Healthy and Safe Kitchens - Ndalike - Kamuli

Visit by Harriet Kefeza on 2020-11-18

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Harriet Kefeza
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2020-11-19 09:23:05 UTC
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Harriet Kefeza
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2020-11-19 12:33:55 UTC
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10:07-18:16 (8 h 9 m)
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12:30-14:23 (1 h 53 m)
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6 h 16 m

Kitchens all groups

Lesson Taught
informing officials,goals and objectives 
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Harriet Kefeza,Tape Bwana 
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LC1,VHT,Parish Chief,Other 
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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Harriet and Tape went to Ndalike village to meet with the Community Development officer and the parish chief together with the community to discuss the goals and objectives . They reached in the village and found when the CDO of Namwendwa Subcounty and the parish chief in indalike village had just arrived. Kibo staff decided to walk home to home mobilizing participants for the meeting. Participants later turned up for the meeting and the meeting begun with an open prayer that led by one of the community member Mugote Richard who thanked God for providing journey mercies to kibo staff to come into their village . He also asked for God’s protection and guidance through the meeting as well as guide them as they go back to Jinja. The chairperson LC1 Mr. Kalulu Anthony welcomed kibo group-again in their village and he told his community to pay attention on what kibo staff was going to teach them because its developmental. The parish chief and the CDO thanked kibo for what they have so far done in this village especially providing the community with two water sources. The CDO also added that kibo has helped this village to improve on sanitation and hygiene standard whereby alt least every home has all the sanitation facilities. She also reminded the community that kibo is extending a hand to the community to help the government to reach in villages where they are unable. She therefore asked the participants to always participate in any development program brought in their village. Kibo staff introduced themselves to the meeting and thanked the participants for turning up to the meeting in large numbers and encouraged them to maintain that spirit and also always to keep time when ever they are called upon for meetings. HARRIET from kibo group asked the community to discuss the domestic activities that women do compared to men. One participant called Philp said that even if they don’t break them down women do most of the domestic work right from garden work, fetching water, looking for firewood, cooking food, taking care of the sick, looking after animals and children. Harriet asked the participants whether they would love to help their wives in some of those activities. One of the community members called Ngobi James said that at times they would love to help their wives in other activities but not cooking but some women are very sturbon if they husbands help them they want it to be a must for the men to do those activities . However some participants said that the reason why they can’t help their husband to cook food in the kitchen is that some kitchens are untidy which don’t attract them to sit in or else they will lose appetite. Some men said that the kitchen is too Smokey which is uncomfortable for them to sit in. One man said that because of too much smoke some women develop running nose as they cook which repels the men from the kitchen otherwise they can easily loose appetite. They also said that some women are careless leading to the children getting burnt since they always cook with them in the kitchen therefore the men prefer not to witness this by being far from the kitchen. HARRIET then told them that kibo group is in their village to teach them how to build fuel efficient stoves which will eliminate cases of fire accidents ,smoke in the kitchen, use less firewood, improve hygiene in the kitchens because the more firewood you use the more ash is produced,cooks food first because a woman can be able to cook two things at ago,as well as attract men in the kitchen because of the friendly environment. The participants were very happy about the program and said that it will help them to overcome the causes of domestic violence resulting from the kitchen. The community development officer thanked kibo for such a special program which will help her to reduce on some cases of domestic violence which she receives in her office. She also thanked kibo for its approach of teaching the community to build stoves other than building for them stoves. She said that this will enable the program to be sustainable in the community. 
Next Visit
2020-12-02 - Purpose: To guide the participants to form a leadership committee that will coordinate the healthy and Safe kitchen program.
Program Success
Not yet because the program is still new
Program Critical Needs
Need for stoves because all the participants still cook on open flames.
Program Ownership
Not yet because the program is still new in the village.
Other Program Observations
Sanitation and hygiene standards have been maintained.
Program Expected Of Village
Mobilize each other to participate in the healthy and safe kitchen program.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Prepare the next lesson

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15416 In Ndalike village. The Community development officer Mrs Mudondo Winnie encouraged the community to participate in kibo programs for instance currently the healthy and safe kitchen program.
15422 Indalike village.Kibo staff discussing with the community the goals and objectives of the healthy and safe kitchen program.
15428 Indalike village , the parish chief Mr. Ngobi Robert inviting kibo group to discuss with the community the purpose of their visit.