Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Igerera B

Visit by Enock Madolo on 2021-02-05

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Enock Madolo
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2021-02-09 08:00:30 UTC
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Enock Madolo
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2021-02-09 14:04:45 UTC
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10:00-18:00 (8 h 0 m)
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12:20-15:50 (3 h 30 m)
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4 h 30 m

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To check latrine construction and other facilities 
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Enock Madoolo 
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Enock made a visit to this community to check on the progress of sanitation improvements say latrine construction, shower areas, dish rack construction, rubbish pits, kitchen areas and hand washing stations. When I reached, we walked around with the community members to emphasize, sensitize, encouraged sustainability and use of strong materials for construction. The community residents welcomed the wash team back, embracing the new idea of hand washing stands and also teaching all the fellow residents to work hard to construct good structures. There are new facilities like shower areas, dish racks, new latrine construction with brick, cement and sand. We encouraged many of the residents to work so hard to stop open defecation, encouraged the men to construct most of the facilities, women and children to maintain and clean the facilities. Most people have been home during this election time and we where able to meet most of the family members. We walked around distributing some jerrycans in homes that had completed construction of the hand washing stations. The chairman and one VHT called Matiya pledged to promised to help the remaining home which haven’t constructed hand washing stand to construct good and strong hand washing stands. I was so impressed to see so many new facilities and many people embracing the program. There has been increase in sanitation levels development of proper sanitation in many homes more so trading centre. Many people appreciate the importance of the program since it has improved the health lives of many residents, few cases of diarrhea which was affecting many children. 
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2021-02-12 - Purpose: To check on the sanitation and hygiene of the community of the homes around the trading centre teaching about hand washing construction, emphasize proper latrine construction, dish racks and other facilities.
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Report Photos

16455 A new hand shower area was constructed in a home.
16458 Before completing his new house, the resident decided to construct his latrine then complete his house.
16512 A new construction of a latrine in one of the homes which has greatly improved their sanitation standards. They have constructed a strong foundation with cement and sand as well as bricks.