Administrative - Kampala

Visit by Roy Mesigwa on 2020-11-26

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Roy Mwesigwa
Created date
2020-11-27 07:30:31 UTC
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Roy Mesigwa
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2020-11-27 07:30:31 UTC
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08:00-18:00 (10 h 0 m)
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13:00-15:30 (2 h 30 m)
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7 h 30 m

Administrative Visit

Kampala Office
Office Location
Natete/ Kampala 
Government Official Name
Traffic police officer 
Government Official Title
Purpose of Visit
To deal with the issues of the UAU 717Z 
Visit Report
Roy went back to Natete police office to finalise the issues of UAU 717Z. The police was very interested in seeing the vehicle but Roy insisted that he was not in possession of the vehicle as he was only acting on the behalf of the owner who was apparently out of the vountry.Roy was asked to produce his national identity card and his work identity card. The police finaly issued a letter in which they were asking the authorities that are concerned to allow the billing office time to carry out an investigation in the matter. 
Next Visit
2020-11-27 - Purpose: This is the date that the bureau asked Roy to return with the deposit slips to pick the Kibo Group permit.
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