Mvule Community Development - Nabituluntu

Visit by Alex Bamulumbye on 2021-01-27

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Alex Bamulumbye
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2021-01-27 13:44:43 UTC
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2021-01-28 13:43:15 UTC
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10:00-17:10 (7 h 10 m)
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13:00-15:30 (2 h 30 m)
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4 h 40 m

Mvule Community Development lesson

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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Alex b and Chris went to nabituluntu to meet the community committee leaders after the Christmas and elections break, this was the first trip of 2021 and the purpose of the visit was to lay plans and strategies on how they will work with the community members in 2021, since many communities get divided along political lines, Alex b and Chris also wanted to find out how the members in the community were affected by the elections before they could commence visiting. Alex b and Chris met the area chairman as well as the chairperson of the group who represented the rest of the committee members. Chris asked the chairman if there was any incident during the election period and how they hope to solve it , the chairman said there was no case in relation to election violence, he said there is peace and calmness in the community however he welcomed kibo back into the community to continue working with what they had started . Alex b also asked if there is any way kibo work is going to be affected or if there is away kibo can change the way things have been going on, the chairman said that he hopes the situation remains they it is because it is peaceful and members are waiting for kibo to start working, he encouraged kibo to be confident of the peace they have in the community. At the end of the meeting Alex b and Chris also proceeded to meet a few members in their homes to see how elections affected them and to a,so encourage them to keep doing what kibo tells them to do to work together and love one another. They moved in 8 homes and in one of the homes of mr Paul the mobilizer, his son called Isaac had started planting trees on his own, he said he picked this idea from kibo , he said he has many expectations from the trees he is planting. Alex and Chris plan to go back on Monday next week to continue guiding the community in writing and compiling their constitution. 
Next Visit
2021-02-01 - Purpose: To continue guiding the community in constitution writing process, Alex b will help them to review their already handwritten constitution before they can make a final copy.
Program Success
Yes despite the Christmas and the election break, the community members went on to conduct meetings even in Kibo group’s absence .
Program Critical Needs
The community members now needs to compile their constitution ready for typing and binding.
Program Ownership
Self mobilization among the children to plant the trees and also members have been conducting meetings during the Christmas break.
Other Program Observations
The kibo borehole is well maintained, the fence is still intact and members keep the environment around the borehole clean.
Program Expected Of Village
To mobilize each other for the next meeting
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To phone call the committee leaders to mobilize for the next visit.

Report Photos

16242 In the photo above Chris and Alex b were in nabituluntu village , they met both the chairperson of the group and the chairman of the village who represented the rest of the committee members who had travelled for a funeral , the purpose of the meeting was to plan well for the year since the elections have come to an end.
16245 Alex b and Chris also moved around homes often members in the community of nabituluntu village. In the photo above is for mr Paul who also acts as the mobilizer, she is always so happy to receive kibo at her place.
16248 In the photo above is Mr Godfrey of Nabituluntu village taking Alex b and Chris around his piece of land were he planted the trees, he has so much passion for trees.