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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-12-14

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Personal Hygiene 
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Learning Objectives
To understand what good personal hygiene is. To test the community’s understanding of all the lessons taught under Life Skills Program through the general test.
Introduction Lorna went here to sensitize the community on good personal hygiene as well as to wind up the Life Skills Program in this village with the Post test. Overview The meeting begun with a word of prayer and a review on the previous lesson of Assertiveness and the Bridge model. Iswaya mentioned that this lesson was very helpful and that for sure he told those in the meeting that they are lucky to be a part of this program and it is them that need to be exemplary to the other community members. Lorna said that’s encouraging because it would be disappointing if the community members that went through the life Skills Program are the ones acting contrary and that where you find husbands and wives asking themselves that you used to spend time going to those lessons but nothing has changed in the way they behave and that will not be good. On the topic of personal hygiene , we looked at the different entities under good personal hygiene practices. We started by looking at a clean home where Lorna asked the community members what a clean home looks like. They mentioned that is should have a pit latrine, bathroom, rubbish pits , dishracks , wire lines. They looked at good standards and Lorna mentioned for example those that are collapsing are not good pits and therefore for anyone that has facilities like that should work on them including washrooms. Lorna mentioned that having a good clean sanitary environment will save them from spending a lot when it comes to spending money in the hospitals. We also looked at personal hygiene from the reasons why we need to wash our hands and at what times . We saw that we don’t only need to wash our hands when it comes to eating or after visiting the toilet only but also after cleaning the baby, picking rubbish, breastfeeding, touching the animals among others. Our hands are the biggest carrier of diseases. We also looked at body hygiene , oral hygiene , clothes hygiene among others. Lorna urged the community members to also pass on this information to their children but to also ensure they do the very things they are telling their children to do as children learn by imitation. After looking at personal hygiene, Lorna mentioned to the community members that they were going to do a test which test will cover all the life skills that have Ben covered during the course of this program in this village. Lorna went ahead and asked the community members the questions as they responded to them and where there was need for clarity Lorna would clarify. There were some questions mostly on HIV transmission for example is HIV transmitted through sweat, washing clothes among others. We however discussed this and agreed that it was not true . We looked at other questions in Communication Skills, Decision making Skills, Relationship Skills, and even the Bridge model. The test went on well with a lot of questions and answers as well coming from the community members themselves. Conclusion Lorna thanked the community members for participating in the test and for not forgetting what they have been learning and asked them to put all they have learnt into practice as it will be unfortunate if Lorna came back to this village and found the opposite of what they have learnt present. For example a lot of domestic violence,early pregnancies and early marriages among others. Lorna also told them that this will be her last visit into this village. They also talked about how the program will be carried forward. The chairman thanked Kibo for the time spent in this village despite the challenges experienced throughout this program. He asked the community to clap for Lorna. He asked Lorna for more programs from Kibo. 
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2022-03-21 - Purpose: Life Skills has phased out of this village
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