Health Education - Maliga - Namutumba

Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2020-11-27

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Health Education Lesson

Health Education 
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Irene went to maliga village to carry out a follow up on homes for proper hygiene, pregnant women,mothers and their babies,checking on the small vegetable gardens in different homes and the general conditions of homes in Maliga village. Irene was welcomed by Fidah the village VHT with whom they moved from home to home and talking to each family according to the condition in the home. As irene and fidah moved went to one of the homes to one of the mothers who has been bleeding on and off since she was three months pregnant, each time Irene went she has been encouraging her to keep visiting the hospital for checkups and always look out for the danger signs that may affect her and the unborn baby’s health. So when Irene visited her this time she found her sleeping in her house and when she asked her the problem the mother said she had been bleeding again and when she went to the near by health center she was referred to the main hospital for further management. But the husband had refused to consent and take her to the hospital,she said the husband had told her that he expects to take her to the hospital when it’s labour pains so he thinks since she has been bleeding on and off it’s not a big problem. Irene asked for the referral letters to go through and explain more to the husband about what the doctors expect them to do, and talking to the husband it seemed like the husband needed more explanation about the condition of the wife because he had not gotten a chance to be explained too. Irene went through the different documents explaining each to the husband and also asked him to ask questions where necessary and as Irene interacted with the family she was able to convince the husband and together with the wife the man arranged and went to the hospital they were referred to. Irene made a follow up and they had reached the hospital. Irene and fidah continued to several homes,checking on mothers who had delivered some had delivered by C/ section and needed more counseling on hygiene because some of them needed an improvement on their beddings hygiene, utensils used, and the general hygiene of the homes. Irene informed the village members that next time they meet they will continue with the other homes. 
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Health Education 
Lesson Use Examples
Yes most homes have improved on their hygiene, go for hospital visits and children have been immunized. 
Next Visit
2020-12-04 - Purpose: Irene will be carrying out more follow up on the other homes checking on the general hygiene, other pregnant mothers,those that have delivered, nutrition in homes and other health related issues.
Program Success
All the pregnant women who were attending the health lessons have given birth from the hospital and those pregnant still visit for checkups.
Program Critical Needs
Follow up on the other mothers who haven’t given birth and the new born babies for immunization.
Program Ownership
At the nearby health center the health workers report an increase in the turn up of patients with questions about their health and for services.
Other Program Observations
Program Expected Of Village
Make changes in the week areas as identified during the follow up and sensitize other members on health improvement.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Prepare to follow up on the other mothers and the next lessson.

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15575 Maliga village: Irene talking to one of the pregnant mothers during her follow up in Maliga village.
15578 Maliga village: Irene and fidah the VHT of maliga during their home to home visits sensitizing homes on proper hygiene.
15641 Maliga village :Irene checking on one of the mother’s baby she had been following up that delivered from the hospital.