Mvule Community Development - Nabituluntu

Visit by Alex Bamulumbye on 2021-02-08

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2021-02-09 08:55:49 UTC
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10:15-17:20 (7 h 5 m)
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12:10-15:30 (3 h 20 m)
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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Alex Bamulumbye,Chris Bulolo 
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LC1,Parish Councillor 
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Mvule Community Development 
Lesson Taught
constitution writing 
Alex. B and Chris went to nabituluntu village to continue discussing with the group members about constitution writing, this segment of the lesson was about finances, Alex and Chris felt their was need to discuss about financial challenges and how to overcome them. Present in the meeting was the chairman of the village and his entire committee. The chairperson of the group who had earlier requested Alex b and Chris to continue discussing about finances which is an article in their constitution, this he believes will help members to get knowledge about their finances, the chairperson invited Chris to talk to the community members. Chris thanked the group members for showing concern for the finances of their group, he encouraged them to note down what he plans to discuss with them so they can also practice it in their homes. Chris first asked the members whether they knew about any bad financial behavior, this was important because Chris wanted members to contribute to the conversation and also know about what he was about to talk about. By show of hands Mr Moses and Mrs Nabirye gave similar answers, they said one of the most common bad financial behaviors was spending money without having a plan for it and budgeting for it as well, Chris added on that and encouraged members to always have a plan , goals and budget for the group money or else they may end up spending more than they earn. Chris also encouraged the leaders to be transparent and hold open discussions about the group money , he said this would eliminate mistrust among the community members however, Chris also encouraged the group committee leaders to adopt a group financial plan and always update the members about it in every meeting, he said with a plan members will not know wether they are progressing as a group or not. The next meeting, Chris and Alex b will continue with the discussions about the constitution , the group members will be making final conclusions on their constitution. 
Next Visit
2021-02-15 - Purpose: To continue engaging the community members in constitution writing especially about saving their money.
Program Success
Yes the number of group members is increasing.
Program Critical Needs
Compiling and binding the constitution.
Program Ownership
The sense of ownership through conducting meetings on their own.
Other Program Observations
The Kibo well and the sanitation facilities are well maintained.
Program Expected Of Village
To prepare their hand written constitution for editing, typing and binding.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To continue phone calling the group leaders to continue engaging the members in meetings.

Report Photos

16419 This village is nabituluntu, they are at a level of drafting their constitution. In the photo above Chris was discussing with the group members about the financial disciplines, the group members requested to learn about how they will handle their money.