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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-12-02

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Personal Hygiene 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the community members know what consists of good personal hygiene.
Introduction Lorna was in Nawampiti to continue with previous lesson on good personal hygiene. Personal hygiene is a very crucial part of our lives because if we maintain good personal hygiene, chances of spending much money at the hospital is eliminated and people live happy healthy lives. Overview The meeting was opened with a word of prayer and after which was followed by Samuel giving welcoming remarks and also asked those that attended the previous lesson to remind the larger group what it was that they learnt previously. Betty was able to remind the group that we talked about personal hygiene and we looked the right way of washing our hands and also why and when would we wash our hands. Jacob who was not there for this lesson appreciated this lesson and told the community members that it may seem like a simple thing but our hands do carry a lot of germs and we need to ensure that we wash them all the time. One of the community members brought a concern of after washing hands is it right to wipe them dry with ones clothing. Lorna posed the question to the community members and some said one can use their handkerchief while others said no the handkerchief itself is dirty . Catherine said but the handkerchief is yours so you would know it’s clean but in the end it was resolved that it’s better to leave the hands to dry on their own. Today’s lesson however was on good brushing habits, importance of bathing, importance of washing clothes. While on the topic of brushing our teeth , Lorna asked how many times we should brush in a day , some said twice , others said thrice. Lorna asked the one who said thrice to explain at what times. She mentioned in the morning, afternoon after eating and then before going to bed. The rest of the community members however mentioned once but we said that it is meant to be thrice. Lorna also why should we brush our teeth?, one lady stood up and emphasized why we should brush our teeth and Lorna even called her to the front to explain. She said to avoid bad smell, remove debris from our teeth, also to avoid tooth decay. Others like to be able to talk freely among people, to improve on ones stature among others. Lorna asked 3 volunteers A,B!C to volunteer in how they brush their teeth. Lorna moved with toothbrushes. After them demonstrating, she asked the rest of the community who did it better. They mentioned C and a Lorna agreed too but had to correct them on the recommended way of brushing. After this we looked at bathing and the importance of bathing where we looked at to avoid bad smell, to avoid skin rashes, to fit in peers, to improve self esteem among others. Lorna then asked how many times one should bathe and some said two while others 3. Jacob however told Lorna that the community should not lie to her as most of them bathe once and that is when from garden or when gong to bed. This was also because some of them have short bathroom walls hence can’t bathe in the day time. Lorna encouraged those with such bathrooms to repair them. Lorna encouraged the community members to bathe well, take their time and love their bodies because it is theirs anyway and to desist saying that they “bathe for the bed time”. We then looked at the importance of washing our clothes where we added that these involve the little clothes on the inside and not in the outside only. We talked the underwear’s. Lorna mentioned that these are the closest to our skin and they get the first contact of dirt, sweat and fecal matter therefore we need to wash and replace them frequently to avoid bad smell, bacteria, skin infections among others. We also talked about drying those clothes in sunshine to avoid wearing dump clothing since it can breed bacteria and for the women not wearing tight underwear . We also talked about the outside clothing and the importance of washing and changing frequently including bedsheets where she asked the men to buy new sheets. Conclusion The community members appreciated the lesson and promised to put everything in practice. Lorna urged them to also teach their children on good hygiene practices and desist from telling them and get for them they are not doing it. Lorna distributed some toothbrushes to the community members and they were grateful. 
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2020-12-07 - Purpose: Lorna will be teaching on the bridge model
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15815 The lady in the picture was teaching about the importance of brushing our teeth.
15818 The girls that demonstrated right brushing in front of the community.