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Visit by Roy Mesigwa on 2021-02-05

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Roy Mwesigwa
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2021-02-09 13:37:39 UTC
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Roy Mesigwa
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2021-02-09 13:37:39 UTC
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07:30-20:00 (12 h 30 m)
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10:15-15:30 (5 h 15 m)
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7 h 15 m

Administrative Visit

Kampala Office
NGO Board 
Office Location
Kingdom Kampala Towers 
Not given. 
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Not given. 
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Purpose of Visit
To collect new N.G.O. Permit 
Visit Report
Roy arrived at the N.G.O. Bureau offices at 10:15am when the minister was in the offices meeting with the staff. It wasn't until 1:30pm that the staff came back to their desks to attend to the clients. Roy met with the docs issuance officer who checked for Kibo Group's permit and said it was not yet signed and the staff told Roy that Roy needed to check monday Feb.08, 2021 to see if it was ready. The minister's visit just put much of the routine work in the office to a stop. The permit was not signed as the Bureau Director was talking to the minister. 
Next Visit
2021-02-08 - Purpose: Roy was invited to Bugiri District for a meeting at the District with the District security office. The R.D.C. was intending to communicate security details to all District stake holders. Roy also intends to pick the receipts for the payment of the operating permit and the N.G.O. Forum.
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