Life Skills Education and Counseling - Nabituluntu - Kivule Primariy School - Namutumba

Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-11-18

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2021-02-12 - Purpose: Lorna will do a review of all the lessons Overview Lorna waited a few minutes before the community members started coming for the meeting. After they had made 10 Community members, Lorna decided to teach. They agreed that they can carry on the review as they wait for the rest of the community members to join them. An opening prayer was led by Peter and after that , Lorna picked on 3 women who were present in the previous lesson, to take the community members through the previous lessons review. The ladies were Monica, Gladys and Lucy. Monica reminded the group that were learnt about Role models and that everyone in their lives needs to have a role model or at least somebody in their lives whom they admire and would love to be like. She mentioned that she admires Lorna and she will work hard to see that she educated her children to also be like Lorna. Gladys and Lucy talked on goal setting where they encouraged the community to set goals in their lives; both long term goals and short term goals. Lorna asked the community to clap for them and mentioned that next time there will also be other teachers among them and they even chose themselves. It was great and they were inspired at what they can do. After the review we looked at the topic of the day ; Alcohol and Drug Abuse. We looked at the age consent of Alcohol which is 18 years in Uganda but also discussed that there are younger people drinking more Alcohol than even older persons. We looked at some facts concerning Alcohol and after this we discussed the reasons why both young and old people are drinking a Alcohol these days. They mentioned among others; to forget their problems, to relax, to gain confidence, boredom, peer pressure, poverty or feeling of hopelessness, personal happiness, rebelling against their parents, parents drinking, health issues, to get enough energy for example to dig among others . One old man said he drinks to communicate something to his wife which he would not when not drunk. Lorna thanked them for their responses and mentioned that some things are psychological like “if one drinks, they have the energy to dig”, if one drinks they are no longer shy”, if one drinks they can perform their jobs better but Lorna said these things can be mental and because one has put that thought in their mind it happens that way but also all these things can be done minus alcohol intake. On the consequences they looked at family destruction like it can lead to divorce, one lady also mentioned it can lead to parents not educating their children and she gave a story of how her father had money but he did not bother to educate her and yet if he had done so, she would be the one buying the alcohol for him. Another mentioned it weakens the brain, it leads to fighting, it leads to theft . Nutria a young a teenager mentioned that fathers end up sleeping with their daughters because they are under the influence, they mentioned it strips one of respect and dignity in the community, liver damage among others. Lorna then asked them whether drinking Alcohol and using drugs is good or not. They said it is bad. Alcohol also robs one of their money and time Lorna added. She encouraged them if they can resist it well and good but if they cannot to be responsible and not forget their roles and responsibilities. Conclusion Lorna encouraged parents not to send their children to buy them Alcohol as this can lead them to drink also and also desist from drinking alcohol infront of their children. They will look at possible solutions and early pregnancy / marriages next week.
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The stoves are being used although some have put in the three stones but they are few.
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15398 The topic was on a Alcohol and drug abuse and here Paul (not in the picture)was commenting on the topic of the day and since he drinks alcohol as well he was supporting the use of Alcohol which sent the community members laughing.
15401 This is Paul he was saying in a family where the man drinks, there should be an understanding between the man and woman on how much he should drink but the women disagreed and said that’s a lie because if you tell the man that he will say that are you the one that buys for me the drink?.On his left is a Sannon