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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-11-27

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Assertiveness: Attack and Avoid 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the community members will be able to know the characteristics of an Attack and Avoid Communication Style.
Introduction Lorna went to this village to teach on communication styles of Attack and Avoid. We all communicate differently in the way we communicate, under this topic we learn the characteristics of the two communication categories and when to apply them or avoid certain scenarios in our communication. Overview On arrival, Lorna was informed that some community members had gone to a burial and so the attendance would be affected. After a few members had gathered, the meeting begun with an opening prayer. After the opening prayer, the acting chairman welcomed the community members and apologized for the attendance but explained why there were few people in the meeting today. After this he welcomed a Lorna to teach them. Lorna started by sympathizing with the situation and thanked those that managed to attend despite the challenges. Lorna mentioned that today, we would be looking at Communication styles of Attack and Avoid where she mentioned that in our day to day communications, we have different ways in which we communicate which may lead us in trouble, or make us loose friendships, or destroy our families but if we understand the different ways in which we communicate, we will be able to read situations before we respond or rather still communicate. Lorna mentioned that the different communication styles we use including body gestures will enable us to read the situation before hand so we can avoid talking things we didn’t mean or getting into fights or arguments. We looked at characteristics of Attack behavior which were; shouting on top of ones voice, stepping on others rights but pushing theirs first, fighting , nagging, they always look at revenging , pointing fingers among others. Lorna asked the community members how many people behave like this. They mentioned there were many people and one woman mentioned that sometimes it’s inevitable and that even her sometimes she behaves in an attacking way which made other community members present to laugh. We were also able to also look at Avoid communication style where we saw it was characterized by, feeling shy, talking behind ones back, feeling sickly , Avoiding confrontation, ignoring the situation, venting their anger on someone else instead of the person who made them angry, follows the majority at the expense of how they feel, does not give in their opinion, sulking in silence, Lorna asked the community where they fall?and again if any of them behave in such a way in their communication. Lorna mentioned that is sometimes wise to avoid a situation by walking away so as not to lead one in an attack behavior. She also mentioned that however avoiding the situation may make the other person mad and may not do one good. She mentioned that for example you find a husband talking to their wife on a serious matter but the wife is quiet and sometimes the husband may not take this lightly as none of us want to be ignored. Conclusion Lorna mentioned that many times we will find ourselves in such scenarios but they have consequences for example in attacking behavior it could lead to imprisonment, death, enmity among others . One could say it is then better to avoid a situation which is right too but can also have consequences. Lorna mentioned that next time we will be looking at the equalizer Assertive behavior which is the best communication style. 
Next Visit
2020-11-30 - Purpose: Lorna will make a surprise visit moving home to home to check on how the community members are doing in their homes . Lorna will not mention of this plan .
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