Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Ndalike - Kamuli

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2020-11-30

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2020-12-01 10:18:49 UTC
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2020-12-01 11:54:36 UTC
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10:21-17:51 (7 h 30 m)
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Water Community Meeting

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user committee training,ownership and sustainability 
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Walyomu Alex 
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Alex continued with the training of the water user committee and this time he emphasized about proper management of the borehole, what the committee needs to do to ensure that their borehole will serve the village at all times. They were told to stick together talking one language in management of the new borehole. The committee should take the lead to ensure that the borehole is looked after and in saying so, the contributions from all the water users need to be handled very well to avoid mismanagement of funds and people to lose trust in the committee. The water user committee was also briefed more about their individual roles and responsibilities. The care taker should ensure that clean Jerrycans only allowed to take water and ensure proper pumping of the borehole. Also the committee need to move together in the village together with the village leaders encouraging all the people to contribute towards their borehole in doing this they will be showing transparency in all they do. Alex W decided to open up this new borehole before the bylaws are made because the village is facing a big challenge now to get clean water for drinking since the old borehole broke down two weeks ago and people are getting water from the shallow well in the swamp that has unsafe water. The village on a very good note managed to complete constructing a standard wall fence around the new borehole and the water user committee is continuing to encourage all water users to contribute towards repairing of the old well and getting materials to construct the wall fence. The water user committee is determined to have both wells function as required and Alex emphasized that the old borehole need to be worked on before we can call that Ndalike village is good to go and told all the leaders that no giving up until all the boreholes are working in the village. Alex will continue to go back and ensure that the lower old borehole is repaired and a wall fence is constructed. Also he will continue conducting training of the water user committee to make sure the committee understands what to be done in the village concerning their water management and ensuring a safe water chain in the village. 
Next Visit
2020-12-07 - Purpose: Continue follow up on borehole contributions and training of the water user committee.
Program Success
The community completed building a wall fence around the new well.
Program Critical Needs
To continue working together as a community to make sure that the old borehole is repaired and a wall fence constructed around it.
Program Ownership
The water user committee is determined to make sure that all the two wells in the village equally are looked after.
Other Program Observations
Program Expected Of Village
The village residents to continue fundraising for the repair of their old well that is broke and as well make sure that a wall fence is constructed around this borehole
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To call the water user committee and follow up on the community contributions towards the old borehole.

Report Photos

15581 Alex W training the water user committee in Ndhalike village about borehole contributions and management
15584 The village leaders and the water user committee in Ndhalike checking on the new wall fence completed at the new well
15587 Alex W talking to the water user committee about the new well management and encouraging them to take the lead in taking good care of their new well.
15590 The water user committee was encouraged to make sure the new wall fence is looked after very well to ensure that it dries very well
15593 Having completed building a new fence as required, Alex opened up the new borehole for the village to start using the new borehole.
15596 Because of the great need for clean water in the village, Alex opened the new borehole in Ndhalike and people were extremely happy.