Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kitukiro

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2021-02-01

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Water Community Meeting

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A trip to Kitukiro- Busumba zone was to look at the borehole that dried out about 2 years ago and to meet with the local leaders and plan on how WASH can start to work in this village. This low yield water source was drilled by the government back in 1991 having worked very well for the last many years but from two years ago it started to have issues with low water yield causing a lot of troubles for the people to get water for drinking in the village and two other villages of Busige and Busikwe B neighboring Kitukiro. This borehole serves close to 500 households from three villages and a population of 1350 people according to records from the water user committee. Alex met with the leaders and they told him about the big outcry for water in the village because many people are struggling getting clean water for drinking. The nearest borehole is about 2.Km away and it’s very congested serving many people. Because of the low water yield, Alex was able to witness the few people that had endured hardship to get some water from the borehole and in an hour, the community can manage to get less than 5 Jerrycans as the people have to pause for sometime to allow water to collect before resuming to pump. The village submitted its application back in 2019 requesting for a borehole repair but the fact now on the ground is that this borehole is beyond repair since two times it has been tried to be fixed by blowing out and nothing has changed meaning that the village needs another borehole to replace this dry one. Alex told the village leaders present that Kibo group would come back to the village to conduct house to house survey to get to know the sanitation and hygiene status of the village. The village leaders are very willing to cooperate with Kibo group and promised to sacrifice their time for the sake of their village to change. This village leaders already know how kibo group operates and willing to do whatever it takes to help their village together with Kibo group. WASH will continue to be in touch with the village leaders preparing them for a baseline survey after meeting with the government officers( District Water Office and the sub county) about Kibo’s plan to work in the village. 
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2021-02-15 - Purpose: To make a trip to Buyende district meeting with the water officer and the sub county about Kibo’s plans to work in Kitukiro Busumba village. He will also continue preparing the village before conducting baseline survey
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The village has a low yield borehole and yet it serves three villages comprised of close to 500 households
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There is still an active water user committee in place
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16359 This well in Kitukiro village has a low yield and is capable to only produce less than 5 Jerrycans an hour and yet it serves three villages with close to 500 households.
16362 Alex W in a meeting with some of the village leaders from Kitukiro.
16365 This well has been blown out two times because it had silted and nothing has changed meaning that the only solution will be to drill a new borehole in this village.