Healthy and Safe Kitchens - Kiteigalwa - Bugiri

Visit by Harriet Kefeza on 2020-11-30

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Harriet Kefeza
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2020-12-03 12:49:30 UTC
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2021-04-09 07:45:43 UTC
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10:00-16:52 (6 h 52 m)
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12:30-15:00 (2 h 30 m)
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4 h 22 m

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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Harriet made a surprise visit to kiteigalwa village to assess the level of sustainability of the healthy and safe kitchen program. She reached in the village and started walking home to home while inspecting the stoves whether they are being used on daily basis or participants abandoned them. She was joined by the Chairperson of the Healthy and safe kitchen program ms. Kamida, they walked through over 30 homes and this was what she observed. All the participants visited were using their stoves on daily basis and this was evidenced by the absence of three stones fire and even finding food cooking by itself. However some kitchen were unswept and kibo staff reminded the participants to always clean their homes before they go to their gardens. Also most participants who had smeared their home facilities before the rainy season begun were washed a way by rain and kibo staff encouraged them to smear them again so that they look neat and last longer. It was also observed that, some kitchens were leaking due to heavy windy rains . Kibo staff encouraged the women to talk to their husbands to roof for them the kitchens to prevent rain from destroying their stoves. Kibo staff also found some homes with firewood risen stands well stocked with firewood but some when the participants removed firewood they had not stocked them again and they encouraged them to restock again. Also some men testified that they now eat food on time since the stoves cook fast and also they wives no longer struggle to look for a lot of firewood to cook food since the stove uses less firewood compared to the traditional three stone fire. They thanked kibo for implementing this program in their village and promised to maintain all these facilities. 
Next Visit
2025-01-22 - Purpose: To follow up on stove usage, smearing of the home facilities and firewood storages.
Program Success
Most participants cook on their stoves on daily basis.
Program Critical Needs
Need to encourage smearing smearing of the home facilities that were affected by rain.
Program Ownership
Most participants cook on their stoves on daily basis.
Other Program Observations
They have an active burial and funeral association.
Program Expected Of Village
Continue cooking on their stoves as well as smear their home facilities.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Prepare the next lesson.

Report Photos

15686 Kiteigalwa village. A well smeared stove found cooking food by itself.
15689 Namwese’s firewood risen stand well stocked with firewood.
15692 Kiteigalwa village. Harriet a kibo staff inspecting stove usage and smearing of their home facilities.