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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-11-30

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Assertiveness: Attack and Avoid 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the home to home visits, Lorna will have known where some of the community members live and engage with them in their way of life.
Introduction Lorna made rather a different visit today as she was supposed to teach on communication behaviors of Assertive, Passive and Aggressive but decided to do a surprise home to home visit to check in with the community members in their homes. Overview This time the plan was different unlike the usual meeting , Lorna decided to move into a few homes. Lorna did not tell anyone that she was going to do this today so as not for the, to feel under pressure and prepare much. She met with the chairman and informed him of her plan and he gave her a go ahead. Lorna moved in about 6 homes. In many of the homes they were surprised and of course not expecting her they said why didn’t I tell them before but Lorna mentioned that it was the plan not to do so. In one of the homes, she met a grandma with a lot of grandchildren but Lorna could not see the parents to these children. Lorna was curious how she was managing to take care of these grandchildren . On interacting with her, she told Lorna that her husband$ passed on 3 years ago and when Lorna mentioned about the many grandchildren, she said that all of them have parents only that they work in distant places. Lorna asked whether they send he4 some help or even done to visit the children and she said yes they do. This was encouraging. Lorna encouraged her that is is a blessing that sh3 gets to have these many grandchildren as there those out there who have not even had the chance to have one or rather still the parents to these children sending help but rather just dumping them there without any help and so she should consider herself blessed. Lorna also encouraged the children to help their grandmother in house chores and be well mannered. In another home, Lorna met an old woman who was sick also with her daughter and grandchildren, When Lorna asked what was the matter, she mentioned that the doctors told her she had diabetes. Lorna asked if she still has her medication and she said yes. Lorna encouraged her to keep taking her medication and also to stay away from sweet things . She said the doctors told her to stay away from Pineapples, potatoes and Lorn a mentioned rice too because it has a lot of sugar. Lorna told her she could take juice without sugar too. Lorna encouraged her and told her she will be okay and asked the grandchildren to help her with chores and not to be a headache. As Lorna was leaving, even in her weakness she brought Lorna some matooke (bananas) to take home. Lorna was very thankful. In another home which will be the last home I report about, she was able to find a woman removing beans from the pods. Lorna greeted her and she also told a Lorna that she would have told her she was coming so she prepared a meal but Lorna said it was okay. Lorna asked where the children were and she said they were in the house. She called them out and Lorna greeted them and asked them why they were not helping their mother with the beans. The mother mentioned that they just know how to move around. Lorna mentioned to them that the beans will be the ones paying their fees and so it’s okay to move around but before that they could help out with the work at home and in so doing God will bless them and even the parents will be energized to pay their fees at the beginning of the next semester/ term. Conclusion This was a nice surprise that the Life Skills Program will be embarking on every once in a while not to just meet but to check on how the community members are living and if they were putting the lessons into practice. Overall the community was happy that a Lorna undertook the home to home visits including the chairman which was one of the other homes she visited. 
Next Visit
2020-12-11 - Purpose: To teach on the communication behaviors of Passive, Assertive and Aggressive.
Program Success
Program Critical Needs
Communication Skills
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Other Program Observations
Around the trading center there latrines except for one bar but they share with another home . However there still some old facilities that need to be replaced, smeared etc
Program Expected Of Village
Mobilise themselves for the next meeting
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Call the chairman prior to the meeting

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15743 One of the homes I visited more of the story in the report.Bubinga.
15752 This family was roasting maize/ corn for lunch