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Visit by Alex Bamulumbye on 2021-02-01

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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Mvule Community Development 
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constitution writing 
The meeting began with prayer that was led by the chairman of Lc1 Tulibagenyi.Alex B met the members of Nabituluntu about their draft constitution.It was discussion of articles in the draft. The members already drafted the constitution that was needed to be discussed with Alex B for guidance.Within the draft,there some articles that we had to go through with the members. There is article of Burial assistance within the group. It is when a member loose one of the relative how to be helped it teams of money.The members had not specified the category for contributions towards burial help. During the meeting members came with ideas of people in the family.The persons were, children,husband,wife parents,in-laws,brother and sister.Alex B advised them to fast think of the sources of funding that as it may sometimes two or more may loose relative in that category.He also reminded them that the major issue should be about development and is the core issue of MVule community development program.The members thought it good to leave out for some time and will be added when they have come up with the immediate relative to be contributed for burial assistance.This is because almost people in the clan of families are connected in one way another. There was also,The rights and obligation. It is true members when they form a group,then rights and obligations has to be excised. Alex B advised them that rights within the group should be controlled otherwise it may affect some.He told them that during the meeting every one has aright to participate but should be orderly. Every one has aright to speak but not shout in meeting.He also told them as they have aright to speak and also listen to others. Tulibagenyi the Lc1 and acting as secretary for the suggested that before the handwritten constitution is taken for typing,correction should be done .It will limit to few trips where they will type the constitution and also with expense for producing the final copy. They raised also issues about saving and credit. They wanted also discussion on borrowing money from the group and the time could not allow since it was already past three o’clock for to leave for Jinja. The next meeting shall discuss with members more about money in the group. How to manage the finances. 
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2021-02-08 - Purpose: We shall discuss with members how to manage money constitutionally.
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The community needs rain to prepare gardens for next season.
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The participation of members during the meeting.
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The leaders to remind the members about the next meeting
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To call the chairperson and remind him of my next visit.

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16308 Nabituluntu— The community members were discussing some of the Articles in their draft constitution with Alex B from kibo group.
16311 Nabituluntu—The list so far of the members registered to work together.