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Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2021-01-27

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Health Education Lesson

Health Education 
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Lesson 1: Accessing Health Resources 
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LC1,Parish Councillor 
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Irene went to Budumba village to meet the village leaders to talk about the way forward for the kibo programs and health education program in that village as we begin the new year,after the political rallies and election process. Also to discuss on what has caused the decrease in the turn up of members who come for the meeting,how we can increase the turn up of village members who come for the meeting and when to resume the meetings. The meeting started with a word of prayer led by waibi’s wife,then a word from the chairman LC 1 , who thanked the members for successfully going through the new year and the election period. He also urged the members to put the elections in the past, forget the wrongs,forgive those who offended them and come back to unity for peace in their homes, neighborhoods,and the whole community at large. The chairman also thanked kibo for the continued support rendered to their village, sensitization,helping them work together as a community and he also said that the village is ready to receive them back since the political process is now phasing out and the members are now settled with their leaders as elected. The kibo group chairman representative was then welcomed, he began by thanking the members for the turn up whenever they are called upon, thanked them for successfully completing the last year and the elections, and also urged the members to come back and unite as members of the same community leaving the political process a side. He then welcomed the health education representative to take up the meeting. Irene thanked the chairman LC1 for allowing kibo group serve in their community and continued support, participation in the kibo programs. She also thanked the kibo group chairperson representative and the members for their turn up whenever they are called upon. Irene then addressed the issues to be discussed as outlined above and asked the members to help discuss them one by one and to get solutions to each of them so as to find the way forward for the kibo health education program in their village. Way forward for the kibo programs in Budumba village was the first point to be discussed: The chairman LC1 informed Irene that Budumba village was open for the different programs to operate in their village because the elections are done and the members have settled back in their homes. He also said the programs always brought them together as a community so kibo presence in the village may bring back the unity and friendship that had been lost during the election period.and the members agreed to that. Causes of low turnip of community members for the meetings and lessons. Irene encouraged that this should be an open discussion for each member to bring in their contributions as to why the number of members that turn up for the meetings decreased. Lack of interaction among group members waibi’s wife said, this came up during the covid period where members where stopped from visiting other members as to avoid the spread of the virus from home to home. So members isolated from the close friends and since then the families have found it hard to sit together and tell others about the program and the good things in it. As members we shall resume visits to our neighbors putting that social distance and inform them about the meetings. No more gifts for motivation Otim’s wife said, the little gifts that members got when they came for the meetings always forced them to come back because they were so inessential in their homes,”like the match box”,she said small as It was acted as a precious thing to them because one wouldn’t move again to the neighborhood to ask for fire but now that It’s no more,members feel they would rather spend time looking for a shilling in their gardens than coming to sit in meetings. So if there was a way those small gifts can be resumed then members would be actively participating. The meeting time, Otim said since their was that break of social distancing and meeting few members for the meeting, the other members have forgotten the meeting time by taking long in the garden so they have to be reminded again. Quick things, Nabirye said other members look at the meetings as a waste of time because to them some one should just come and give them not teaching them because they see that as a waste of time so more sensitization needs to be done by members who have benefited from the different programs. The committee has neglected some people on the team,Alex said some people are not informed of the meetings they only get to know on that same day of the meeting and yet they have other tight programs that they need to handle. So he encouraged that proper mobilization and sensitization should be done so as to reach out to every individual. Misunderstanding the program through electing different heads for different programs ,said the kibo chair person. This comes when one who has been heading in one program has not been given a position in the next program which has come in that village then. This demoralizes him and so he withdraws from the group. The chairman said they will have a meeting this Sunday for all the village kibo representatives so as to settle their misunderstandings so as to keep the program running smoothly in their village. Waibi’s wife also said the committee should sit and discuss the way forward for the program, the chairman should talk to the members. The meeting ended successfully and Irene promised to return and they discuss the way forward with all the members and after make a recap of the previous lessons. 
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Health Education 
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2021-02-17 - Purpose: Irene will be discussing with the community members the way forward for the program,how to increase on the turn up and making a recap on the previous lessons taught.
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Program Critical Needs
Another meeting with all the group members to discuss on how they can bring back all the members to attend meetings after the different leaders settling their misunderstandings.
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Other Program Observations
After the heavy rain season in the past months that washed off the smeared soil on the homes and kitchens, the members have gone ahead to smear them again because it’s now a dry season. And have embraced the bricks making project to earn income.
Program Expected Of Village
Mobilize other community members to come for the meeting.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Call the village to inquire about the committee planed meeting on Sunday and then call the village for the next appointment

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16233 Budumba village: The kibo group chair person Otim communicating to the members during the health education village leaders meeting.
16236 Budumba village: The health education representative Irene communicating during the meeting.