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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-11-23

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Alcohol and Drug Use 
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Learning Objectives
To know how Alcohol affects our lives / consequences of drug abuse
Introduction Lorna went to Bubinga where she retaught Alcohol and Drug Abuse as this was on request of the community members of a Bubinga. Lorna was meant to teach on Communication styles but because the community requested this lesson, she was not able to teach communication but Alcohol and drug Abuse. Overview When a Lorna arrived the village, there were no people people at the meeting place but after waiting about 30 minutes , they managed to turn up. In today‚Äôs lesson, we revisited Alcohol and drug Abuse. This is an interesting topic because in one way or the other each one in the community has been affected by Alcohol and drug Abuse either they know a family, or in their own families but also as a community at a large. From this village we have had young girls getting married while still young because of Alcoholic parents which is not good. Also now there is an added bar in the trading center. Today however we looked mostly how Alcohol affects families and the community at large. She asked the community how Alcohol is affecting their family and the community at large. The community members gave stories about how Alcohol has affected their families. Lorna asked them that when one person in the family consumes a lot of Alcohol it affects the whole family, the wife, the children and even though the wife may complain, the man will ask whether it was their money. The children will not respect a parent who comes home drunk and sometimes may even pee on themselves. The children will be affected psychologically , emotionally and even their physical needs may be deprived of them. Eunice mentioned her husband drinks but is very responsible ,she encouraged others to drink but be responsible that is not forget their responsibilities. She reminded the group of her brother who is also a drunkard but is a chairman who never forgets his duties. She mentioned drinking is not bad but over drinking and what you do thereafter is what matters. Lorna continued and mentioned that drinking takes a lot of ones money which would rather be used to build ones family , pay fees, buy scholastic materials among others. We then looked at what can we do?, seek help was one of the things mentioned.Lorna mentioned however that to seek help one needs to know that they have a drinking problem and then accept to be helped. One needs another hobby unlike drinking that is something to keep them going like a sport, digging, getting rid of friends that would inturn make one drink again. Seek professional help like rehabilitation centers which they said those are in towns but if one is willing to invest in themselves its worth it. They also mentioned that there local herbs that can also help with stopping alcohol. Conclusion Lorna mentioned that one has to weigh the good and bad in everything they do and if the bad outweighs the good, then one needs to make a decision to stop whatever habit it is and in this case Alcohol and drug abuse. She even added that one can be poisoned and robbed and even killed due to over consumption of alcohol and drugs . Lorna therefore urged the community members to rethink their drinking habits and also talk to their children concerning alcohol and drug abuse. 
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2020-11-27 - Purpose: Teach communication behaviors of Attack and Avoid
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