Community Empowerment - Nawandyo A - Namutumba

Visit by Daina Akurut on 2020-11-30

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2020-12-02 05:47:43 UTC
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Ida Bazonona 
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Bible Lesson 8: Teaching Children 
Ida and Diana went to Nawandyo A, to carry out assessment and also to introduce parenting skills in Nawandyo. Ida asked the community what lessons they have so far learned, they said some of them, that is the,Tongue, Loving, others, the storm, God’s love, anger management, poultry lessons, domestic violence. This showed how attentive they have been in these lessons. One Lady named Sarah, said that these lessons have greatly changed their lives, their chickens are growing up well, rumor mongering has greatly reduced in Nawandyo village. Diana continued by asking the community what they they have learnt in Domestic violence lesson, Muhammad said that for him, he sits down with his wife and they discuss the issues arising in their home. Diana thanked them and introduced parenting lesson. She asked them what is parenting, Sumaya said that parenting is the up bringing of children. It is from here that Diana described what is parenting, which is the great deal of consistency and routine which gives children a sense of control. Parenting involves both mother and father. Parenting starts from the time of conception this surprised the community, because they have not seen men support the women during the time of pregnancy. Diana-and Ida demonstrated how men should take care of their babies in the womb, they should put their head on the mother’s tummy and bless them always. The women screamed and clapped their hands, they had never seen such a thing, they really became happy. Ida concluded by telling parents that when they have their problems, they should always keep children away from them, because children imitate what they see. 
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2020-12-07 - Purpose: To teach about good parenting and bad parenting in Nawandyo A.
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Women testified that their husbands have changed! These days they bring something back home.
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Active participation in the meeting.
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Goats are doing well.
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Must bring masks.
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Prepare lessons for the next meeting.

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15653 Ida, assessing the people of Nawandyo A, community.
15656 Diana, teaching about parenting in Nawandyo A.
15659 Ida and Diana demonstrating how men should talk to their babies in the womb, because that’s where parenting starts from.