Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Ibaako

Visit by Tom Ngobi on 2020-12-07

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2020-12-08 12:01:16 UTC
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10:10-17:30 (7 h 20 m)
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Tomcheck on facility constructions 
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Tom Ngobi 
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Tom and Diana were in Ibaako village to do follow up on the village sanitation. Tom did a round up, explaining to the community how to build a concrete toilet foundation, he also demonstrated a model dish rack that can last longer, he did this in Muzeei Isabirye’s home. Isabirye was happy and thanked the basawos ( nurses) in changing transforming their community into a better one. Mr Kabali was of a great help as we moved with him. He knew all the corners of the village and people living there. Some homes we reached to, had greatly improved in terms of hygiene, they had the toilets, hand washing facilities, dish racks and a rubbish pit. Some of the homes we reached to, said that they are new in that village most especially the women, but Mr. Kabali would ask them the names of their husbands, which brought out the lies of some these people, we talked to them and they promised to work on the latrines and the dish racks. Tom removed one of the below standard bathroom which were stinking and constructed out of plastic bags. Diana explained to the villagers the dangers of having such a bathrooms, which can make someone fall sick which can even claim someone’s life. We emphasized that these toilets, bathrooms dish racks are theirs and no one is going to carry them. It is for the betterment of their lives and communities. They will feel proud to have well established homes. In some homes as they moved around, Tom, Diana and Mr Kabali emphasized on the construction of standard facilities and to maintain them well. In one specific home, the lady whose latrine has been full for a while has started on a new pit and it was at a depth of 12ft. Tom encouraged her to continue digging to a deeper depth of about 30ft and construct the latrine with good materials which will last longer. All in all the village visit to Ibaako was very interesting and most residents promised t continue working and improving on their sanitation and hygiene 
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15851 One of the committee members mr Kabali, explaining to the village member how to construct a concrete foundation on the pit
15854 These young guys using a new technique to draw dirt from the pit durin construction
15857 Tom demonstrates how to construct the new standard dish rack model
15860 A young boy helping to draw dirt from the pit