Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kishaike

Visit by Tom Ngobi on 2021-01-27

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Tom Ngobi
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2021-01-29 11:22:09 UTC
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10:20-18:35 (8 h 15 m)
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12:30-16:00 (3 h 30 m)
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4 h 45 m

Water Community Meeting

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hygiene and sanitation,contribution 
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Tom Ngobi 
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Tom made a visit to kishaike village to meet with the village leaders and water committee members to discuss about the way forward with the sanitation and water program. Tom was to also address the issue of contributions towards the borehole When he arrived in the village, he found when two of the committee members waiting at the meeting place. Later one of them left to go and get other members who were running late. After a while, he was able to return with three more committee members. The chairman was away by the time the meeting started but he had promised t join later. When the meeting started, there were 6 members. When the meeting started, they discussed about how the year ended and how the approaches discussed before towards money contributions were implemented. During the last meeting, they had shared about moving around the village and pick an agreed on amount of money towards the borehole contribution as well as requesting some politicians to contribute some money. One of the committee members said they were given some money about 300000 from one politician while another politician promised them 400000/=. The 300000 was given by the politician not for the borehole but the th was meant to be shared amongst community members. The chairman of the village decided that this money instead of distributing it amongst residents, he put it towards the borehole contributions. This brought some issues and conflict in The village as most residents wanted money instead of putting it towards the borehole contribution. The community members also believe the other politician who promised them the money delivered it to the chairman of the village but the residents are yet to receive their share. This too has brought divisions and conflicts in the village. As the meeting went on, the chairman of the village finally joined the meeting. The members welcomed him and raised the concerns the village residents have raised. The chairman said he was proud of his decision not to distribute the money to individuals because it would have less benefits. He said he was very happy and he was ready to face any consequences because he feels putting the money toward the borehole contribution has more benefits which in the long run will benefit the community at large. He also made made clarification on the other money promised by another politician. He said the money is yet to be received. The chairman encouraged the committee members to speak and spread the truth in the community instead of speaking and spreading lies. During Tom’s speech, he pointed out to the fact that there is lack on trust in the village in some leaders and advised the leaders to call a village meeting and speak out the truth about the money collected and why the decision to put it towards the borehole contribution benefits the entire community more than a small amount of money. Tom also encouraged the committee members and the chairman to continue encouraging residents to improve in the areas of sanitation that need to be improved upon. After Tom left for jinja 
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2021-02-05 - Purpose: To meet water user committee and discuss about improvements made in sanitation and hygiene as well as towards money contributions. Tom will also move around the village checking and encouraging residents on sanitation and hygiene improvements
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16269 One of the committee members discussing in the meeting
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