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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-12-11

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Assertiveness: Passive 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the community members will know and understand that Assertive way of communication is the best way to communicate. By the end of the lesson, the community members know what the Bridge model is and how it works.
Introduction Lorna went to teach on Assertive messages and the Bridge model. By the end of the lesson, the community will know that the Assertive way of communication is the best way to communicate. The Bridge model on the other hand is a crucial part of the program as it provides for one to use the knowledge and information received to change their behaviors. Overview The meeting begun a little late as the community members delayed to come to the meeting. When the meeting finally begun, it was started with an opening prayer and then a preview of the previous lesson. After the preview of the previous lesson, we looked at Assertive way of communication. Lorna mentioned that this is the best way of communication and that it was the balance between Aggressiveness and Passiveness. An Assertive person thinks of what they say before they even say it, there Yes is a Yes and a No is a No, they listen before they talk, they ensure that the other person understands what they are communicating before they can move on to something els. They do not speak vulgar language but they build others up in their speech without stepping on others rights or down looking their own rights. Everyone feels comfortable and heard. Lorna mentioned to the community that this kind of communication should also be used by our children to prevent them from falling victims of Peer pressure, Early pregnancy, early marriages among others. On the topic of the day Bridge model , Lorna asked them what a Bridge is in lusoga and they mentioned Olutindo”. Lorna asked them the use of Olutindo and they said to get one from one point to another. Lorna mentioned that what happens if there is no bridge , the community mentioned that they devise means for example boats, life jackets among others. Lorna then thanked them for their responses and mentioned that it was exactly that. She mentioned that in Life Skills is what we call the Bridge model and it involves all the Life Skills we’ve learnt covering HIV/ AIDS awareness, Communication Skills, Decision making Skills, Relationship Skills among others. Lorna used pictures to explain this lesson. She said that the community members have got all the information to live a healthy positive life but it’s possible for them to have all this information and still not put it in use . She asked them whether this was possible and they mentioned yes. Lorna mentioned that we have looked at communication and the importance of talking to our children because if we do we will help them answer some questions about life that they have and in the long run avoid early pregnancies and even early marriages hence leaving the children to finish school because they know if they act in a certain way, they will drop out of School. Lorna gave another example concerning gender roles and mentioned an example where you find in a home the father drinks a lot of Alcohol and forgets to buy food for their family. This will lead to domestic violence which is not good for the entire family hence not leading to a positive healthy life. another example of HIV/AIDS where we learnt transmission, prevention etc she asked whether it was still possible for one to contract HIV even after this information and they said yes. Therefore in order to cross the bridge to get to the other side, there needs to be behavioral change and this is got by putting up planks on the bridge which planks are Life Skills. Conclusion Lorna asked the community members to put everything they have learnt into practice to avoid falling victim of a negative unhealthy lifestyle . Relapse is expected to happen but when it happens they need to be willing to hang onto the planks which can be going back to the knowledge they have received in order to live a positive healthy life style. 
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2020-12-14 - Purpose: To give the community a post test/ general test
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