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Visit by Abraham Mulongo on 2021-02-08

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2021-02-09 11:16:49 UTC
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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Abraham Mulongo 
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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Abraham met thirty Kivule community members and the purpose was to discuss how they will keep the piglets they have from the pig they bought as a group. They discussed what they can do together and they decided to buy a pig whereby it gave birth to six piglets, the member who was keeping the pig brought an idea that they need to get some members who can keep the piglets so that they divide the labor instead of leaving the all labor to one person. The chairman Mr Christopher thanked the members for coming and he said they need to know who are willing to take two piglets because the four piglets were taken by some members to keep them. He said that their goal is to make everyone do something in their homes and then they will bring back one piglet in order to give to someone in the group. Two members decided that they will keep the two piglets. Abraham thanked them for the good work and he reminded them that in the group may be a Muslim who can not keep the piglet. The members decided that if anyone in the group is not comfortable of keeping a piglet then they will sell and buy a goat for them. He told them to come up with the list of the members and make sure everyone is present on the coming meeting because he introduced the goats program to the members. They still waiting for their certificate from the district and the secretary Mr 
Next Visit
2021-03-01 - Purpose: To introduce goats program to the members
Program Success
They collected money as a group and bought one pig which produced six piglets and they wanted to give some members to take care of them
Program Critical Needs
Their bore hole got dried up and they moving long distance to get water
Program Ownership
They gave some members also to take care of the piglets
Other Program Observations
They are making brick dish racks
Program Expected Of Village
To mobilize the community because they will start goat introduction
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To call the chairman for the update of the next meeting

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16464 Kivule members discuss how they will take care of their piglets
16473 This is a pig which Kivule members bought and now have six piglets which they want to give other members to look after them
16476 Some of the piglets they want to give other members to take care of