they sit with their spouses talk about issues disturbing their homes, another person person, said that they report such cases to the LCs, or go to police. Diana praised them and added on their answers. She encouraged them to respect one another in marriage, not to call others names or belittling them among their friends, every one should know his or role in the family, money decisions should be made together, don’t shout at your friend, parental responsibilities should be shared among the parents, the word thank you and sorry is key in the family and also the community. Diana also encouraged the the girls to be respectful to both their parents and the community, as this will give them a beautiful name in the community. Ida summarized by encouraging the couple to stop favoritism among the children, that is,when one parent is disciplining the child the other parent can get annoyed or stop the child to be disciplined.This is very wrong in the family everyone has to come to a consensus on how to discipline the child. Also note some of the indicators of an abuser, shouting all the time, bitter, likes quarreling, kicking things in the house, if such indicators are seen, other people need to be involved. She went on to tell them that there should be respect, love and understanding in the family. 
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2020-11-30 - Purpose: To carry out assessment on domestic violence lesson.
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15341 Diana teaching about, how to reduce domestic violence in the community.